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I’m so excited to finally make this announcement! ✭✭✭ Ignite You is now in audio!✭✭✭ AND for the next 24hrs, the eBook is totally free! Offer ends 8/4. If you like a story filled with twists and turns, suspense, and steamy scenes, then you’ll love Ignite You. Amazon — https://amzn.to/30NOoWq Audible — https://adbl.co/2D5AsyS Dom Moretti.Former mafia hitman.God’s gift to women.Brilliant lawyer. Those were just a few reasons why I hated Dom in law school. Tonight… I hate his panty-melting stare, his wicked smile, and that loose-hip stride of his.I hate the way his biceps stretch the sleeves of his tailored suit.I hate that after two years, I can’t stop thinking about the almost kiss in the library. So when he sits at my bar, acting like he doesn’t remember me, I do what any woman would’ve done in my position. I agree to a midnight hookup with the great Dom […]

To do my part and give y’all something to do during the quarantine, I’ve been trying to run a countdown deal on Amazon for one of my books each month. For July, I picked DEFY YOU!  The $0.99 flash sale is only for a couple of days though, so one-click today! Universal link — getbook.at/DefyYouDAH Zack ColeSteamy DoctorPerfect JerkMy Fake Fiancé It all started when I kissed the wrong twin brother. And now I can’t stop thinking about the kiss. I can’t stop thinking about Zack’s soft lips and kind eyes. I can’t stop thinking about the fact that now his life is danger because of me. I’m desperate to stay in the States. Going home would sure end badly for me. But is the steamy doctor’s proposal to be his fake girlfriend my only way out? Here’s what people are saying… “Zack and Rebecca had terrific chemistry, shared some very clever banter and […]

Ignite You CHAPTER 1FUCK ME TWICE EmiliaThe rustic door of the Roadrunner Bar creaked opened, and a mix of motorcycle fumes and hot Arizona air bustled into the restaurant. From behind the bar, I fisted a dishcloth and wiped the counter with rough strokes while I kept my attention on the dark figure crowding the threshold. Another step and the halogen lights touched his face. The face of yet another customer, not the guy who’d promised me answers. Fuck me. The lowlife had stood me up. And just like that, I was back to square one. Maybe he got cold feet. Maybe he was smarter than I thought. “Stop that.” Alex, my pretend boss, came around the bar and pressed her palm against my hand. “I think the counter is clean now. Come on, do a shot with me.” Right. One of the perks of bartending? All the shots we […]

A long time ago, I wrote Love Over Lattes, a steamy romance about a recent college graduate who has a crush on a gorgeous stranger she met at a coffee shop. Derek and Valentina’s story got picked up by the Wild Rose Press. Later, I decided to go indie and wrote a spinoff series of that book which became the Cole Brothers series. Anyway, last week I reached out to my publisher to let them know the Cole Brothers series was now complete. Yay! To celebrate, they very graciously offered to run a sale for LOVE OVER LATTES. This has only happened once before! That’s right, for a limited time, you can get the steamy romance that started it all for only 99 pennies!!! One-click today and find out what happens when a college graduate meets a wealthy CEO in a coffee shop and discovers a chemistry that burns hotter […]

Defy You is here!!! The final book in the Cole Brothers series. Here’s what readers are saying about this steamy romance… “Zack and Rebecca had terrific chemistry, shared some very clever banter and were both cute and sweet together.” – Aunt G TOP 1000 REVIEWER VINE VOICE “I was hooked. Zach and Rebecca have undeniable chemistry. Add in their “fake” arrangement and things get tricky quickly and lines definitely get blurred. It was exciting to read.” Marianela Aybar (Mari Loves Books Blog) “Zack and Rebecca have this undeniable chemistry that floats of the pages. Rebecca is in trouble with the cartel and she needs a fake husband stat, that’s where Zack comes in. The banter between the two is hilarious even though they are in dangerous situations.” – Ashley A. Carr “The thrills and danger are fast a coming in this exciting adventure and the romance is hot and spicy. […]

Unleash You is finally out in the wild, and I couldn’t be happier. The support and reviews for Anabelle and Wesley have been amazing and humbling.  Here’s what readers are saying about this steamy romance… The story line was engaging and kept my attention with a blend of powerful emotions, suspense, drama, mystery and danger. – Aunt G This is a well written story with explosive chemistry, drama, secrets, suspense, mystery, and is a steamy read, which all lead to me being on tenterhooks throughout. – Wendy Livingstone I loved Wes and how protective he was. Anabelle gave him a run for his money but their chemistry is explosive and I loved seeing their need and devotion, even when they tried to hold off. – Marianela Aybar (Mari Loves Books Blog) This story was an action packed story full of drama, suspense, mystery, secrets, explosive chemistry and romance. It was well written and I loved […]

Escape You is Live!

Escape You by Diana A. Hicks is now live!#secretbaby #mafiaromance #kindleunlimited Amazon — https://amzn.to/2EPC5ylUniversal — getbook.at/EscapeYouDHFREE with Kindle Unlimited One night changes everything… ATF agent Tyler Cole finally gets the break he’s been waiting for— a big NYC mob case. He just never expected for things to get this complicated. Before he went undercover he spends an unforgettable night with a mysterious woman.When they meet again, she’s his prime suspect, pregnant with his baby and about to be married. Tyler should be trying to put Mia and her crew behind bars— but his desire is blurring the lines between right and wrong. Mafia boss Mia Torelli learned the hard way that things aren’t always what they seem. She never planned on having a one night stand… with the enemy. No names. No rules. No regrets.Her passion filled night with a stranger raised the stakes in a very dangerous game. Determined to make sure her […]

Unravel You is LIVE!

Hey sexy readers! It’s release day for UNRAVEL YOU! For many years, I swore I wouldn’t write another book about the same characters. I prefer interconnected series, where you get to see different couples fall in love. But what do they say? Never say never. And now, here I am releasing UNRAVEL YOU. The support has been amazing, and I couldn’t be happier to be sharing the continuation of Derek and Valentina’s story as they try to hold on to their happily ever after. So, here’s how it is…UNRAVEL YOU is the enthralling continuation to LOVE OVER LATTES and book 1 in the Cole Brothers series, a new family saga: 5 brothers, 5 full-length novels in 5 months. You’ll be able to read the entire series for free on KindleUnlimited. Did I mention you can buy UNRAVEL YOU for only 99 pennies right now??! One-click UNRAVEL YOU now!!!  If you […]

Hey there! We both know why you’re here, but before we jump right in, go ahead and read my official bio here or just stare at Zack’s dreamy eyes while I dust off my wish list from last year and paste it on here…. Who am I? What my shiny, super official bio doesn’t tell you is that I’ve been writing for a long, long time. That for most of those years, I’ve gotten over 200 rejections, and that I never really got anywhere with my writing until I found Twitter, more specifically, until I found the #Pitchwars community. I am a two-time Pitch Wars hopeful (never a mentee). Back in 2015, I subbed my Prime Vector novel to three awesome YA mentors. I didn’t get in, but I listened to their advice, and kept revising, and writing. I tried my luck again in 2016 with my latest title, Love […]

It’s RELEASE DAY for Love Over Logic, and I’m feeling just incredibly grateful for all the support. Reviews for Dom and Emilia’s love story have been amazing… “This is a slow-burn that made my heart melt. The buildup was perfect and the fall was beautiful!” – Goodreads Reader “Love Over Logic is the first book that I’ve read by Diana A. Hicks, and it came out of the gates with a bang, and the excitement never slowed down for even a second.” – Goodreads Reader “I can’t tell you how much I loved this book! It had plenty of drama and a great story. It kept me guessing what would happen next. The cast of characters was really great, even the secondary ones stood out to me. Love Over Logic was truly like an action movie.” – Sip Read Love “…there were twists around EVERY nook & cranny, so my f-bombs […]

  Hey, Sexy Readers! LOVE OVER LOGIC is now available for pre-order for only .99 pennies. This special price is valid only until release day. Pre-Order NOW! Amazon: https://goo.gl/u4CvSS Barnes & Noble: https://goo.gl/hs8oEP iTunes: https://goo.gl/Mvwegu See links below for a chance to win book money and a Kindle copy of LOVE OVER LATTES. Happy Reading! Diana Add to Goodreads About the book … Attorney, Emilia Prado has been living in hiding, ever since the local cartel killed her dad and left her and her mom for dead. But when her long lost cousin needs help leaving her drug lord husband, Emilia knows her time for justice has come. Hot shot lawyer, Dom Moretti never met a case he couldn’t win. Each win puts distance between him and an old life he wants to forget. But when Emilia, a crush from law school, asks for his help, the life he worked so hard […]

Hey Sexy Readers! Happy Friday, Jr! I’m so happy to share the shiny new cover for the next installment of my Desert Monsoon Series. Remember Cole’s lawyer friend? This is Dom and Emilia’s story. Happy Reading! Add to Goodreads About the book … Emilia The law couldn’t help us when the local cartel hunted down my family and left me for dead. Like a stupid good girl, I went to law school to be the better person, to do things right, to get justice without getting my hands dirty. It took me almost a decade, but I’ve finally caught on. After years of living in hiding and wishing for justice, I’m ready to do some hunting of my own. Dom After she spent three years in law school looking down her nose at me, I was surprised to find her again, pretending to be someone else, and ogling me like I […]

It’s RELEASE DAY for Love Over Lattes, and I’m humbled and a little embarrassed by all the amazing support. Reviews for Cole and Valentina’s love story have been incredible…  “Hicks’ first installment of her Desert Monsoon series is confident and assured with strong storytelling, nuanced characters, and a dynamic blend of romance and suspense…A sexy and irresistible tale for fans of contemporary romance.” – Kirkus Reviews “A deliciously sexy romance with chemistry that explodes off the pages. I absolutely loved it.” – Heather Van Fleet, Author of the Reckless Hearts Series “Love Over Lattes is one of those quintessential romance novels with plenty of chemistry, mutual attraction, and push and pull between the characters.” Readers’ Favorite AVAILABLE NOW! Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks| GooglePlay Add it to Goodreads About the book … Who knew a latte could lead to so much more… Single mom Valentina wants to provide a good life for her son, starting with the perfect […]

GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY for only $0.99! Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks| GooglePlay Add it to Goodreads Hey, Sexy Readers! Can you believe LOVE OVER LATTES, Book 1 in my Desert Monsoon Series, hit the #1 best seller spot on Amazon today?! I’m so excited. Thank you so much for all your support!!! If you haven’t met Cole yet, here’s your chance. Only a few more days left before the $0.99 promo is over, and I turn back into a pumpkin. Le sigh Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks| GooglePlay Here’s what reviewers are saying about LOVE OVER LATTES: “Hicks’ first installment of her Desert Monsoon series is confident and assured with strong storytelling, nuanced characters, and a dynamic blend of romance and suspense…A sexy and irresistible tale for fans of contemporary romance.” – Kirkus Reviews “Love Over Lattes is one of those quintessential romance novels with plenty of chemistry, mutual attraction, and push and pull between the characters.” […]

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