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If you like a story filled with twists and turns, suspense, and steamy scenes, then you’ll love Ignite You.

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Dom Moretti.
Former mafia hitman.
God’s gift to women.
Brilliant lawyer.

Those were just a few reasons why I hated Dom in law school.


I hate his panty-melting stare, his wicked smile, and that loose-hip stride of his.
I hate the way his biceps stretch the sleeves of his tailored suit.
I hate that after two years, I can’t stop thinking about the almost kiss in the library.

So when he sits at my bar, acting like he doesn’t remember me, I do what any woman would’ve done in my position.

I agree to a midnight hookup with the great Dom Moretti.


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Zack Cole
Steamy Doctor
Perfect Jerk
My Fake Fiancé

It all started when I kissed the wrong twin brother. And now I can’t stop thinking about the kiss. I can’t stop thinking about Zack’s soft lips and kind eyes. I can’t stop thinking about the fact that now his life is danger because of me.

I’m desperate to stay in the States. Going home would sure end badly for me.

But is the steamy doctor’s proposal to be his fake girlfriend my only way out?

Here’s what people are saying…

“Zack and Rebecca had terrific chemistry, shared some very clever banter and were both cute and sweet together. The story was fun, well written and quite entertaining” – Aunt G, Top 500 Reviewer, Vine voice

“The banter between the two is hilarious even though they are in dangerous situations. This thrilling story kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.” – Ashley A. Carr, Vine Voice

“This story had suspense, action, danger, drama, and hot chemistry. A fantastic read from start to finish and one I highly recommend.” – LynnStifle

“The thrills and danger are fast a coming in this exciting adventure and the romance is hot and spicy.” – JulieD2


Free preview of Ignite You, Chapter One

Ignite You


The rustic door of the Roadrunner Bar creaked opened, and a mix of motorcycle fumes and hot Arizona air bustled into the restaurant. From behind the bar, I fisted a dishcloth and wiped the counter with rough strokes while I kept my attention on the dark figure crowding the threshold.

Another step and the halogen lights touched his face. The face of yet another customer, not the guy who’d promised me answers. Fuck me. The lowlife had stood me up. And just like that, I was back to square one.

Maybe he got cold feet. Maybe he was smarter than I thought.

“Stop that.” Alex, my pretend boss, came around the bar and pressed her palm against my hand. “I think the counter is clean now. Come on, do a shot with me.”

Right. One of the perks of bartending? All the shots we could handle. “I’ve had enough for tonight.”

“Oh, come on. It’s your last night. We gotta get you properly wasted.” She placed a glass in front of me and poured another Silver Cuervo.

She was right. What would it hurt to let my hair down for a night? Okay, maybe not the whole night, but I did need to let go for a bit. Regroup and come up with a new plan because this half-cocked idea of taking a job at the Roadrunner to catch a killer and save my cousin Jess was a total bust.

The idea that she’d sent me on a wild goose chase tugged at the back of my mind, but I pushed it away. Jess was family, and she needed my help. As much as she feared her husband, I truly believed she was ready to do the right thing this time. I took the shot Alex oered and knocked it back.

“Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about.” She patted me on the back. “While you’re at it, go help the hottie that just strolled in. He looks lonely.”

I barked out a laugh. “No. Thanks. That’s a whole bag of trouble I’m not looking for right now. Or ever.”

“I’ve been doing this a while, girl. I never forget a face, especially not one that looks like that. He was here last week, same smile, same hot blue gaze. Holy shit. If he turned that panty-dropping stare this way, I’d be clawing your eyes out to get you out of the way.”

“No clawing necessary. He’s all yours.” I grabbed a couple of dirty glasses o the counter, rinsed them, and placed them in the dishwasher.

“You know him.” Damn, she was good. How did she pick up on that? I was going to miss having someone to talk to without having to actually talk.

I nodded. “Law school. It’s been a couple of years. He obviously doesn’t remember me.”

“Are you sure? The first time he was here, he was all Chatty Kathy with some of my regulars until you came in for your shift. He couldn’t get out of here fast enough. I’d say he recognized you.” She poured a couple of beers, stuck a ticket to one of the glasses, and set them on a tray for one of the servers to take. “Why do you think he’s back? Every time you look his way, he sits up a little straighter. Gets that cute wrinkle in his eye. Maybe he wants to be your friend.” She winked.

“That’s my point exactly. He hated me when we were in school. If he knew who I was, he wouldn’t even be here. Trust me, he does not want to be my friend.”

She let out a sigh. “I wouldn’t mind being his friend. Come on, it’s your last day. Live a little.” She gave me a nudge before she grabbed a new ticket and got to work on the next drink order.

Was she serious? Did Dom Moretti, the hotshot from law school, want me? That was impossible. We were in the same classes for three years, and he never once looked my way. Well, except for the one time when he almost kissed me. By accident but still. That one moment was my go-to fantasy most nights. I touched a finger to my lips where his mouth had ghosted mine three years ago. Had it really been that long?

I wiped the counter again, shooting a quick glance his way. I’d been bartending for several months now, so I was an expert at scanning the room for trouble, picking up details in a few blinks. Details that had to do with my cousin Jess and her deadbeat husband, not my nonexistent love life.

He met my gaze. I squeezed my legs together and waited for the spark of adrenaline to dissipate. What would he think if I told him I had a vibrator named after him? No, I couldn’t do this. Dom was a complication I didn’t need right now.

My cousin’s life was on the line. I had to stay focused.

I ambled over to him when he waved a hand to get my attention. The more he stared, the more I was convinced he didn’t know who I was. All he saw was a bartender with deep cleavage wearing tight leather pants. Alex dressed like this for the tips. I did it to get customers to talk to me, to get them to give up information I needed badly.

“Hey, hon. What can I get ya?” I leaned on the bar, and he adjusted his weight on the barstool. Yeah, okay, Alex was right about him. He wanted this version of me.

“Silver Cuervo, please.” His voice was low and sinful.

Jesus. Was that recognition in his eyes? I swallowed and poured him a shot. I held my breath, but it was too late. I had already inhaled a full dose of Dom’s intoxicating smell, a mix of sandalwood and spearmint. The same scent from that day when he almost kissed me.

“Would you have one with me?” He hadn’t changed at all. Same soulful, deep-blue eyes, thick eyebrows, and a full mouth that made all kinds of promises every time he smiled.

I needed to get home to my Dom. Safe and reliable, battery-operated Dom. I gave him a quick smirk like I could take it or leave it and as if incredibly sexy men oered me drinks all the time.

“Sure.” I grabbed another glass and filled it. “I’ve never seen you in here before. What brings you in? We’re not exactly on the beaten path.”

“New client wanted me to look into something.” His gaze dropped to the notification displaying on his phone screen before he swiped it away. “You celebrating something, doll?” He pointed in Alex’s direction, a reference to our shot from before.

“Last day on the job,” I said. Alex had been kind enough to let me bartend, poke around, and ask questions, but she only gave me three months. She didn’t want the cartel and Jess’s husband to get the wrong idea about her restaurant. My time was up.

“Moving on up, huh?”
“Something like that,” I said.
He stood, and I got a good look at him. The man could wear a suit. His biceps stretched the sleeves of his suit coat with every move. And with every move, his body heat lapped at my skin in places that had me blushing. I bet he was all smooth muscle under there. I slanted a glance at the clock. Was it quitting time yet? His gaze followed mine, and his Adam’s apple bobbed a little. Did I just give him the impression I wanted to leave here with him?

“Congratulations.” He cheered me and took the shot. “Thanks.” I raised my glass and drank.
“What time do you get off?”
The what? I swallowed and coughed at the same time, sending the tequila up into my nasal cavity. Nothing had changed. Dom Moretti was completely and utterly a bad idea. Playing the cool bartender wasn’t a game I could keep up with for long. I filled a glass with water and drank to ease the burn in my throat and sinuses. Great. Just fucking great.

“I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to throw you off.” He rubbed two fingers along his jaw. His beard made a scratchy noise with every pass. “Just thought if you’re free later, we could hang out.” He lowered his gaze to the lapel of my leather top and furrowed his eyebrows for a second. “What do you say?Anna?”

Anna? Right. My name tag with my fake name. He definitely didn’t remember me. It stung a bit though that gave me a surge of courage.

“I’m closing today. Midnight?” The Cuervo was definitely putting words in my mouth.

He braced his hands on the bar, his gaze intense like he had a million things going through his mind. Something in his slow smile told me one of those things was me naked on this counter. Okay, maybe that was the image going through my head. Pushing off, he took a couple of twenties out of his wallet and put them under his glass.

“I’ll see you in a couple of hours.” He spun and sauntered out the door.

Holy fuck, I have a booty call with Dom Moretti.

“I gotta get out of here.” I wiped the counter several times, threw the rag in the sink, and headed toward the back door.

“Oh no you don’t.” Alex blocked me, arms out, legs hip- width apart. Dammit. What did I do? “You finally did the right thing, something for you. You’re not backing down.”

“I can’t have sex with a total stranger.”

“Ah, but he’s not a stranger. You guys went to school together.”

“I’ve seen him before. In class. We never really talked. I can’t.” I stepped forward, and she stood taller. This wasn’t the time to tell her I’d had a huge crush on Dom when we were in school. Along with half the girls in our class. The bad boy from Jersey.

“Get to work.” She nodded toward the door at the new customers streaming in. “You have two hours.”

What could it hurt? After tonight, I’d have no reason to come back to this bar and no reason to see Dom ever again. “Ohmigod. I’m doing this.”

“Yes, you are.” Alex picked up the new drink ticket and shoved it my way. Maybe Dom would change his mind and stand me up. He wouldn’t be the first guy to do that today.

The clock struck midnight, and it was as if the cosmos had given their blessing because the last customer stumbled out of the bar the second Dom’s Harley rumbled into my line of sight in the parking lot. Alex held the door open, mostly so she could enjoy the eye candy.

Dom sat back on the seat for a second before he killed the engine and took off his helmet. His thick thighs hugged the bike as he raked a hand through his hair. I’d seen this display before. Dom all hot and delicious in a black leather jacket and tight jeans. He’d changed clothes for me.

A giggle swirled around in my chest. For a change, I played it cool and didn’t let it out. Alex, on the other hand, made no effort to hide the fact that she was ogling the guy. She didn’t even back down when Dom walked toward the door and met her gaze.

“Hey, hon.” She shot a glance in my direction before she leaned toward him. “Lock the door behind me.”

“Thanks for the tip.” Dom chuckled and stepped inside.

The deep sound of his laughter made my knees turn to warm Jell-O. To crush the last of my nerves, Dom let the door shut and flipped the latch.

What the hell was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I stop thinking of all the bad things I wanted to do to this guy? Dom was the exact same guy I’d met back in law school. His connection to the Italian mob back in Jersey made him the exact type of guy Mom warned me to stay away from. Was that the reason for this attraction?

“I was sure you’d chicken out.” His voice echoed in the empty bar.

“Not tonight.” I prowled around the counter. Desire pooled between my legs when his gaze dropped from my face to my cleavage and all the way down to my feet. Yeah, that was the panty-dropping stare.

Jesus. Do I get undressed or do I let him do it?

He shrugged out of his jacket and laid it on the barstool. One, two, three strides, and he stood inches from me. “Christ, Emilia, you’re more beautiful than I remember.” He gripped my waist.

My feet dangled in the air for a second before he plopped me onto the bar, and his mouth landed on my clavicle. Oh my God, he smelled so good. I kissed the smooth skin on his temple, letting his scent numb my senses. My fingers slipped under the sleeve of his T-shirt and kneaded his shoulder and bulging biceps.

Heat spread fast from his hot lips on my chest to every inch of my body. Something he’d said wasn’t right, but what was it? His mouth moved down, soft and demanding, while his hands pushed my legs farther apart so he could position himself where he wanted.

Wait, what?

I pushed at him. “What did you just say?” I asked out of breath.

He looked up at me, lips slightly parted. “You’re more beautiful than I remembered.”

My eyes went wide. “Before that.” “Emilia?”

Fuck me twice. “You know who I am?”

“We shared classes for three whole years, yeah I know who you are.” He chuckled, sliding back into place.

I shoved him away and jumped off the counter. “You need to leave.”

“Why? I thought you wanted this.”

“That was when I thought you didn’t remember me. Oh my God. I’m so embarrassed.” I pressed a cold palm to my forehead.

“No need to be embarrassed, doll.” The amusement in his tone cured whatever insanity had taken over me. I blinked, and the room came back into focus. This was a huge mistake.

“I have an appointment I forgot about. Sorry to make you come back all the way out here.” Words spilled out of my mouth like kittens in a box, fast and all over the place.

Dom raised both eyebrows, arms crossed. His gaze followed me around the room while I collected my things in a hurry. “So, let me get this right. You were ready to jump into bed with me when you thought I didn’t recognize you. Why is that?”

“It’s not that. I just have somewhere to be. That’s all.” I couldn’t look at him.

“You haven’t changed at all, have you? You know, when I saw you here, I thought you’d finally decided to let loose a little. But no, you’re the same. Little Miss Proper can’t be seen with the likes of me. Is that right?” He blew out air and wrapped his fingers around my wrist. The warmth prickled up my arm and stopped me in my tracks. When he spoke again, his tone was low and tender. “Hey, for the record, I didn’t come here for a hookup. I wanted to see you. This other thing came out of nowhere. You never looked at me like that before. I—”

“What?” I turned around and came face to face with him. His smell sent the flutters in my stomach in every direction.

“You hear that?” He scanned the room, placing a finger over his lips.

Before I could process what was going on, he placed a hand over my mouth and slammed me against the wall. His body covered me like a shield. Dom played the bad boy in school. All the girls, me included, loved every bit of his act. Except, I knew his act wasn’t an act. Dom was the real deal, running around with the Italian mob in Jersey. He was one of them, though I never pegged him for someone to use force to get what he wanted from a woman.

I shoved and struggled against him but froze when I met his gaze—intense and menacing. Oh shit. Something was wrong. I’d let down my guard, pining over a hot guy, and forgot about why I was here in the first place.

The window shattered and broken glass splattered everywhere as a bullet zoomed by us. The first shot felt like it came in slow motion, but if that had been a warning, the rest of the shots were not. They bombarded us like rain pelting a tin roof.

In a single motion, Dom had me on the floor with my head nestled in the crook of his neck and shoulder. He looked up, taking in the room, calculating an exit. When he glanced down at me, he shook his head.

“I had plans for you tonight.” A half-smirk pulled on his lips. “Minus the bullets, of course. Friends of yours?”

He had plans for me? “No. You?”

“Maybe. Fuck my life.” He pulled his legs in and sat on his haunches. I stayed flat on the wooden planks, trying to catch my breath, while he peeked over the counter. More shots rang out. “Is there another way out?”

“The stockroom has a door that leads to the back alley.” He nodded. “Okay, go. Now.”
“What? No. I’m not leaving you here.”
Brows furrowed, he grabbed my elbow and pulled me toward him. “How ’bout that? You care.” Tightening his hold on me, he made a break for the door next to the bathrooms in the back. More bullets broke through, shattering what little glass was left in the windows.

I let him drag me with him. One, he seemed to know what he was doing. And two, I had no idea how to get us out of this.

Now I understood why my informant didn’t show to our appointment earlier. No doubt he got cold feet and decided to warn his boss instead. Or maybe, he was found out. Oh my God. The element of surprise was the only thing we had going for us. Jess’s drug lord husband didn’t know I was helping her. If the men out there grabbed me tonight, Jess’s chance to get her life back would be over. If her husband found her, she’d be done.

And so would I.

If he found out I was still alive, he’d do whatever was necessary to finish the job he started ten years ago when he killed Dad and left Mom and me for dead.

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Derek and Valentina’s story got picked up by the Wild Rose Press. Later, I decided to go indie and wrote a spinoff series of that book which became the Cole Brothers series.

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Defy You is finally here!!!

Defy You is here!!! The final book in the Cole Brothers series.

Cover of Defy You with model Zack Salaun

Here’s what readers are saying about this steamy romance…

“Zack and Rebecca had terrific chemistry, shared some very clever banter and were both cute and sweet together.” – Aunt G TOP 1000 REVIEWER VINE VOICE

“I was hooked. Zach and Rebecca have undeniable chemistry. Add in their “fake” arrangement and things get tricky quickly and lines definitely get blurred. It was exciting to read.” Marianela Aybar (Mari Loves Books Blog)

“Zack and Rebecca have this undeniable chemistry that floats of the pages. Rebecca is in trouble with the cartel and she needs a fake husband stat, that’s where Zack comes in. The banter between the two is hilarious even though they are in dangerous situations.” – Ashley A. Carr

“The thrills and danger are fast a coming in this exciting adventure and the romance is hot and spicy. The story is a an addictive read, pretty hard to put down.” – Julie D2

If you like undeniable chemistry, hilarious banter, and thrills at every turn, then you’ll love Diana A. Hicks’s Defy You.

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Wrong place, right time…

After a long volunteering stint in South Africa, hot shot doctor Zack Cole is ready to move on with his life and get his residency job back. At his brother’s engagement party things take an unexpected turn when he finds himself kissing a beautiful guest.

With a bad case of mistaken identity, a passionate kiss he can’t stop thinking about, and a marriage proposal, this gorgeous stranger turns his carefully constructed world upside down.

Former cartel accountant turned spy, Rebecca Smith is desperate to stay in the states; returning to Venezuela would be a death sentence for sure. Her only hope is for the steamy doctor to accept her twelve-month deal.

Rebecca needs a fake husband to get a green card and stay alive. But will pretending to love him for a whole year break her heart for real?


Unleash You is finally out in the wild!!

Unleash You is finally out in the wild, and I couldn’t be happier. The support and reviews for Anabelle and Wesley have been amazing and humbling. 

Cover of Unleash You with model Zack Salaun

Here’s what readers are saying about this steamy romance…

The story line was engaging and kept my attention with a blend of powerful emotions, suspense, drama, mystery and danger. – Aunt G

This is a well written story with explosive chemistry, drama, secrets, suspense, mystery, and is a steamy read, which all lead to me being on tenterhooks throughout. – Wendy Livingstone

I loved Wes and how protective he was. Anabelle gave him a run for his money but their chemistry is explosive and I loved seeing their need and devotion, even when they tried to hold off. – Marianela Aybar (Mari Loves Books Blog)

This story was an action packed story full of drama, suspense, mystery, secrets, explosive chemistry and romance. It was well written and I loved all the characters! It kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next! Anabelle and Wes were perfect for each other. – Cynthia Hughes

I was so looking forward to Wes’s story and it didn’t disappoint! This author has well developed characters and an intriguing and suspenseful storyline. The book is fast paced and full of action that kept me glued to my kindle. – Ashley A. Carr

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Eight years is a long time gone…

After graduation, artist Anabelle Copenhaver returns home to find that the only family member she has left is missing in action.

With her brother gone, his infuriatingly handsome best friend, Wesley, is now responsible for her family’s estate. Anabelle doesn’t need a babysitter, especially not her childhood crush–the first guy she ever loved.

Former marine Wesley Cole lives by his word. He promised to protect Anabelle and that’s exactly what he intends to do. His biggest challenge will be to keep his hands off the blue-eyed beauty who has a way of setting his soul on fire.

Anabelle is resourceful and determined to bring her brother home, but how can she when Wesley blocks every turn, messing with her plans and her heart?


Escape You is Live!

Escape You by Diana A. Hicks is now live!
#secretbaby #mafiaromance #kindleunlimited

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One night changes everything…

ATF agent Tyler Cole finally gets the break he’s been waiting for— a big NYC mob case. He just never expected for things to get this complicated.

Before he went undercover he spends an unforgettable night with a mysterious woman.
When they meet again, she’s his prime suspect, pregnant with his baby and about to be married.

Tyler should be trying to put Mia and her crew behind bars— but his desire is blurring the lines between right and wrong.

Mafia boss Mia Torelli learned the hard way that things aren’t always what they seem. She never planned on having a one night stand… with the enemy.

No names. No rules. No regrets.
Her passion filled night with a stranger raised the stakes in a very dangerous game.

Determined to make sure her Family survives the devastating loss of their boss, she must prove herself when she steps up as the new leader.

Mia must protect her secret at all costs, but an underground faction has other plans for her… and Tyler.


Unravel You is LIVE!

Hey sexy readers!

It’s release day for UNRAVEL YOU!

For many years, I swore I wouldn’t write another book about the same characters. I prefer interconnected series, where you get to see different couples fall in love. But what do they say? Never say never. And now, here I am releasing UNRAVEL YOU.

The support has been amazing, and I couldn’t be happier to be sharing the continuation of Derek and Valentina’s story as they try to hold on to their happily ever after.

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Praise for UNRAVEL YOU:

“This first story is full of twists and turns, humor and steamy scenes. I can’t wait to read all of the Cole brothers stories!!!” – Ashley A. Carr

“Unravel You teases the heart with humor, seduces the senses and takes a real world look at the starry eyed fantasy we hold in our hearts of love. Hicks turns fantasy romance into realistic chaos. I loved every minute of it.” – Isha, I Love Books Blog

“I couldn’t put this twisting and turning, anxiety-filled, sexy book down! My pulse was racing and I just needed to know if everyone came out the other side. By the end I was crying happy tears; happy, emotional, relieved tears. What a fantastic ride that was.” – A Book Lovers Emporium Book Blog

“This was a great book from beginning to end. Two amazing characters that you can’t help but love. Highly recommend reading this one. I can’t wait to read the rest in this series. Absolutely love the characters. Diana gained a fan.” – Gwen, Goodreads Reviewer

“Wow what an emotional journey!” – Wendy, Janise’s Jivin’ Book Blog


Pitch Wars 2019 Submission Wish List

Hey there!

We both know why you’re here, but before we jump right in, go ahead and read my official bio here or just stare at Zack’s dreamy eyes while I dust off my wish list from last year and paste it on here….

Cover Model Zack Salaun. Image by Wander Aguiar. Cover Art by Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Designs. Young man with open shirt, book title Defy You splashed across in teal color.

Who am I?

What my shiny, super official bio doesn’t tell you is that I’ve been writing for a long, long time. That for most of those years, I’ve gotten over 200 rejections, and that I never really got anywhere with my writing until I found Twitter, more specifically, until I found the #Pitchwars community.

I am a two-time Pitch Wars hopeful (never a mentee). Back in 2015, I subbed my Prime Vector novel to three awesome YA mentors. I didn’t get in, but I listened to their advice, and kept revising, and writing. I tried my luck again in 2016 with my latest title, Love Over Lattes. Still no luck. However, I received a lot of feedback on specific areas where my manuscript needed re-working.

Long story short, I re-wrote my manuscript, and six months later I received an offer for a three-book deal from The Wild Rose Press. Book 3 in my Desert Monsoon series is due to release this Fall. Here’s the shiny new cover!

Book cover plus teaser: “Tell me the truth. Why did you kiss me that day? Henry asked. “Because I never wanted to be just friends with you. Because you were you.” Book title: Love Over Time.

Wait, I had a point…even if you don’t get in, you’re here, you’re networking, and honing your craft. That means you’re well on your way to success! Yay, you!

Want to learn more about me? Follow me on Twitter, or better yet, join my closed reader group on Facebook, where I chat about my favorite sexy reads.

Why am I here?

I told you my Pitch Wars story, so I could answer this question. This community has helped me so much, I’m afraid I’ll be struck by lightning if I don’t find a way to pay it forward. This is my third year as a Pitchwars Mentor, and I can tell you there’s nothing more gratifying than helping other authors achieve their writing goals and land that dream agent.

My strengths/weaknesses?

Commas are my kryptonite. I can spot grammar errors, but I’m not your best bet if you’re seriously lacking in this area. What I can do is break down your story to its bare bones, and figure out what’s missing…from story structure, pacing, and plot holes to character development and deep POV. I’m tough with my critiques, but only because I can see the potential in the writing and I really, really want it to shine and succeed. If you’re cool with tough love, keep reading…

My ideal Mentee?

My ideal mentee would be a hard worker. We only have three months to polish your MS, so we’ll need to hit the ground running. I’ll have charts for you to fill out, and there’s also a spreadsheet. If you want to get a head start, go read Debra Nixon’s GMC: Goal Motivation and Conflict and Damon Suede’s Verbalize. We’ll start by dissecting your story and your characters. My goal is to get two rounds of edits in, so we can focus on sentence structure and flow.

What am I looking for?

Send me your new adult/adult romances! I’ll take contemporary (my favorite), romantic suspense (my second favorite), sci-fi, magic realism, paranormal, light fantasy. If romance is the main story line, send it to me!

To save you time, here’s a list of what I’m NOT looking for:

  1. High fantasy
  2. Historical Romance
  3. Inspirational Romance
  4. Sweet Romance
  5. Horror
  6. Women’s fiction
  7. Non-fiction
  8. Thrillers
  9. Memoirs
  10. Western
  11. Hard Science Fiction

If your work does NOT fall into any of the sub-genres listed above, we’re getting warmer. What will make me hot for your MS?

  1. I have no preference for POV or tense, as long as your prose is fresh with an authentic voice (not necessarily flowery). Also, please do your absolute best to make sure your grammar is in decent shape.
  2. Give me a hooky meet cute. I love tropes. My favorite is enemies to lovers, and second chances, but it has to be believable. Same if you’re going for the friends to lovers trope, or strangers to lovers. Give me some sizzling chemistry.
  3. This is a given in romance, but I’ll put it on here so you can check it off the list. Happily Ever Afters (HEAs), or Happy For Now (HFNs) are a must. There are no loop holes here.
  4. Heat required. I don’t do sweet romance. Send me your spicy and erotic romance. I’m mostly a contemporary author, but if your characters are falling in love, and doing all the sexy things in outer space, I WANT your MS!
  5. Consent required. I want strong heroines who know what they want, and know how to ask for it.
  6. Rape is a deal breaker for me. Just no. Not even as backstory.
  7. Diversity welcome. Bonus points for interracial couples!
  8. Contemporary is my main jam. Send me your hot and kinky CEOs, rock stars, bad boys, and men in uniform. Tattoos? Yes, please! I’m all about the romance, but I also need grit and heart. Who/what are these hot guys fighting for?

Some of my recent favorite books:

The Pawn by Skye Warren
Nowhere Left to Fall by Kat Mizera
The Crossfire series by Sylvia Day
Once and Always by Julia Harper
Dare to Love by Carly Phillips

You made it all the way to the end! For that, you get one more pic of Zack

Cover Model Zack Salaun. Image by Wander Aguiar. Cover Art by Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Designs. Young . man in Marine fatigues with tattoo across his shoulder. Book title splashed in pink: Unleash You.

Thank you for checking out my wish list. I hope I answered all your burning questions. If not, find me on Twitter, and ask. Like seriously, I don’t mind questions at all. I’ve been there, so I know how difficult it is to choose a mentor. I’m here to help!

That’s it!

Check out all the other Adult mentors!

Pitch Wars 2019 Adult Mentors’ Wish Lists

  1. Paris Wynters
  2. Kathleen Barber (Accepts NA)
  3. Ian Barnes
  4. Mary Ann Marlowe (Accepts NA)
  5. Elizabeth Little
  6. Hayley Stone and Erin A. Tidwell
  7. Gwynne Jackson (Accepts NA)
  8. Maxym M. Martineau (Accepts NA)
  9. Katie Golding (Accepts NA)
  10. Ava Reid and Rachel Morris (Accepts NA)
  11. Carolyne Topdjian
  12. Natalka Burian
  13. Tim Akers
  14. Alex Segura
  15. Michelle Hauck and Carrie Callaghan (Accepts NA)
  16. Laura Brown (Accepts NA)
  17. Mia P. Manansala and Kellye Garrett (Accepts NA)
  18. Kerbie Addis and Ren Hutchings (Accepts NA)
  19. Susan Bishop Crispell (Accepts NA)
  20. Kelly Siskind and Heather Van Fleet (Accepts NA)
  21. Janet Walden-West and Anne Raven (Accepts NA)
  22. Kate Lansing (Accepts NA)
  23. Kristen Lepionka and Ernie Chiara
  24. Alexa Martin and Suzanne Park (Accepts NA)
  25. Gia de Cadenet (Accepts NA)
  26. Rob Hart
  27. Layne Fargo and Halley Sutton
  28. Michael Chorost (Accepts NA)
  29. Sarah Remy (Accepts NA)
  30. Nicole Glover (Accepts NA)
  31. Farah Heron (Accepts NA)
  32. Samantha Rajaram
  33. Keena Roberts (Accepts NA)
  34. Rebecca Enzor (Accepts NA)
  35. Matthew Quinn Martin (Accepts NA)
  36. Denny S. Bryce (Accepts NA)
  37. Meryl Wilsner and Rosie Danan (Accepts NA)
  38. P.J. Vernon and Kelly J. Ford (Accepts NA)
  39. Gladys Quinn (Accepts NA)
  40. Diana A. Hicks (Accepts NA)
  41. Damyanti Biswas
  42. Stephen Morgan (Accepts NA)



It’s RELEASE DAY for Love Over Logic, and I’m feeling just incredibly grateful for all the support. Reviews for Dom and Emilia’s love story have been amazing…


“This is a slow-burn that made my heart melt. The buildup was perfect and the fall was beautiful!”Goodreads Reader

“Love Over Logic is the first book that I’ve read by Diana A. Hicks, and it came out of the gates with a bang, and the excitement never slowed down for even a second.”Goodreads Reader

“I can’t tell you how much I loved this book! It had plenty of drama and a great story. It kept me guessing what would happen next. The cast of characters was really great, even the secondary ones stood out to me. Love Over Logic was truly like an action movie.” – Sip Read Love

“…there were twists around EVERY nook & cranny, so my f-bombs were raining down like a hurricane all the way to big finale! Diana A. Hicks knows how to write a story that gets the blood pumping, and I CANNOT WAIT to read more by her in the future!” – The Power of Three Readers


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About the book …

Intense. Irresistible. Sexy!

Attorney Emilia Prado has been living in hiding, ever since the local cartel killed her dad and left her and her mom for dead. But when her long lost cousin needs help leaving her drug lord husband, Emilia knows her time for justice has come.

Hot shot lawyer Dom Moretti never met a case he couldn’t win. Each win puts distance between him and an old life he wants to forget. But when Emilia, a crush from law school, asks for his help, the life he worked so hard for hangs in the balance.

Out to even the score, Emilia is ready to enact revenge on her father’s killer. But will she risk losing Dom to a side of himself he thought was dead and buried?

Excerpt #2 …

“Dammit, Emilia. Of course, my offer still stands.”
I closed my eyes for a moment, a smile pulling at my lips before I let go of his hand. “First things first. How are we going to get past the Dragon Lady?”
He chuckled. A sexy sound that reminded me Dom Moretti was in my room—and we were alone. “Your mom? She seems like a sweet woman.”
“Yeah, until you say no to her.” When it came to the cartel, Mom didn’t fool around. She’d seen firsthand what they could do and how fast. No way in hell she was letting me stay in Phoenix another night, but I had to. After all this time, I finally had a chance to go after the asshole who killed my dad.
“Why are we saying no to your mom?” He sat on the bed, toying with the small flower vase on my nightstand. Nervous energy.
“Because I’m not going with her.”
“Yes, you are. What part of there’s a hit on you do I need to explain again? You’re leaving with your mom. Tonight.”
“You said you were going to help me.”
“And that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ll allow you a continuance. Thirty days should be plenty of time for me to find out who Levi is. If he is what you say, I’ll nail his ass to the wall. I promise you that.”
He sounded so convincing. If he hadn’t used his lawyer voice, I would’ve believed him. Dom didn’t understand who my cousin’s husband was. He wasn’t just another crook. I kneaded the numb spot below my hip bone where his bullet went through me the day he killed Dad. The scar he’d left behind was an IOU. And it was time he paid.
“You know that’s not what I need from you.” I threw a pair of jeans in the suitcase, which took up half the bed.
“You’re wasting time.” He adjusted his weight on the mattress, moved a few decorative pillows out of the way, and then froze. Oh, shit. “What is this?” The infuriating smirk on his face said he knew exactly what was in the small lingerie bag he pulled out from under my pillow. Why didn’t I hide it better? Oh, yeah, because never in a million years did I think Dom would end up in my room. “Wait. Don’t answer that. What I really want to know is why is my name on it?”
“It was a joke.”
“How long have you had this joke?” He pressed his lips together, his chest bouncing a little. It was all he could do not to burst out laughing.
“Your inflated ego must be loving this, but trust me, it’s not what you think.” I resumed the task of folding my clothes and arranging them in my luggage. Maybe if I pretended having a dildo with his name on it wasn’t a big deal, he’d let it go.
“There’s a vibrator under your pillow with my name on it. You betcha my ego is loving this.” He bit the inside of his lip, gripping the contents of the bag. Why was this turning me on? He planted his feet on the carpet and stood, taking his time. His prowl was a promise that the real Dom would be a thousand times better than the chargeable device in his hand. “You want me. Why do you push me away?”
He pressed his chest against the side of my arm. I couldn’t turn to face him. If I did, we’d end up doing what we had started last night at the bar.
“I’ve spent the last ten years in hiding because of what my dad did for a living. You saw today what Jess is going through with her husband. I don’t want that for myself.”
“I am not like them.” His tone was terse and cold. “But you’re right. You have your hands full as it is. I have no right to spring my bullshit on you. So here’s what we’re gonna—”
Shouts came from the other side of the house. They were faint, but they unmistakably belonged to Jess. “My cousin is here.”
“Time’s up.” He moved so fast around the room, I felt like I was going in slow motion. I dropped the bathroom essentials into a toiletry bag while Dom stuffed the rest of my clothes in the suitcase and squeezed it shut.


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About the book …

Attorney, Emilia Prado has been living in hiding, ever since the local cartel killed her dad and left her and her mom for dead. But when her long lost cousin needs help leaving her drug lord husband, Emilia knows her time for justice has come.

Hot shot lawyer, Dom Moretti never met a case he couldn’t win. Each win puts distance between him and an old life he wants to forget. But when Emilia, a crush from law school, asks for his help, the life he worked so hard for hangs in the balance.

Out to even the score, Emilia is ready to enact revenge on her father’s killer. But will she risk losing Dom to a side of himself he thought was dead and buried?

Cover Art by Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Designs


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About the author …


BookBub |Website Twitter | Facebook Instagram

Diana A. Hicks is an award-winning author of steamy contemporary romance and science fiction. Her latest release LOVE OVER LATTES, Book 1 in her Desert Monsoon Series, is a 2018 Readers’ Favorite Honorable Mention in the Romance – Contemporary genre!

When Diana is not writing, she enjoys kickboxing, traveling, and indulging in the simple joys of life like wine and chocolate. She lives in Atlanta, and loves spending time with her two children and husband.



COVER REVEAL: Love Over Logic

Hey Sexy Readers!

Happy Friday, Jr! I’m so happy to share the shiny new cover for the next installment of my Desert Monsoon Series. Remember Cole’s lawyer friend? This is Dom and Emilia’s story.

Happy Reading!


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About the book …


The law couldn’t help us when the local cartel hunted down my family and left me for dead. Like a stupid good girl, I went to law school to be the better person, to do things right, to get justice without getting my hands dirty. It took me almost a decade, but I’ve finally caught on. After years of living in hiding and wishing for justice, I’m ready to do some hunting of my own.


After she spent three years in law school looking down her nose at me, I was surprised to find her again, pretending to be someone else, and ogling me like I was something to eat. Yeah, I was surprised and so fucking turned on. Emilia needs my help, even if she hasn’t gotten around to asking for it yet. No, this isn’t my fight. But I can’t help myself. She’s mine to protect.

Cover Art by Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Designs

Exclusive Advance Excerpt coming soon…

About the author …


BookBub |Website Twitter | Facebook Instagram

Diana A. Hicks is an award-winning author of steamy contemporary romance and science fiction. Her latest release LOVE OVER LATTES, Book 1 in her Desert Monsoon Series, is a 2018 Readers’ Favorite Honorable Mention in the Romance – Contemporary genre!

When Diana is not writing, she enjoys kickboxing, traveling, and indulging in the simple joys of life like wine and chocolate. She lives in Atlanta, and loves spending time with her two children and husband.



Happy Release Day!! Love Over Lattes is finally here!

It’s RELEASE DAY for Love Over Lattes, and I’m humbled and a little embarrassed by all the amazing support. Reviews for Cole and Valentina’s love story have been incredible…


 “Hicks’ first installment of her Desert Monsoon series is confident and assured with strong storytelling, nuanced characters, and a dynamic blend of romance and suspense…A sexy and irresistible tale for fans of contemporary romance.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A deliciously sexy romance with chemistry that explodes off the pages. I absolutely loved it.” – Heather Van Fleet, Author of the Reckless Hearts Series

“Love Over Lattes is one of those quintessential romance novels with plenty of chemistry, mutual attraction, and push and pull between the characters.” Readers’ Favorite


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About the book …

Who knew a latte could lead to so much more…

Single mom Valentina wants to provide a good life for her son, starting with the perfect home. When the deal on her dream house falls through, rather than move back in with her parents and disappoint them and her son once again, she accepts the help of the intimidating-as-hell stranger she’s admired from her coffee shop seat for the last six months. She’s afraid to fall for the wrong guy again, so she makes Cole promise to keep their relationship strictly professional.

Following his failed marriage, Cole can’t find a reason to care about anything or anyone. Saving his company from his ex-wife is the only thing that has kept him afloat for the past six months. As loneliness sets in and he begins to lose the fight over his company, Valentina becomes his lifeline. Cole wants to be more than her landlord, and he has a plan to get her to release him from his promise.


About the author …


Website | Twitter | Facebook Instagram

Diana A. Hicks is an award-winning author of steamy contemporary romance and science fiction. Her latest release LOVE OVER LATTES, Book 1 in her Desert Monsoon Series, is a 2018 Readers’ Favorite Honorable Mention in the Romance – Contemporary genre!

When Diana is not writing, she enjoys kickboxing, traveling, and indulging in the simple joys of life like wine and chocolate. She lives in Atlanta, and loves spending time with her two children and husband.

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