For Love of Country

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Authors: William C. Hammond
religious tenacity to the principle of states’ rights. Such
individuals viewed any form of shared sovereignty as anathema. Under no circumstances, they insisted, should the integrity of the individual states be compromised by a national government, whatever its form; that was the core principle for which the war with England had been fought. Hamilton countered with his oft-quoted conviction that independence backed by a weak military is nothing more than an empty promise.
    As Americans awaited the outcome of the debates, William and Lizzy Cutler arrived unexpectedly early in Boston after a swift passage of just eighteen days, the result of steady southerly breezes more typical of Caribbean trades than the perverse westerly winds that normally blew upon the Atlantic in springtime. Soon after the Cutler brig docked at Long Wharf, a flustered George Hunt walked out from the offices of Cutler & Sons and bowed low before William Cutler, apologizing profusely for being caught unawares.
    William Cutler put a hand under Hunt’s elbow and bade him look up. “There is no need for that, Mr. Hunt,” he said with a chuckle. “This is America. No one bows to anyone here.” He placed his hand at the small of Lizzy’s back. “Unless, perhaps, to a lovely young woman. Mr. Hunt, may I introduce you to my daughter, Elizabeth.”
    â€œMa’am,” Hunt said humbly, bowing again and avoiding her eyes as though dazzled by the image of golden hair and delicate feminine splendor standing before him in an ankle-length dress of rich brocade with a richly decorated silk shawl draped across her narrow shoulders. He did manage to collect himself when Lizzy swept him a brief curtsey. “I am honored to meet you, Mr. Hunt,” she said. “We have often heard your praises sung in England.”
    â€œThank you, ma’am,” Hunt said, adding in a stab at gallantry, “and I have often heard tell of your lady’s grace and beauty. Now I understand why.” He turned to her father. “Sir, I shall have a boat ready to take you to Hingham within the hour. Please make yourself comfortable in our offices. I shall have tea or coffee brought in, some food, perhaps, whatever you and Miss Cutler might fancy.”
    â€œThat is kind of you, Mr. Hunt. But I think my daughter and I would prefer to explore your city while we wait.” He pointed his cane up State Street to where a gold-domed cupola rose above a substantial red brick building with a prominent balcony built halfway up its east side. “Is that what is now called the State House? Yes? Then it’s what we English used to refer to as the seat of royal authority in Boston. Pity it still isn’t.” He gave Hunt a jovial wink. “Back in an hour,” he called
over his shoulder. He offered his arm to his daughter, and the two set off at a brisk pace.
    Hunt immediately set about to find a small, swift vessel to carry word of the Cutlers’ arrival to Hingham, and a larger, more accommodating one to convey them there.
    â€œLIZZY! YOU’RE HERE! You’re really here !”
    Thunder rumbled in the distance and seagulls mewed and circled overhead as Katherine and Lizzy Cutler flew together in a tight embrace on the Hingham quays, their inbred propriety and correct upbringing cast joyously aside in the exhilaration of seeing each other after so many years. It was the same for them all. William Cutler had not seen his brother since Thomas and his wife sailed for America many years earlier. Nor had he met any member of his brother’s family here today except Richard, who had visited William Cutler’s family in Fareham in 1774 and had lived with him in 1778 after William had pulled every string in his grasp to get his nephew released from Old Mill Prison and into his custody. He was particularly intrigued by his grand-nephews and took great joy in gripping little Jamie firmly at the waist and lifting him

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