Netherworld, Soul Guardians Book 4
Once everyone had apologized and rolled off, the SVU made two more
turns, and then drove steadily for about twenty minutes.
    The sound of vehicles passed them by.
Kara was growing restless. “Has anyone ever heard of angels being
kidnapped by a bunch of seriously deranged mortals
    “ I’ve never heard of clowns
abducting angels before,” answered David. “It’s news to me. Maybe
they’re taking us to the circus? Might be fun. I’ve never been to
the circus before.”
    “ I’ve heard that they’ve
attacked a few sensitives and mortals,” muttered Peter from his
sandwich position between David and Jenny. “But that was more than
a century ago. I don’t think the legion is aware of what’s
happening. I think they’ve forgotten about the seirs.”
    Kara didn’t like the sound of that.
Clearly the seirs were known in Horizon, otherwise David and Peter
wouldn’t have heard of them. But the fact that the legion might
have forgotten about them all this time put Kara more on edge. This
was new territory. They found themselves with an old and deadly
enemy that they couldn’t fight. How were they going to get out of
this mess, if they couldn’t even fight back? Were they just
supposed to let the seirs kill them? It was crazy. There had to be
a way around the rules.
    The group was suddenly
hurtled forward. The screeching of the brakes drowned all other
motor sounds around them. The SUV stopped moving. Kara heard doors
open and close and the murmur of voices. Then a tack, tack, tack , of some sort of
slow mechanical device, like the scraping of metal on
    With a pop, the lock on the trunk’s
door unlatched. Hands grabbed Kara, and she was pulled out of the
trunk and left to stand alone on her feet. She felt the presence of
the others around her, and then heard David voicing a few angry
curses. Once he was done, she concentrated on her hearing. She
recognized the dull humming of neon lights and the soft drone of
traffic. The sound was obscured as if it was coming from behind a
wall. The air was stale, with a hint of mildew and she knew they
must be inside a building. She strained her ears for more details,
but the sound of heavy feet and mumbled conversations buried
everything else. Where were they? So far, all their souls were
still intact. Since the seirs had death blades, things could have
been much worse. Why did the seirs kidnap them and bring them
    Kara’s head snapped back as her blind
fold was ripped off her eyes. Bright light struck her, and she
averted her eyes. She blinked several times and tried to mend the
stinging. After a moment, her vision cleared as her eyes grew
accustomed to their surroundings.
    They stood in a large warehouse lined
with wooden crates and the large metal containers she’d seen before
on freight trains. Long oval light fixtures hung down from an
incredibly high ceiling. Tall glass windows ran the length of the
building, their brown and black blotches barely allowing any light
to filter through. Brown rust stained the metal walls like a flesh
eating disease.
    The soft tread of shoes
reached her ears. Kara looked up. A figure
approached them. It was small, almost childlike—
    The hairs on Kara’s body stood on end
and her jaw fell open. A white dress swayed towards her.
    Kara stared into the dark eyes of the
elemental girl.

Chapter 6
    “ W hat the...?” said David, cutting the creepy
    Kara examined the young girl as she
approached them. She looked like a normal twelve-year-old girl
except for the antique looking dress she wore. Her black hair
swayed like liquid shadows. She wore white knee-high socks tucked
into a pair of shiny black shoes. With her chin in the air, she
moved elegantly towards them, as though she were walking on a
pageant stage. For the first time, Kara noticed a tight smile on
the girl’s full lips. The unmistakable glee in her black eyes sent
an icy chill down Kara’s back. This was amusing

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