Netherworld, Soul Guardians Book 4
hastily. She squirmed in his grasp.
    “ How was I supposed to grab
your attention otherwise?” the elemental laughed and clapped her
hands together dramatically. “Yes. I was very good at convincing
you. I knew you couldn’t resist helping a poor little girl.
Besides, it’s your job to help the inferior beings—save the weak
from the wicked—isn’t that what you angels do?”
    Kara stopped struggling.
“And why do you need my attention? You better put a stop to this before
it gets really out of hand. This is very serious. This isn’t a
game, little girl. Angels are hurt. My friends are in pain because
of you. Look at what you’ve done! How could you?”
    The elemental looked up at Kara and
smiled. “I wanted you to know who I was. To get to know me
better—so we can play. Do you like games, Kara?”
    Kara’s body shook angrily. “You’re an
elemental who’s gone completely mad! You’re delusional—going
against your own—and you’ve commanded your dogs to hurt me and my
friends, knowing that we couldn’t fight back. You’re crazy. What
else is there to know?” Kara pulled desperately at her restraints.
The sharp burning wires sliced into her mortal flesh.
    “ Here! Here!” said David,
and he stamped his foot. “A psychotic little girl—with murderous
intentions—haven’t I seen this movie before?”
    The elemental raised her brows and
ignored David. She focused on Kara. “But you’re wrong, Kara. You
don’t know me at all. You see a pathetic little girl standing
before you, but your eyes deceive you. Look again. Look beyond the
veil this time, and you will see who I am. But I must warn you…you
might be surprised at what you find.” The girl giggled and folded
her arms on her chest.
    Kara was growing impatient. She didn’t
have time for riddles. She needed to escape. She had been a fool to
think this kid needed her help. She was furious with herself at how
easily she had been deceived. Deep down she had wanted to find
someone different—someone she could identify with. She had wanted
to spare the girl from the scrutiny and persecution from the legion
to which she herself had been subjected. But the elemental was
obviously insane. Who knew what she was capable of?
    “ Okay fine. Whatever you
say. Why don’t you call off your dogs so we can have a normal conversation and
get to know each other better.”
    Kara looked over the elemental’s head.
Beyond the warehouse’s other end, stood two large metal doors.
Enough light spilled through a crack above a row of closed windows
to help them see their way through the piles of wooden crates and
metal containers.
    “ Yeah, how about you free
our hands as a measure of good faith.” David turned around and
wiggled his shackled wrists. “What do you say? I promise to have
tea and play dolls with you later.”
    The elemental ignored him.
    “ You see, Kara. I brought
you here to tell you something. Something I’ve been waiting to
share with you for a very long time. This is a very exciting moment
for me…and for you. You’ll see.”
    “ What?” Kara glanced
worriedly at Peter. His angel essence was only just contained by a
thin layer of mortal skin. He shook uncontrollably. He was getting
    “ Look—I don’t have time for
your games. What is it you want to share?” Kara didn’t care to hide
the impatience in her voice.
    “ This—”
    The elemental raised her arms. Her
hair lifted in the air. Gusts of wind enveloped the girl in a
maelstrom of dust and debris. Kara made her eyes into slits. The
light bulbs exploded and rained down on them. The floor vibrated
and moaned. Containers spilled from above and landed with a
thundering crash. Peter groaned and Jenny comforted him. Rays of
green light exploded from where the girl had stood. The elemental
disappeared completely into a whirlpool of wind and green flashing
light. Another great blast of green light ignited around them.
Kara’s eyes burned. She closed them and turned her

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