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Authors: Kylee Richards
coffee pot to pour himself a cup.
                  “Would you like something to eat?” I ask him while getting up and going to the kitchen. Yesterday afternoon I realized that having me on the bus might be inconvenient for the rest of the band and I don’t want to put them out, so I decided that I could do the cooking for the guys. I’m a fairly good cook, my mom taught me a lot before she died. Which is good because, Karen doesn’t know her way around the kitchen.
                  “That would be amazing,” Alex says as he walks up behind me. “We never get a home cooked meal anymore.”
                  “Okay, I’ll get something started,” I say as I looked in the fridge to see what I could make. Beer. That is the only thing in the fridge. Oh wait; I also see a few bottles of water.
                  “Really, Cam?” I ask looking at him, “Beer and water, is the only thing you brought?”
                  “None of us know how to cook and I wasn’t going to ask you to do it,” he replies with a shrug.
                  “Well, I’m not going to live off beer and takeout for the next few months. Would we be able to go the store?” I ask.
                  “Hey Mike,” Cam calls up to the driver, “find a grocery store and stop please.” I blush because up until that point, I hadn’t even thought about the fact that there was someone else in the room that could have heard my conversation with Cam this morning.
                  “Sure thing,” Mike calls back.
                  We pull into the parking lot of a grocery store in a small town in Ohio. As I go to grab my shoes and purse, I notice all the guys pulling on shoes and hats as well.
                  “What are you guys doing?” I ask.
                  “We are going in with you,” Ryder replies, “we want food too, especially if you are going to make it for us.”
                  “I’m not going into a grocery store with a group of rock stars. Won’t it get a little crazy if your fans see you?”
                  “Relax, baby, we’re good at lying low, no one is going to recognize us at a small town in the middle of nowhere.”
                  “Fine, let’s go,” I concede.
                  We get into the store and each member of the band grabs a cart and immediately starts filling it with junk food.  Camden grabs a cart and walks with me while I go through a mental list of things that I will need for my favorite meals to make. The band is a few aisles away and I can hear Eric and Alex arguing over the last box of Twinkies. Neither one of them want to share it.
                  “Are they always like this?” I ask Camden.
                  “You have no idea. I better go over there before we get kicked out; that will definitely draw attention to them.” He rolls his eyes and heads in the direction of the sound of what I think are boxes being thrown.
                  I finish my shopping and make my way to the registers. I notice a guy about my age on his phone and looking at me funny. I’m becoming paranoid.
                  I’m standing in line trying to ignore him, so I watch as the young, female cashier fumbles through a transaction and hear the frustrated sigh of the old man in front of me trying to tell her what his change should be.
                  “What are you doing, Ellie?” a male voice says in my ear and I jump.
                  “Oh my god, Ryder, you almost gave me a heart attack. What does it look like I’m doing?”
                  “It looks like you were going to pay for the food.”
                  “And I always thought that you weren’t very bright. Yes, that is what people do at a grocery store. I realize that big, famous rock stars

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