Their Merry Little Christmas (Love Square)

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Book: Their Merry Little Christmas (Love Square) by Jessica Ingro Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jessica Ingro
we decided to move up our wedding.
    “Of course. Let me see your engagement ring, dear.”
    I hold my left hand out while she fingers the ring.
    “I have a few ideas. If you don’t mind waiting a few moments, I can pull together some rings for you two to look at.”
    We both a gree and she scurries away, leaving us alone in the storeroom.
    Jacob turns to me with concern in his eyes. I can see they are sharply focused and intently studying me. Sheesh. I ’m not some weak flower that’s going to wilt just because we saw Samantha. Sure, I could have gone the rest of my life without ever actually meeting her, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to see what she looked like and how the two of them would interact with each other.
    “Are you okay with that whole scene back there?” He asks while gesturing towards the sidewalk outside.
    “I’m fine. I wasn’t lying when I said I was glad to finally get a chance to meet her. And her daughter is absolutely gorgeous.”
    “She is. I was afraid you were going to be upset seeing Sam. Especially given our history and what you thought about her and I before.”
    “Jacob, please. You don’t need to worry about me. The past is in the past. You told me you were over her and I know you love me, so I’m good. We’re good.” I reassure him and wrap my arms around his waist.
    “I do love you, Sunshine. You’re it for me. My beginning and my ending.” He reciprocates my hold and kisses me lightly on the mouth.
    “Good. That’s all I need to know. So, I’m assuming you’re okay with the fact that you just saw Samantha?”
    “More than okay, actually. Sometimes I still feel a little guilty about everything that happened between us. It was nice to see her and know that she’s doing well. I feel like I can finally let the guilt go and know that she’s going to have the future she deserves. Almost like closure.”
    “That’s a good way to look at it.”
    The lady rejoins us at the counter with multiple black velvet ring holders and my b reath catches at all the stunning rings. How the hell am I going to pick one?
    We spend the next hour looking at each one. Jacob quickly picks out a simple, wide banded, silver tungsten carbide ring with beveled edges. I, on the other hand, am having serio us issues deciding. I might not care about the big wedding with a frilly, frou frou gown and tons of flowers, but I do care about my wedding band. I always assumed that once I saw the one, I’d know it right away. But right now, I’m suffering from a major case of indecisiveness.
    “Don’t see the one you want?” Jacob finally asks after I’ve tried on what feels like a hundred rings.
    I feel my emotions getting the better of me, when I turn to him with tear filled eyes. I shake my head and give him a sad smile. I feel bad making him stand here, but I can’t make up my mind and this is too big of a decision to not be sure. It’s a lot of pressure.
    “Hey. Don’t worry about it. We’ll find you the one.” He pulls me in for a comforting hug and kisses my hair.
    “We’re getting married in just a few days. I have to pick one,” I practically whine into his chest.
    Jacob loosens his hold on me and turns to the lady, still keeping me tucked into his side.
    “Do you have any other ones we can look at?”
    “We do, sir. I have one that I think would be perfect for her, but it’s rather expensive,” she replies, referring to the price range we originally gave her.
    “No. That’s quite alright,” I say quickly.
    “Price isn’t a factor,” Jacob speaks at the same time.
    The lady looks at us, unsure of which one of us she should listen to.
    “I’ll just pick one of these,” I speak up.
    “You will not. Kara, I want you to have the perfect ring. I don’t care how much it costs. You’re worth it. This ring is going to sit on your finger for the rest of your life. It has to be perfect. No ifs and or buts about it.” He looks back at the lady and says, “Please

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