Betrayed by Trust

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Book: Betrayed by Trust by Hailey Hogan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Hailey Hogan
know most men would be glad to have me, but you. You put me down for that fat heifer.”
    “I’d appreciate if you didn’t talk about Caitlyn like that.”
    “Why not me? Am I not good enough to marry?”
    “Samantha, you and I would never work out and you know it.”
    She stumbled over to him. “We could . You just never gave us a chance.”
    “ You have a man remember.”
    “Forget him. It’s you I’ve always wanted.”
    “This is not you. Pull yourself together.”
    Samantha went from begging to being outraged and then crying all in the span of five minutes. Blake did what he could to appease her until the cab showed up twenty minutes later. He gave the cab driver a hundred dollar bill to make sure she got home and in her place secure.
    “You’re going to wish you chose me. She’ll never love you,” she yelled, as she got into the back seat of the cab.
    As soon as they were gone, he called a tow truck and had her car towed to her place. He didn’t want anything else to do with Samantha. He hoped her latest outburst would be the last of her, but his guts told him she would return. When or where, he didn’t know.

Chapter 12
    Caitlyn was too excited to go to sleep. She needed to talk to someone about Blake or else she would be up all night. She normally would have called Bridget, but didn’t feel like hearing a lecture. Some of her friends were probably upset with her because every since her dad died and she set out to get revenge, she neglected to keep in contact with them. Besides an occasional email, she barely talked to the friends she grew up with.
    Tasha was the only one she talked to on a regular basis. She dialed Tasha's number. Tasha picked up on the first ring. Before she could lose her nerves, she blurted, “I have some news I want to share with you but you can’t tell anyone else. Promise me.”
    “Whew. Slow down girl.” Caitlyn could hear Tasha's television. “What’s going on?”
    “I took your advice and I’ve been spending time with Blake. I mean Blake.”
    “Good. You deserve to be happy.”
    “There’s more.”
    Tasha screamed causing Caitlyn to remove the phone from her ear. “You did it. Was it good?”
    “No, we haven’t done it yet. But I can say he is a good kisser.”
    “You go girl. Don’t forget about me when you move to the big floor.”
    “I’m not going anywhere. Just because we’re dating, doesn’t mean I’m getting a promotion.”
    “That’s right you left early. We got a memo letting us know you were being promoted to supervisor.”
    “Say what?”
    “Your current supervisor shared the news. She didn’t hesitate to let us know you were having an extended meeting with the CEO. If I were you, I would watch my back around her.”
    “ Duly noted. Let me log in to check my email. Shoot, I left my laptop at work.”
    “Must have been some meeting.”
    “Actually between you and me, after lunch we went to Six Flags.”
    “What? While I’m slaving away at work you’re out living it up.”
    “Come on now. I said Six Flags. That’s nothing.”
    “Actually, that’s sweet. I wished someone would whisk me away in the middle of the day to take me somewhere.”
    “Please. Men are always doing nice things for you. It’s not their fault you don’t appreciate them.”
    “If your brother would come around I wouldn’t have to keep messing with these busters.”
    “You and Bradford are too much alike. It would never work.”
    “Whatever my future sister-in-law.”
    “Girl, I didn’t realize how late it was. I’ll see you in the morning.”
    Caitlyn hung up the phone with Tasha. Eight hours later, she fought with the covers as she hit the snooze button several times before getting up out of the bed. She made it to the office a few hours earlier than normal because she needed to catch up on some work.
    She focused on the project plan in front of her. Time went by fast and before long, people were walking by her desk congratulating her on her

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