Bind Me (Roommate Romance #2)

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Authors: Rene Folsom
Bind Me
    Walking arm-in-arm with Chaz makes me feel like I am the most prized
possession he owns. The way he sneaks glances my way or the light brush of his
fingertips against my hand to make sure I am still holding his bicep tight—all
is proof of his possession and makes my stomach swarm with butterflies in the
    Chaz and I have been college roommates for well over a month now,
but tonight is the first time he has asked me to attend one of his gallery
openings as his date. I have been fantasizing about him ever since he
interviewed me to be his roommate. After moving in, I quickly suspected he had
a rather dominant personality.
    That suspicion became realization when I accidentally— honest, it was an accident —walked in on
him standing over a girl who was bound to his bed. Not only were her hands tied
to the headboard, but she was also blindfolded and seemed to be enjoying his
forceful, yet affectionately dominant, touch. I couldn’t help but watch as he
masterfully played her body like a sensual instrument. Even though he was the
one in complete control, he spent every moment bringing her the most intense
gratification I had ever witnessed. I haven’t been able to get the vision out
of my mind ever since.
    I’ve never had the pleasure of being with a man who has such a
take-control nature, but my clit throbs with just the idea of giving him power
over my body.
    I admire him as an artist, especially the way he uses his hands to
sculpt a masterpiece. The strong, precise movements of his fingers create such
intricate works of art. The sensual way he moves while he is consumed by
inspiration renders me speechless.
    During my little stint as a Peeping Patty, I appreciated his
sexual expertise from a distance and noticed he is definitely the type of man
that takes great care with his lovers. Using those long, strong fingers to
caress and entice a woman… Yeah, I knew right then and there that I wanted
those hands to sculpt every inch of my body someday.
    With my attraction to Chaz increasing, I realized I needed to let
him know of my desires. But things are never that easy, are they? I knew I was
in unknown territory with the idea of seducing such a dominant man. Because of
the unknown possibilities, shyness got the better of me. It didn’t take me long
to realize that in order to get his attention, I needed to naturally submit to
him throughout our day-to-day lives.
    Quickly and seamlessly, I fell into the role of his submissive—not
in a sexual manner—but in our normal interactions together each day. Even
though my naturally submissive behavior surprised me, I also quickly noticed
that my subliminal suggestions were all he needed to get the hint.
    As we are strolling together through the throngs of art
enthusiasts and smiling politely with each introduction, I can’t help the
satisfaction with the fact that each person I shake hands with has no idea of
the secrets Chaz and I hide. As he masterfully escorts me around the warehouse
filled with works of art and mingling people, I continue to clandestinely
replay the past hour in my head—the hour he made me his.
    As we made our way through the doors of the stylishly aged
warehouse about an hour ago, I noticed Chaz couldn’t keep his eyes off me. His
rather lustful attentions had me blushing—my cheeks flushing pink—each time I
caught him looking my way. Such an innocent interaction, yet my body reacted with
anything but innocence.
    Knowing his preferences, I wore a tight, black dress that hugged
each curve of my body with tantalizing precision. The dress was just supportive
enough for me to go without a bra, which seemed to drive Chaz wild. The
spaghetti straps had a mind of their own as the left one seemed to consistently
slide off my bare shoulder with every little movement I made. The top that
lined my breasts donned intricate little beads that added character and a bit
of class to the slinky outfit. The length of the dress fell just above

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