Bind Me (Roommate Romance #2)

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Book: Bind Me (Roommate Romance #2) by Rene Folsom Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rene Folsom
hand, he invited me to join him.
    “I’ve found the perfect spot. Come,” he commanded, not unkindly.
    My stomach did back flips as I reached up and slipped my hand into
his. Tiny little flickers shot up my arm when I slid my fingers across his
palm. As nervous as I was, I didn’t hesitate to grasp his hand—my own shaking
like a leaf—allowing him to lead me down each step.
    The one short flight of stairs we took opened up into a large
room. Faint light trickled down from several smoked windows lining the very top
of the walls. I was immediately able to tell we were in a basement and the line
of windows barely broke ground level—the light from the streetlamp bathing the
room in an amber glow and casting odd-shaped shadows in its path.
    “This warehouse used to be an embroidery factory. They still use
this basement to store all the machines,” Chaz explained. That clarified the
cloth-covered bulky shapes that cluttered the room, making it feel much smaller
than it really was.
    “Lily.” At the sound of my name, my head abruptly turned to meet
his stare. Strong, magnetic eyes delved into my consciousness, glowing ever so
slightly in response to the faint light that was now behind me. Once he
realized he had my attention, Chaz grabbed my waist and forcefully brought me
against his chest, our lips a mere whisper away from one another. “I’m so glad
to have you all to myself right now. You’re finally mine.”
    “I’m yours?” I chimed, making my words sound more like a question
than I had originally intended.
    He just nodded with a resolute smirk on his strong, sexy face
while still holding onto me—our noses nearly touching as we spoke. “Let me warn
you of one thing. If I am any good at reading between the lines, I think you’re
already aware of my specific… appetite. I like to be in control at all times.
This isn’t up for debate—I know what I want. And, right now, I want you. I need
you to be mine.”
    His tone took on that seductive, demanding quality again and it
made my stomach turn up in knots. This man could make me melt with just his
words. I began to feel lightheaded at his suggestive tone—surprised I was still
even able to stand, regardless of the fact he was maintaining his hold on me.
    He stood there staring at me expectantly, like he was waiting for
something. Then he smiled—a smile that had me hanging in midair. Realizing he
may be waiting for some sort of response from me, I absentmindedly looked away
and said, “Yes, sir.”
    Lifting my chin, he forced me to look up into his smiling glare.
“While I’m flattered you seem to naturally fall into the role that pleases me,
there is no need to call me sir. You know my name. As a matter of fact, I like
hearing my name being spoken from those beautiful, luscious lips of yours. But
let me make one thing clear, never look down like you’re ashamed. Look at me
and be assured that I adore seeing the glimmer in your eyes… Okay?”
    I nodded—briefly looking away again before remembering what he had
just said and bringing my gaze back over to meet his. “Yes.”
    “Yes, what?” he asked. His question caught me off guard as I tried
to remember what my response should be. Then it hit me… his name.
    “Yes, Chaz,” I whispered.
    His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he let out a soft
    “I love hearing you say my name, Lil. Now… we will probably have
to be quick since there is a party waiting for us just upstairs. But seeing you
in this dress and those heels has made me a very impatient man,” he said as he
pressed me against his hard, rigid body.
    Even with the muted light surrounding us, I could almost see my
green eyes reflecting in his gray stare—like they were mirrors to his soul.
    Kissing me passionately once more, Chaz reached his hand around
the back of my leg and trailed his fingers up behind my knee. He continued his
feathered assault up the back of my thigh, under my dress, until he reached my
ass and

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