Bind Me (Roommate Romance #2)

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Book: Bind Me (Roommate Romance #2) by Rene Folsom Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rene Folsom
knees, which made the fuck-me heels accent my silky legs flawlessly.
    I chose to wear my hair down, not only because Chaz requested me
to, but also because the feeling of the tendrils tickling my bare back made me
feel sexy and free. I always received compliments when I wore it down. The
long, blonde waves cascaded down the center of my back with the ends lightly
brushing against the top curve of my ass.
    “You look wonderful tonight, Lily,” he whispered in my ear as I
tasted my wine with dainty sips. The feel of his breath against my neck and his
hand touching the small of my back made chills flow through my skin. The
trembling of my hand was dreadfully noticeable with the small wine cup wavering
in sync—the blush liquid rippling along the rim. My voice sounded weak and
breathless as I thanked him for his compliment.
    As he excused himself for a moment to grab the attention of a
colleague, I took a moment to examine the man who dominated my every thought.
Being a large-scale sculptor, Chaz had the body and poise of an athlete. Not
only was he the essence of sexy on the outside, but just a hint of his
Chazzy-charm made all the girls melt in his path.
    With sandy-brown hair and enigmatic steel-gray eyes, he commanded
the attention of every person he was near. Making his way back over to me, I
cherished the warmth that overtook my body when he flashed that sexy smile—and
couldn’t help but grin in return.
    His sexy swagger matched each step I took, making us the best
looking couple in the room. Continuing through the different rooms and hallways
full of art, my confidence slowly increased with each passing moment. Heads
turned as we walked by and I knew his powerful confidence was the main reason
for the self-assured spark in my eyes.
    After a quick peek at his sculptures and only a few minutes of
mingling, Chaz grabbed me by the hand and quickly pulled me through a set of
doors that led to a darkened stairwell—lit only by the faint glow of an exit
sign and the dull light filtering through the small window above the door
    I could barely hear the click of the door shutting over the blood
that pulsed in my ears. Without wasting a single breath, he pressed me up
against the cold wall, devouring my lips in a passionate, lust-filled kiss.
    “Lil, I need you… now,” he growled through labored gasps as he
pressed his lips along my jawline and down to my neck. His scruff against my
face made a thousand crackles flicker through my skin, like sparklers on a hot
summer night. His teeth lightly scraping along the pulsating artery in my neck
caused an agonizing moan to escape my lips.
    My breathing hitched and my hands began to shake as he continued
his assault on my neck and chest. Closing my eyes, I tried to steady my breath.
I placed my hands against the cool block wall to hide my quivering limbs and
steady myself.
    Just as abruptly as his assault began, he stopped and looked into
my eyes, spreading his arms on either side of my head and propping his hands
firmly on the wall. “I thought I could wait until we got home, but clearly you
have eliminated all my control.”
    With a sudden surge of bravery, I lifted my chin so my lips were
mere centimeters from his. Looking into his steely gray eyes, I said, “Then
show me whatcha got, Chaz. Take control.”
    “Oh, I plan to,” he said with a playful tone as he turned and
began walking down the darkened stairwell without telling me where he was
    I stood there against the wall for a moment—unsure whether I
should follow him into the inky black of the level below. It wasn’t that I
didn’t trust him. I stayed put because he didn’t give me permission to move.
I’ve heard enough about this type of relationship to know that I don’t dare
budge even my pinky toe without his instruction.
    Suddenly, Chaz reappeared from the darkness—a light red glow
casting shadows along his features as he made his way back to me. Slowly
climbing each step and extending his

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