A Demon's Wrath Novella: One Night with the Demon King
his bow
to Leon. “You will take your son home. He needs you.”
    Adam frowned darkly. He wanted to kill the
bastard human who had hurt his son. If that boy hadn’t shoved aside
Lucifer to take the blade himself, Lucifer would be dead by now. He
was still damn angry, but Drake was right. Lucifer needed him right
    He grunted loudly to show his displeasure
for not having the chance to kill the captain.
    “I’ll take the captain,” Drake said, sliding
out his thick, sharp sword. “We will fight man to man,” he said to
the captain.
    Jackson swallowed. “I’ll kill you all,
demons,” he screamed and rushed toward Drake.
    Drake stepped aside and rewarded Jackson’s
neck with the back of his hard fist.
    Captain Jackson fell forward. He scrambled
up and rushed for an attack. They were fighting with their fists
and feet—blow to blow. Both Gerick and Leon charged the other men
and began their combat.
    Adam went to his son. “Lucifer?” he said,
kneeling beside the boy.
    “Papa?” Lucifer said through the sounds of
swords slashing and men grunting. He rushed up to the hug Adam. His
tears flowed down his little cheeks. “Papa, I’ve missed you. I’m so
scared,” he admitted.
    “I’m here now, son,” Adam said, picking up
Lucifer. He turned to look at Cecelia. “Come on, boy. Let’s get out
of here.”
    Cecelia stared at him, at a loss. She had
never seen any man as tall and big and muscular as this one. His
face, she saw, was quite handsome.
    “Come!” he said again, dragging her up none
too gently and leading her toward the passageway.
    “What about the others?” she asked.
    “Do not worry yourself about them,” he said,
pulling her after him.
    “But Captain Jackson has many men. There are
only four of you, and now you left your comrades. They will not
    Adam didn’t reply and kept dragging her
toward the clearing. She had to keep up the pace by running so she
wouldn’t fall. It was only a short time later that they were out
    Out in the clearing, Cecelia saw four
animals. She supposed they were horses of some breed, for they had
horns like those of a unicorn. Their bodies were bigger and more
muscular, however, which she supposed indicated strength. Their
colors were of particular interest to her. One was beige, two were
grey, and one was a sinful velvety black.
    Adam led her to the beige one. When she was
standing beside the horse, her head barely reached the saddle.
    “CloudStorm!” Lucifer shrieked with delight,
patting the animal’s long nose.
    Adam placed his son on the ground and turned
to Cecelia. She took one look at him and knew what he was going to
    “Nay, I can’t—” She could go no farther, for
she was being lifted up and swung over the saddle like a doll.
“Thank you,” she said. Her backside was quite sore because he’d
dumped her on the saddle none too gently.
    Adam picked up his son and easily climbed on
the saddle in front of her. He made his son comfortable sitting on
his lap and took the bridle.
    “Hold tight,” he said and slashed the
    The stallion hissed and rushed forward.
Cecelia had to quickly grab for Adam’s coat so she wouldn’t fall
back from the force. She didn’t know how long they were going to
ride until they got to somewhere safe. But she didn’t care, for
Lucifer was safe with his father.
    Somehow, she knew she must find a way to get
that pearl. The thought of her mother was at the forefront of her
mind as she drifted off into a slumber.
    Not long afterward, Adam heard the thunder
of hooves approaching them. He didn’t slow down, for he knew they
would catch up to him soon enough. Then three stallions were riding
alongside him. Adam slowed his stallion to a slower pace. Gerick
took the lead, while Leon took the rear as guard.
    “How is he?” Drake asked, looking at his
    “Doing fine,” Adam said, gazing down at his
son. “Brave boy,” he said, glancing at Cecelia sleeping behind
    “Must be tired,”

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