The Last of the Living

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Book: The Last of the Living by Stephen Sipila Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stephen Sipila
now and wasn't quite as pretty.
                  "Downtown!" she began shouting as she started to dance to the song as she slowly continued walking down the street. Maybe she shouldn't be listening to music when she's walking around in the dark like that she thought, but at this point she needed something to distract herself from the creepy environment she found herself in.
                  As the song came to an end she thought she heard something in the background so she took her earphones out and turned her music off. "Is anybody there!" she shouted ahead, but she got no response. "Life really is making me pretty lonely right now."
                  She continued walking and off in the distance she thought she saw something moving. "Hey!" she shouted as she began to run towards it, before stopping in her tracks at the sound of a high pierced shrieking. She rubbed her eyes once again and shined her flashlight straight-ahead to find it was catching the reflection of the creature's eyes.
                  "What the hell?!" she shouted. But she could see through the illumination of her flashlight and what she saw was what looked like a humanoid creature appearing in front of her, but it wasn't quite human. It looked almost human but extremely pale, bald and the skin was covered with pock marks, and appeared almost as though it were rotting off of the body. Its eyes were glowing red and it seemed to be drooling blood as it continued emitting that high pierced shrieking noise.
                  "I think I should get out of here," she said as she slowly started walking backwards. But as the creature continued shrieking she heard more shrieking being returned off in the distance. Whatever this creature was it seemed to be calling the cavalry and she did not want to wait around to see them.
                  As she began to run she started to feel cramps in her legs. "Not now!" she shouted. "If there was any time I didn't want to get some type of a Charlie horse it's now!"
                  She took no chances and immediately ducked into the nearest store she came to, slammed the door shut, and threw a chair in front of the door. No sooner than she had done that though did she start hearing a pounding against the door and the creature slowly breaking through.
                  She looked around her and found that she appeared to be in some type of the store, a general store, nothing around she could use as a weapon. She saw what looked like a cleaning mop and she grabbed it, pointed the end of the broom at the creature's face as it began to push through the door and jammed it into its mouth, causing blood to gush out in all directions and causing the creature to emit an even louder shrieking than before.
                  She pulled the broom back out of the creature's mouth and then thrust it into the creature's genital region, momentarily stunning it, but she realized that that was not going to be enough to hold it off. She had to think, and that was when she looked at the counter and saw a bunch of lighters. She quickly grabbed a lighter, turned the mop around and lit the mop on fire, turning it into a torch that she started waving at the creature's face, causing it to back off for a while as it was continuing to spit blood in every direction.
                  As she waved the flaming mop in the creature's direction, she managed to continue causing it to back off until it was outside of the door where, much to her horror, she saw that there were at least six other creatures outside shrieking and spitting in her general direction.
                  "It doesn't seem to like light or fire," she said as she pushed it out of the door using the flaming mop. "But I don't think this is going to hold them off for long."
                  She saw the back door to the store and slowly began walking backwards towards it

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