Missing Pieces (The Pieces Series Book 1)

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Book: Missing Pieces (The Pieces Series Book 1) by Tiffany Flowers Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tiffany Flowers
so good on my skin. “I’m sorry about telling everyone to hide and underestimating you. I just can’t lose you.” He plants a soft kiss on my lips, leaving me wanting more.
    Seemingly happy that I am not going to run, he heads back out to deal with Nigel. I actually feel better now that I took out some aggression. Maybe I should take up boxing.
    Tomorrow is my birthday. I wonder if I should tell Neeko, but I don’t see why it is important. Does he age? I never even thought to ask. I will have to remember to ask him tonight before bed.
    Feeling good has me wanting to go to the gym and punch on the bag. I change into my workout gear and make my way to the gym. No one seems to be in here, but who knows. I stretch, then start punching and kicking the bag. I do this for hours until I can’t pick up my arms anymore. It just feels so good to let out all the pain and anger.
    I hop into the shower, and then make my way to the bedroom. I grab one of Neeko’s big shirts to sleep in. I turn off all the lights and climb into bed. Just as I am about to drift off, the bedroom door opens and shuts. I am suddenly surrounded by the smell of cinnamon. I hear his clothes hit the floor right before the mattress dips and his warmth engulfs me. I scoot closer to him and snuggle. I lay my head on his bare chest, and he wraps his arm around me and begins tracing circles on my thigh. A warm tingle lingers where his finger traces. I feel every breath he takes vibrating in between my thighs. How can laying here like this mean so much? It is like our hearts beat as one. We may be mates after all...two bodies, one soul.


    I walk in and see Nigel trying to kiss Gabby. My first instinct is to run and protect her, but she doesn’t need saving. She reaches down, grabs and twists his boys. That looks like it hurts. Then she slaps him several times, getting out all of her aggression. I think he may have learned not to mess with her anymore. I clear my throat to get their attention. Nigel nearly faints, turning deathly pale when he sees me. He flashes out instead of walking by me. Smart boy. Gabby is pissed. She looks so hot right now I could... Better not finish that thought.
    ” Are you alright?”
    She answers me with an attitude. The sassy side of her turns me on. Hell, every side of her turns me on. I see that she needs to be alone so I make sure she is fine before I tell her I’ll see her later. I have a birthday party to plan. I am taking her to a Halestorm concert, then off on a cruise. I don’t think she knows that I know her birthday is tomorrow. My scout found out a lot about her. I know her parents died, and that neither had any Immortal blood in their line. I know her full name is Gabriella Faith Calkins.
    Before I finish up the details, I need to deal with Nigel. Gabby did a pretty good job, but no one crosses me. I find him in his room, slouched on is bed. He sits up when I enter. “I thought she liked me and was playing hard to get. Why didn’t you tell us you two were so connected? When she saw you, it felt like I was being suffocated by the force that is pulling you two together. What type of Immortal is she? I would never have tried to kiss her, or even have looked her way if I would have known. I thought she was your “flavor of the month”. You always have different girls in and out, and you have never cared that I have tried to sleep with any of them.”
    “I think Gabby did a pretty good job of punishing you herself so I will go easier on you. Your punishment is a week underground. You are never to go near her again. I will not explain myself to you. I am the leader here. Do not touch what is mine again, or your punishment will be severe.”
    Seething, I walk away. How dare he ask what type of Immortal Gabby is! I can’t tell them I am mated to a human! Only Derrick knows the truth. Not even the people helping me know. They think she is some type of Immortal they have never seen before and

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