you?" He furrows his brow as he reaches past me to open the heavy glass door of the building. "He didn't say anything to me about you stopping by when I called him earlier."
    I'm instantly nervous. Maybe I was wrong to come here like this. He is Brighton Beck, after all and I'm sure I'm not the first woman he's brought to his studio. The way Albert is looking me over makes me feel like I'm making a huge mistake.
    "I just wanted to speak to him briefly." I fish in my purse for my smartphone as I follow him into the lobby of the building. "I would have called him but I don't have his number but I can give you mine to give to him."
    Wow. Just wow, Zoe. You couldn't sound any more like a girl experiencing her first crush if you tried. Calm down.
    "Why don't you just come up with me?" He tilts his chin towards a bank of elevators. "I'll tell him you're here once we get up there."
    I want to remind him that the space is open and Beck is bound to notice me standing behind Albert the moment we walk into the room but I don't. Instead I fall in step beside him and ride the elevator up to the floor where Beck and his studio await.
    I don't say a word as I watch him unlock the studio door. The moment I step through over the threshold and into the space I see Beck.
    I'm going to hyperventilate. I can feel it. I can't look at him but there's no way in hell that I can look away. He's only wearing a pair of faded jeans. His feet are bare as is his perfectly chiseled torso. The man is gorgeous. He's standing clear across the room, in front of a large canvas, with a paintbrush in his hand.
    "Wait for me here." Albert points towards the leather couch in the small reception area. "You can sit if you want."
    I don't want to sit. I want to follow him to where Beck is. I want to run my hands over his chest. I want to do things that I haven't wanted to do with a man in months.
    I pull on the pendant of the silver necklace I'm wearing as I watch Albert tap him on the shoulder. He turns around quickly and within an instant his eyes are locked onto mine. A wide smile takes over his mouth as he raises his arm towards me.
    He's coming over. Shirtless Brighton Beck is walking right towards me and I'm pretty sure my heart just stopped.

Chapter 14
    B eck
    This is what my dreams are made of. I came to my studio after watching Zoe through the window of the pub last night. I should have gone home to bed, but I wanted to come back to this space because she'd been here only hours earlier. I'd lain down on the couch trying to find sleep but it didn't work so I pulled out my paints, stood in front of one of the canvases and I let myself feel again.
    "Zoe." I have to stop myself from embracing her as I near the spot where she's standing. She's wearing a large white sweater, jeans and a colorful scarf around her neck. Her face is bare of make-up and if it's possible, she's more stunning than the first night I saw her.
    She covers her mouth with her fingers as her eyes dart across my chest. "I'm sorry to just show up here. I don't have your number."
    Fuck. What? How have I not asked for her number yet?
    I dive my hand into the front pocket of my jeans and pull out my smartphone. I push it towards her. "Put your number in here for me."
    She glances at Albert and then back at me. "You don't have to give it to me. I mean I know you must be careful about who has it."
    "Zoe." I tap the top of my phone. "Put your number in there for me and then text yourself so you have it."
    She runs her finger over the screen before she opens my contact list. I look at Albert. "Did you find her downstairs?"
    He hands me a tall paper cup. "She was in front of the building, sir. I invited her up because I thought you'd want to see her. Do you want me to run back down to get another drink?"
    "No." I shake my head slightly when Zoe hands me back the phone. "Zoe can have mine."
    I push the paper cup into her hands before she can offer any words of resistance. I watch as her dark brown eyes

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