Defying the Sheikh

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Book: Defying the Sheikh by Michelle Hughes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle Hughes
full breasts, to the soft curve of her hips and the firm shape of her legs. When his eyes fell upon the soft red downy curls between her well-formed thighs, his shaft twitched in need.
    With more restraint than he felt, his mouth found her breast again and suckled deeply as his other hand gently cupped the weight off the other, allowing his fingers once again to graze over the rosy nub. He allowed himself a few moments of worshipping her before moving off the bed to stand.
    She gazed up at him in confusion for a few moments until he pulled his own robe over his head. Her eyes took in the strength of his wide chest, the skin smooth and bronzed. His arms were muscled but not overly and she found herself smiling at how pleasing he was to look upon. Allowing her gaze to lower, she noted the rippled muscles of his abdomen and then her sight was hindered by the long pants he wore. Her eyes moved back to his beautiful face and she flushed at the smile he gave.
    His large hands moved to the waistband of his pants and slowly inched them down his muscled thighs. He wore nothing else underneath and stepped out of them casually before returning his gaze to hers. "Does my body please you little one?"
    Her eyes widened at the sight of his large manhood, and a shiver of apprehension moved through her. She understood instinctively what would happen with them now, and bit her lip nervously and glanced away from him. Nibbling on her lip, she was unsure if she had the courage to move forward.
    He immediately understood her unease and moved back into the bed with her, pulling her into his arms. "Michaela, you have my word that you will find pleasure in our union." His hand once again moved to her chin, pulling her eyes to his. The fear that filled her gaze did not belong on her beautiful face and he vowed that never again would he allow her to feel that in his arms.
    Wanting her to feel at ease again with him, he turned over on his back and placed his arms under his head. He knew from their short time together that she was a very curious woman, and could only hope that by giving her the reins she would feel more comforted. His body burned with the desire to possess her, but he would not move at all until she came to him of her own accord.
    She looked at him quizzically, unsure of what he wished from her. Turning over on her side she allowed her eyes to gaze over his well sculpted form. After several long minutes her hand moved to the wide expanse of his chest, tracing the contours gingerly. His body was so uniquely different from hers and her fingers longed to know him better. She lifted her eyes to his and was encouraged by the small smile on his face.
    Returning her attention to his body, her fingers lightly circled the small nubs of his breast, marveling at the texture. She wondered if he would find pleasure as she had if her lips touched him there, but was not brave enough to try. Instead her fingers moved down across the rippled muscles of his abdomen, smiling as the flesh tensed beneath her touch. "You are beautiful," she whispered in awe.
    He chuckled softly at her words, his shaft twitching again at the restraint he was forcing upon himself. He bit back a groan as her eyes moved downward and tried to remain still. It was a battle that he could not hope to win for much longer.
    Her hands ached to explore the part of his body that was so different from her own, the size and width of him was intimidating but also intriguing. Hesitantly she allowed her hand to trail downward and her fingers lightly moved over the silken steel. She pulled her hand away quickly as he flinched.
    "You have not harmed me little one, my body enjoys your touch there," he kept his words calm, even as he felt he would come undone at her untrained hands.
    Encouraged by his words, she lowered her hand again this time encircling the huge width of him in curiosity. Squeezing lightly, she was amazed at how his body could be so ridged yet as smooth as silk at the same

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