Defying the Sheikh

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Book: Defying the Sheikh by Michelle Hughes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle Hughes
discomfort was very uncomfortable. A single tear slid down her cheek and she glanced up at him accusingly. "End this," she demanded as her hands pushed with greater strength. If this was the cost of the earlier passion, she would have none of it.
    "The pain will pass little one," he fought not to drive into her velvet glove as his body demanded release.
    Shaking her head no, she cared less what words he spoke. In her mind the pleasure of earlier could only be a trap to make a female agree to this painful act. "I want you to stop," the pain was lessening somewhat but the earlier desire was spent. Lifting her hips in an attempt to push him from her, he slid even deeper inside and she groaned at the feeling of being completely filled.
    "I am trying not to cause you more pain little one, but you must remain still." His brow beaded with sweat at the control he was expending to allow her body to amend.
    She understood by his expression that she was causing him pain as well and felt her anger dissipate somewhat. If he shared this agony then the crime against her was not as grievous her mind concluded. With that small knowledge she stopped fighting him and attempted to relax. "Finish this then," her arms wrapped around his neck as she prepared to endure this until he found fulfillment.
    "Wrap your legs around my waist little one," he entreated, pleased when she complied. His own needs second, as he would only find fulfillment when she found her release again.
    She moaned as his body entered hers even more deeply, not understanding how that was even possible. As he began a slow rhythm the pain began to lessen somewhat and she attempted to match his movements again. Her eyes widened in surprise as she felt the familiar tension build again with each long stroke of his silken steel.
    As her fingers lowered to his shoulder and bit into the flesh, he could only send out a silent blessing that she was responding once more. He increased his strokes carefully, the feel of her core clenching him so tightly warring with his own need to take her slowly. Each thrust was bliss and the retreat agony, still he paced himself wanting her own tumble over the edge before he found paradise.
    The slow building ecstasy that waited just on the precipice forced a soft whimper from her lips. "Please Armon," she needed this more than anything she could ever have craved in the past and would beg if it would bring her to the end faster.
    Her soft words were all he needed to finally give over to his own yearning. Increasing his stroke, he unleashed his power and drove into her frantically until he felt her release squeezed his shaft with an undeniable rapture that forced his own body to spill his seed deeply inside her womb. Darkness engulfed him for a brief flash as he came undone, his growl of fulfillment filling the room.
    She clung to him tightly as her body bathed in the wondrous act of love they had shared. Her breathing was still shallow and his weight was welcome, she never wanted to be free of him again. They could remain linked this way until the last breath escaped her lips, she thought with a small smile.
    Opening his eyes he could only marvel once again at the creature that had conquered his body so completely. Lifting his body, not wishing to burden her, he slowly slid from her silken sheath. With gentleness, his arms wrapped around her and pulled her to lie on his chest as he attempted to calm his own rapid breaths.
    She flinched slightly at the minor discomfort as his body left hers, and rubbed her face against his smooth chest as he rolled her atop of him. She felt complete, and could find no other words to describe the peace that filled her. Her hand lightly trailed a path on his bulging bicep and contentment forced her eyes to close after only a few moments.
    Her breathing slowed and he held her against him as she slept. This night would always remain in his memories, he vowed silently. He had known pleasure with other women and would fulfill

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