Defying the Sheikh

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Book: Defying the Sheikh by Michelle Hughes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle Hughes
    He could no longer remain still, her touch was overwhelming even in her inexperience. His hand covered hers and he tutored her in the movements that pleased him until he was forced to pull away or find his release. The disappointment in her eyes at his stopping her exploration nearly finished him right then.
    "I would know your body as well," he demanded softly and managed to not throw her onto her back as his body demanded. It was worth the restraint when she laid back on the bed of her own violation, her eyes full of trust as she looked up at him.
    His large hand splayed over her flat abdomen as his gaze met hers. "Part your legs for me little one," he entreated softly.
    She paused only momentarily before allowing her legs to spread a few inches apart. Lifting her eyes to his, she felt a strange stab of longing that left her body aching. "My body feels strange," she whispered quietly.
    He smiled at how honest she was with him, and could only marvel at the beautiful woman he was about to claim. "I will make you feel incredible," he promised quietly as his knee moved between her thighs pulling them wider. He felt the tension in her and found her gaze again. "Trust me Michaela," smiling down, his fingers slid through the soft downy curls until her silken petals opened to his touch.
    She gasped at the overwhelming pleasure that moved through her body instantaneously. The tender stroke of his long fingers against the sensitive flesh had her hips arching off the bed and she cried out softly. "Armon," she whispered in confusion.
    "Close your eyes and feel little one," his fingers slid slowly in a soft rhythm against her flesh, pleased as her body responded drenching his hand with her passion.
    She needed more, her mind cried silently, the passion building toward some unknown plateau that had her body tensing in anticipation. "Please," she begged for what she could not understand her hips matching the slow tempo of his touch.
    She had come to the edge so quickly and he was pleased at the ardor that burned inside of her. Allowing a finger to slide into her damp haven, he groaned as her tight folds gripped him tightly. Her body was so incredibly unyielding he knew to join with her now would cause her pain, so he added another finger attempting to stretch her.
    The sensation was both pleasing and uncomfortable and she moaned softly. She needed something but it was just out of reach. His fingers moving inside of her only made the ache more unbearable and she cried out in frustration. "Armon, please," she begged as her entire mind centered on the unobtainable thing she craved.
    He worked his fingers faster, knowing exactly what her body wanted. As her body tensed in passions awakening, he continued the gentle assault until he felt the dam break free as her silken glove pulsed with release
    Michaela could barely believe the overwhelming pleasure that flooded through her. Her eyes closed tightly and a soft cry escaped her lips as she felt the first taste of true rapture. She had never known such a feeling was possible and as she floated back down to earth her eyes opened to look into his face with wonder.
    The sensual expression on her face was so amazingly beautiful that it nearly took his own breath away. He had lain with women who knew the arts of passion well, but never could he recall feeling the desire his body craved with this incredible lady. His fingers found her again stroking her beautiful flesh until she was ready for him again.
    Moving between her thighs, he lifted up on his arms and stared down into her beautiful emerald eyes. "You are so unbelievably beautiful," he spoke in reverence as he entered her tight silken haven in one long stroke, breaking through her maidenhead. Her soft cry of pain hurt him physically and he remained completely still, allowing her body time to adjust.
    She had not been prepared for the burning pain and pushed against his chest, seeking escape. His body stretched her widely and the

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