Burning Love [Flights of Fancy 1] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)

Read Online Burning Love [Flights of Fancy 1] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour) by Melodee Aaron - Free Book Online

Book: Burning Love [Flights of Fancy 1] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour) by Melodee Aaron Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melodee Aaron
Tags: Romance
than just a night or a few weeks or months of pleasure. He wasn't saying what she wanted to hear just to get into her bed. His expression spoke volumes to fill in around the few words his mouth brought to her. Instead of answering, she kissed him again, their tongues locking in a duel to see which could enter the other's mouth deepest.
    Her hand moved down his chest, the bulging pectorals feeling like boulders under her touch as his breathing moved the muscles. The corrugated ripples of his stomach felt as defined as anything she'd seen in biology books or art museums showing the perfect male form.
    Even through the material of his uniform, his cock felt hard as steel, and his pre-cum left a damp spot on the front of his pants. She gripped the hard shaft firmly, rubbing and stroking as they kissed. His breathing came in irregular gulps, and his body twitched as she touched him.
    She leaned to his ear and whispered. "Stand up."
    He stood beside the couch and she stood before him, running her hands over his body. Unfastening his shirt, she stroked her fingers up and down the chiseled muscles of his chest and abdomen. Hugging him, her lips again touching his, the hard pecs pressed firmly against her naked breasts, the ridges teasing her still firm nipples.
    After pushing his shirt from him and letting it fall to the floor, Star knelt before him, and undid his belt. She took the time to gently place the blaster, still in its holster, on the floor and push it under the end table. She wanted Spence to go off, not his gun.
    She unfastened his pants and let them fall down his legs. His cock thrust out at her, hard and long, the mushroom-like head only centimeters from her face. A glistening drop of pre-cum sparkled on the tip, and she leaned forward to lick it away.
    The flavor of his cum filled her senses. She as much smelled the musky aroma of him as she tasted the salty sweetness of his seed. Star longed to feel his cock filling her mouth, and she moved to take the huge head between her lips, swirling her tongue around the glans as she sucked to pull him farther into her mouth.
    A soft moan came from Spence, and she looked up at his face. His eyes were closed, and his head lolled back as his body trembled and shook. He stroked her hair, his fingers moving over her head as his hips moved in slow undulations to match the bobbing of her mouth on his cock. Star moved her head faster, her mouth taking all of his length into her throat. His knees quivered, like he might fall at any moment, but she still sucked his cock, anxiously awaiting his climax to fill her mouth with his hot cum.
    He pulled away suddenly, his dick popping from her mouth with a loud smack. She almost dove at him, trying to get the tasty shaft back in her throat, but Spence lifted her to her feet with strong hands on her shoulders.
    When she looked into his face, he smiled a little. "This is going to sound crazy, but I don't want you to make me cum that way." He eased her to the couch again, and knelt between her legs, his dick shining wetly as he hovered over her pussy. Lowering himself, Spence slipped his length into her, filling her pussy more than she'd ever felt before.
    She gasped as the head of his cock touched the deepest part of her and his balls pressed tightly against her ass. He rocked, slowly at first, sliding his cock out until only the head parted her slit, then thrusting deep inside her again. As he penetrated her again and again, he leaned down to kiss her, his tongue plunging in and out of her mouth in time to the thrusting of his dick.
    His breathing came in ragged gasps, and his body tensed as he fucked her with long, slow strokes. Her orgasm again sprang on her, and Star wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling his full length into her. Her body bucked against his, thrusting to meet him, as they climaxed together. She felt his cock throbbing deep inside her, his steaming cum filling her, as he pushed against the arm of the sofa with his feet to

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