A Survivalists Tale
Two had narrowly missed falling into the ravine and kept giving it side-glances, I said get ready to open fire, we need to hit as many as possible in a short time. Why said Jess they have passed us, yes but once they find we are not in the camp and four of their men are missing they will be coming back up that hill in full strength. So we need to get as many as possible, every one with a rifle got ready I said pick your targets carefully, if you are on the left pick men who are far to the left if you are in the middle then the men in the middle are yours, and same on the right got it. They all acknowledged with a nod of their heads, wait until they are about half way, now I shouted and fired, they didn’t know what hit them, remember single shots I roared, the poachers were off running down hill as fast as they could towards the trees. Only nine made it to the trees, I thanked the rifle instructors in my head for doing a cracking job. I heard the trucks at the bottom of the hill, take of as fast as they could, they had the same idea as I had, I was going to go down take over the trucks and try drive us out of here.
    When I saw them run through the trees I called for some of the guys as I ran down to get the guns and ammo from the dead and wounded, one of the wounded tried shooting me but he missed and I didn’t. We focused more on their ammo and any grenades they had, we had enough rifles one of them had a snipers rifle, I grabbed that and all the ammo he had for it as they were bigger bullets, we also grabbed their canteens. I think their wounded expected a bullet in the head, but that wasn’t how we were, so we left them and got back up the hill as fast as possible. We just got into cover when bullets started to smack all around our barricade of rocks and dirt I thought just in time but not for Paula and Mike they hadn’t made it. They had both been shot just as they dropped into cover; Amanda checked Mike and Abraham checked Paula and both were dead; we said prayers over them and then wrapped them in spare tarp and carried the part way down the other side of the hill. We covered them with rocks and then it was back into the new camp, I was so bloody angry for the first time in my life, I took control of myself and loaded the sniper rifle. Now I was going to get some pay back I remembered what I had been told by my instructor all those years ago, shooting down hill aim high, shooting up hill aim low, I checked the wind and then watched for my targets. I could see natives trying to blend in with the trees, but I was looking for the white men, the bosses, the scum. There I saw a fat white man poking his head out from behind a tree to tell some natives to get up the hill and the native was shaking his head, I squeezed the trigger and fatsos face went splat, as the heavy round tore off the front of his face and he fell out away from the tree.
    I saw a shoulder come out just partially and couldn't tell if he was white or not, but he should have picked a bigger tree, I then saw him lift a cigarette up to his mouth he was white and having a cigarette, well I worked out where his shoulders were and where his head was. As I saw the smoke, being exhaled shot the centre of the tree. I saw him fall with half his head missing and bits of wood sticking into his face, I then saw one of the whites trying to sneak further back away from the shooting, like he had worked out I was shooting the whites. He was right as I shot him in the middle of the shoulders, in the back where the coward deserved it, as I scanned the woods. I noticed a white man standing right out in the open smoking and looking right at me. I was about to take the shot, but ducked just in time when I realised, he had been setting me up for their sniper. I thought fucking clever but two can play at that game, I told my team to get their heads down as there was a sniper out there. I slipped out the other side and slipped along below the ridge to the left, I knew where the

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