The Post-Humans (Book 1): The League

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Book: The Post-Humans (Book 1): The League by Thurston Bassett Read Free Book Online
Authors: Thurston Bassett
Tags: Science Fiction | Superheroes
    He took a deep breath and tried to focus. He needed to find the next patient, Kendra Thompson.
    The dark basement had an eerie bluish glow coming through the tiny dusty window.
    The moonlight made the basement look like a torture chamber. It was filled with a whole range of pipes, girders and old rotten furniture. There were also reels of wire and shelves of dusty tools.
    Unlike most dank and musty basements though, this one was metaphysical and went on as far as Athan could see, with all kinds of corners and alcoves.
    The little girl standing in front of him was Kendra Thompson.
    She looked about eight or nine, but in the physical world she was closer to fifty-eight. The woman had been in a car accident in the town of Hamilton a month before. Now she was number three on the second list of four people that Dr Enstein had provided him with.
    Kendra was not hard to locate in her mindscape.
    She was calling out for help from down a dark corridor in the endless basement, where she hid from her mother who hated her for letting her older sister run away with a boy.
    At least this was what she had told Athan so far.
    “She blames me!” Kendra wailed as she leaned against one of the dusty grey walls. “She said you aren’t to let her go near Nathan Teely! And I didn’t watch her! I was just looking at the shoes on the on shelf and she disappeared!”
    Athan stood over the girl with his hands in his pockets like a schoolteacher at his wit’s end.
    “Well,” he began calmly, “firstly your mother was not blaming you. She didn’t mean that. You are…your age and your sister was fifteen. She came home the next day Kendra, you know that, and she got in all kinds of trouble.”
    The girl stared up at him blankly.
    “But Mum said she can’t go near Nathan Teely!” she cried.
    This was not working. There were no objects specifically that led him to any real conclusions.
    No subconscious clues.
    Some individuals latched onto experiences and situations rather than objects to form their memories. At least that was true according to his experiences. And so far it was proving true for this case too.
    He let himself slip to the floor and leaned back against the wall beside the girl. They both stared off into the dark space in silence. The only sound was the occasional dripping of some far away pipes.
    “What is up with this Nathan guy?” Athan began as he rubbed at his eyes in frustration. “Was he a douche bag or something? Why was your Mum so against your sister being near him?”
    “He was okay, pretty nice actually, and cute. Mum just didn’t like us being with boys. She had my sister when she was seventeen,” she said, sounding honest and a little mature.
    “Did Nathan and your sister have a relationship then?” Athan needed some clues. All he had was a name on a list.
    “Yeah, sort of.” A cut off answer.
    About bloody time.
    “So why did you girls see him at the mall? Was it an accident?” Athan rested his elbows on his knees.
    “Kinda…” Kendra said shrugging and sitting down beside him.
    Athan examined her pointed features in profile. “Your sister knew he’d be there didn’t she Kendra?”
    She turned her head and looked up at him dark, knowing eyes. “We both did.”
    “Both? You knew ? Why didn’t you try to get her to walk with you to another shopping centre? She could have got distracted in another store or something…” He shrugged.
    “I wanted to see him too…” Kendra’s cold blue eyes sparkled with tears.
    This girl’s not holding back at all .
    She looked the same, but she was sounding more like an adult.
    “I loved him too. I wanted to see him, I didn’t know he would run away with Selima!” she said through gritted teeth.
    “But you said your mother was worried about him being around your sister, you knew this was going to happen.” Athan raised his eyebrows and looked baffled.
    One name left after this. Come on, Come on.
    Athan was quickly

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