The Bond That Ties Us

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Book: The Bond That Ties Us by Christine D'Abo Read Free Book Online
Authors: Christine D'Abo
Tags: Fiction, Erótica, Romance
doors to close and lock. When he turned around she stood there with her hands on her hips, an eyebrow raised in question.
    “I don’t want any interruptions.” I only want you.
    Haylie spoke with her body. She slowly pulled her cotton shirt over her head, her nipples hardening more as the cotton teased the sensitive skin, and threw it aside. His gaze locked on the puckered buds.
    Praise the goddess, he needed her now.
    With two steps, he was beside her again and easily picked her up in his arms.
    Haylie wrapped her legs around his waist, pressing her breasts to his chest. The smoothness of her skin against his was intoxicating.
    He carried her across the room and set her down on the edge of a table. He bent his head and took one of her stiff nipples into his mouth. Her moan echoed in the silence of the observatory. He felt the wetness between her legs as she ground her clitoris against his thigh.
    “Kamran, what’s happening? I feel…crazy,” her whisper tickled his ear as her hot breath caressed his neck.
    “I can stop—”
    “Don’t you dare! Just touch me.”
    Kamran instinctively knew where to stroke her to give her pleasure. Her hands clenched in his hair pulling him in for another kiss as he tugged her nipples, rolling the tips in his fingers. He slid a hand from her breast to her waist and finally to her buttocks, taking the time to knead them.
    “You’re so small. So perfect. Just the right size for me to do this.”
    He pressed his hand between her legs, massaging her clit with his fingers. Haylie cried out and drove her nails into his arms. A possessiveness he’d never felt before pushed him on, needing to claim her, brand her so no other man would ever mistake her for anyone other than his mate. Completely, totally his.
    The thin fabric of her pants was the only barrier remaining between them. He actually growled when he couldn’t free them from her body. Haylie chuckled as she undid the clasp and bucked up long enough for Kamran to yank them over her hips and onto the floor. He pulled back and stared into her wide, intense gaze. When he combed his fingers through her pubic hair, she gasped.
    “Amazing,” he whispered. “What do you call this?” He leaned forward and touched her mound.
    He watched her blush and turn her head to the side.
    “I’ve embarrassed you.”
    “No, but it makes me feel…”

    When she didn’t continue, he leaned in and kissed her hard. She tasted better than the finest food and it made his head spin. He nipped at her bottom lip and her chin while he continued to play with her clit.
    “How does it make you feel?” His lips moved against her jaw.
    “Naughty,” she said and spread her legs wider than before.
    “It makes you feel naughty to say…”
    Haylie’s entire body tensed as he thrust his fingers deep inside her, coaxing her juices from her. He slid his fingers up to circle her clit, brushing it very lightly.
    “I think I like you naughty.”
    She moaned and bucked her hips, meeting his every touch. Kamran was pleased she responded to him with such intense desire. He needed to know this was real, this passion between them.
    “Does that please you?”
    “Shit, yes! Don’t stop.” Haylie moved closer to him as she spoke, rubbing against his hand.
    Haylie increased the contact between them, grabbing his wrists to grind hard against him, her breath a series of short gasps. She cried out when he returned his fingers to drive deep inside her. Her hips moved to a silent beat of thrust, retreat, thrust.
    She arched her body back against the table.
    More . He needed so much more of her. He withdrew his hand and slid away from her. Haylie moaned in protest, then in pleasure as he dropped to his knees and moved his face between her legs. He slid his arms under her legs and pulled her to the edge of the table.
    “Is this what you want?” His hot breath vibrated against her pussy.
    “Yes.” Haylie panted.
    He did not make her wait long.

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