The Babysitter

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Authors: Kenya Wright
Tags: Erótica, Literature & Fiction
    “Why not?” Max took another image.
    “What happened to your dire photo shoot?”
    “It’s less dire,” Frederick said.
    “What’s going on guys?” I glanced at Frederick and then at Max. “Something’s happening and I don’t think I should be a part of it. If you remember, I tend to keep weapons around for when the male species aggravates me.”
    “It’s just dinner.” Frederick’s gaze lowered to my cleavage, which told me that he hoped I would be on the menu.
    I stared up at Max. The same expression of lust was plastered all over his face, except his attention lay between my legs. I closed my thighs and breathed. Being ogled by men annoyed me. Being ogled by hot rich European brothers. . .well. . .fine it turned me on.
    “And what will we be doing after dinner?” I asked. “How do I know you two aren’t crazy?”
    “Do we look crazy?” Frederick countered.
    I turned to Max because if I stared at Frederick any longer I would be saying yes to a lot more than dinner. Already I was stupidly reconsidering leaving the beach and remaining there with them. “Max, what’s your plan for me after dinner?”
    “I’m not sure. Whatever serial killers do, I guess.” Max shrugged his shoulders.
    “Not funny.”
    Max chuckled. “We can do whatever you'd like or if you find you can't deal with either of us anymore, then we'll take you home. No problem at all.”
    I shook my head. “If I go, then I'm meeting you there. I won't be picked up by two guys I don't know.”
    “But you'll let two strangers buy you dinner?” Frederick smiled.
    “Yes.” I rose and tried to pretend that I didn't catch their gazes to my hips and behind. My skin tingled with awareness. “Interrupting me while studying a boring topic is one thing. Inviting me to the most expensive restaurant in Miami is another thing. I’ll meet you there at eight tonight. Koti is the name by the way.”
    “You're name?” Frederick quirked his brown eyebrows.
    “No. Dawn's my name. Koti is the name of the restaurant that we'll meet at tonight.”
    Frederick's jaw line twitched as if he was holding in laughter. “Okay. Any other instructions, Dawn?”
    “Wear pink.” I took my now heavy bag from him. “I like my men in pink.”
    “Very funny.” Max put that camera to his eye to take another picture.
    I displayed my finger right as he snapped. “And another thing, you never told me why you two were famous.”
    “I did.” Frederick nodded.
    “No you didn't. You said your parents own Prism which is pretty impressive, but that’s your parents. What do you two do?”
    Frederick tilted my way. He was close. So near that I could feel the gentle whisper of his breath against my skin. His cologne embraced and touched me like I'm sure the man could. “We're in the business of lust.”
    I stepped back. “Well, too bad I'm already taken care of in that department.”
    “No, but I have friends.”
    He licked his lips again. I was really starting to detest the way his tongue's movements snared my attention to the point that I could never look away.
    “I feel really bad for these friends, Dawn.”
    “Why is that?” I asked.
    “They'll be nothing once you and I become friends.”
    My brain wasn’t intrigued, but my body reacted with warmth. It seemed that my flesh was willing to forgive Max and Frederick's bad lines just for the chance to see if they were all talk or not.
    “Have a nice day, Frederick.” I slung my bag over my shoulder and turned away. “Nice meeting you, Max.”
    Twenty feet into my defiant and hopefully sexy walk, I realized that I left my plastic smoothie cup, blanket, and rented umbrella back there with them. I glanced over my shoulder.
    There they stood among my things, rock hard and pulsing with desire.
    How the hell did I not start touching myself when they first came up to me? Oh yeah, I know. They opened their mouths like men do and said stupid things.
    I decided not to go back to them and

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