Stay for Me

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Book: Stay for Me by Carlene Love Flores Read Free Book Online
Authors: Carlene Love Flores
size difference having been their downfall before, he leaned in to her
face to hide the desire flaming on his. He couldn’t help but let out a nervous
chuckle. She apparently couldn’t help but swallow a couple times. “Emma, stop
me if I’m wrong about…any of this. This first,” he said, close enough to feel
his lips move against her throat with his words.
    He then watched her eyes close.
    He committed the beauty of it all to
memory, and then with his hands clasped and locked behind his back parade-rest
style to maintain a modicum of restraint, he let his lips brush against hers a
couple times. He shivered from his head to his toes.
    Finally, after seeing how she’d gone to
sitting with her hands wedged under her thighs, he closed his eyes, too, and
opened his mouth enough to breathe her in. He knew his lips were bigger than
most dudes, and he got high on how good it felt to feel her breathing into them.
It felt like she enjoyed their fullness when she kissed him back and lingered
there a little longer than he’d expected. When she let her tongue slip out
before he had the chance to make that first move, he licked her, nearly dying,
and let their tongues touch for a couple unbelievable seconds. When her small
hand snaked up the side of his neck, he had to open his eyes to make sure he
wasn’t dreaming. It was real. Her fingers were petting the short hairs that had
grown since his last trip to the barber, and he was getting unbearably hard.
    That’s when the neck massaging started.
    Subtle but
dangerous. He stopped her.
    “Now, I’ll take those.” He stole her
hand from his neck, feeling his body’s pull to explore more of her and make his
way inside, and fighting it like hell. The chance was still there that he
wouldn’t fit. He’d only pumped up more since high school and his stint in the Army,
and she was still perfect and petite. She had to blink several times before
releasing the hands tucked under her thighs and handed him a glove.
    Still on his knees, he pulled it on one
finger at a time, but it felt unnatural and clumsy. “You know, I just realized
this is way better when they’re coming off. Hold on.” He snatched up the other
glove and turned on his knees away from her. When he turned back around, he had
two white, glove-covered hands. There. After taking her chin in his gloved hand
and daringly stealing another kiss which she slowly melted into, he then went
about pulling them off one finger at a time.
    Finally, at that, she smiled.
    Inside, he did, too. There had been no
plan for this. It was just happening. And so far, it felt natural. Right. He prayed that didn’t change.
    He had to ask. “Of all the things, why
do you like that so much?”
    A full-on blush spread up from her neck. “Your hands, Sam. There’s just something about them.” He’d
bet underneath her shirt, her chest was where the rosy color had started. It
was now all over her face and she wiped at her cheeks like they’d been dusted.
“I know how hard you work with those hands. I could say it’s incredibly sexy,
and it is. But it’s more than that. You know?”
    “Mm-hmm,” was all he could get out. With his heart thudding in his chest, he’d never felt
more touched at his best friend’s words. This was the most genuine thing anyone
had ever said to him. He realized then that the top ten genuine things said to
him had all come from this girl’s lips.
    “Emma, do you understand why you’re here
with me?”
    “I think so.”
    “Well, I need you to be sure what this
is about. Tell me if you are.”
    Maybe she was about to say yes. Maybe it
would be a no.
    He got up and walked over to the door
which he tested. It wasn’t locked. This time, he needed it that way in case Gabe
had to pop in with another warning.
    Her eyes watched him like a hawk—one
that wasn’t completely convinced. When he walked back toward her without having
locked the door, she gave him that look like he’d forgotten something even

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