Salted Caramel: Sexy Standalone Romance

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Book: Salted Caramel: Sexy Standalone Romance by Tess Oliver, Anna Hart Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tess Oliver, Anna Hart
saunter away as if it hadn’t happened. Something told me I was going to be feeling the sting of my impulsive decision for a long time.
    I needed to sort out my car trouble or find a ride home this morning. If I stayed much longer, I might just end up falling for him.
    Of course, Beck was probably on his way out this morning too. I doubted he would be feeling any of the tugs of regret that I was experiencing. He would more than likely ride off on his motorcycle, moving on to the next adventure like some dark brooding nomad. Or maybe he had a woman waiting for him somewhere. Since I knew little about the man who I’d just made love to three times, my imagination could drum up a number of upsetting scenarios.
    During the short journey across the hallway, I chided myself for being such a fool. My sincere attempt to make sure I was back in my room before Coco discovered me missing had failed. There was a buttery smelling scone sitting on a plate next to a cup of coffee.
    I felt a blush cover my face and was feeling more than a bit embarrassed. Then I reminded myself that I was a grown woman with the capability and right to make my own decisions. Even if they were questionable, at best.
    I picked up the scone, took a bite and glanced down at the napkin. Another embroidered sentiment. I wondered if she had an entire collection of them.
    “No need for wise words. Looked like the first napkin worked.”
    I reread the pink stitching three times. It was as if the napkin was talking directly to me. I thought back to the first sentiment about following my heart to a happy ending. I shook my head. It was all too weird to wrap my mind around.
    I’d shower and head downstairs to see just what to do about my car and a ride home. With any luck, Julia would be available. I couldn’t really call David since we were on the outs. I was standing firm in my decision to stay that way. I quickly allowed myself an extremely satisfying daydream where David pulled up in his pretentious sports car only to see me kissing the beefy tattooed hunk of a man I’d just spent the night with. Beck was everything opposite of David, which, of course, was why I found him so darn appealing.
    I walked into the bathroom and started the shower. Even though the house was at least a century old, the bathroom amenities, including the big, glass shower were all modern. I pulled off the pajamas and stepped inside the shower stall. A wide showerhead poured water down on my head like a warm spring rainstorm. Even the soap Coco provided was a rich, lavender scented slice of heaven.
    My face was under the water when I heard the bathroom door shut. I wiped my eyes and squinted through the steam and the condensation on the glass. There was only one person who could fit the large silhouette moving toward the shower.
    The soap slipped from my hands and circled around my feet. I bent down to pick it up. Air rushed into the shower, cooling my naked bottom.
    “Huh, it’s as if you read my mind, sweetheart.”
    I straightened with a shocked gasp. Again, the soap jumped from my fingers like a slippery fish. Beck caught it mid air and squeezed his fingers around it. “You’re right. It would be much more fun to lather up first.”
    Beck shut the glass door, nearly filling the stall with his oversized frame. He stepped beneath the water with me and lifted my chin for a kiss. “You don’t mind if I join, do you?”
    I shook my head, rendered speechless by the mere thought of an erotic shower session with him.
    While keeping his deep brown gaze on me, he turned the bar of soap in his hand and worked up a lather. He placed the soap on the tray and pressed the pillow of lather against my breast. His hands smoothed through the creamy soap, running them along my breasts, sides and bottom as he kissed me. Water poured over us, trickling between our lips as we kissed. My body warmed even more every place he touched.
    He moved closer. His erection pushed against my belly, begging for

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