Revolution: The Ship Series // Book Two

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Book: Revolution: The Ship Series // Book Two by Jerry Aubin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jerry Aubin
critical. The civilian had dropped his blaster and it hung in
the air between them—up for grabs. This must have been what the Captain
intended by engaging the jump. Zax pictured Crew and Marines all around the
Ship being presented with similar opportunities where their superior FTL
training would allow them to regain the upper hand if they acted quickly
    The complication was that Zax floated so far from any
solid surface he was unable to push off and affect his movement. He stretched
his legs until his toes barely reached the bulkhead. It wasn’t much leverage,
but he established enough contact to impart the tiniest bit of momentum and
directed his body towards the blaster in a slow glide.
    Zax kept an eye on the civilian as he floated for the
weapon and was dismayed to see him return to consciousness scant secs later.
The hulking man regained situational awareness almost immediately, and a wicked
smile spread across his face as he realized what Zax was attempting. The
civilian had a huge advantage over Zax because he was floating right up against
the bulkhead. He quickly reoriented himself, coiled his full body to leverage
his considerable strength, and pushed off towards the blaster.
    Even with a significant head start, Zax realized
immediately the civilian’s acceleration advantage would be insurmountable in
their zero-g race for the weapon. Physics often picked the most inopportune
time to rear its head. Zax watched hopelessly as the civilian closed the
distance first and wrapped his fingertips around the blaster’s barrel.
    The man was reorienting the blaster in his hands to grip
it properly when the gravity generator reengaged. Zax cartwheeled to the ground
and was winded as his weight returned and his full mass slammed into first his
shoulder and then his back. Even as he saw stars from the impact, Zax
maintained enough of his senses to hear the blaster clang out of the civilian’s
grasp and rattle across the deck. It came to rest a few meters away, and Zax
scuttled for it on his hands and knees.
    Zax grabbed the butt of the blaster and rolled over to
face the civilian as he desperately fumbled to aim and pull the trigger. The
man recovered from his own rough fall and charged at full speed. He launched
himself at Zax in an effort to pin the blaster uselessly between them before he
could fire.
    The force of the flying tackle would have knocked Zax
out cold were it not for the fact the civilian’s foot slipped at the last
instant (in a pile of half-digested eggs) and sent him slightly off target.
Even so, Zax was slammed against the bulkhead with much of the man’s weight on
top of him. He attempted to scramble out from under the civilian’s sprawl, but
the man was double his mass and quickly pulled Zax back under him.
    The civilian’s enormous hands easily encircled Zax’s
throat and squeezed. Zax fought for his life, but it was no contest given the
size differential. Even with all of the panicked strength Zax could muster, his
desperate flailing against the man’s arms had no effect. The civilian’s
sadistic grin intensified and sweat beaded and dripped off his massive bald
head. His vision began to fade and Zax was on the verge of blacking out when
the man suddenly went wide-eyed. The tip of a blade appeared below his chin,
and he released Zax’s neck to clutch desperately at his own. The civilian gagged
on the blood which spurted out of his mouth until the blade turned 90 degrees
and the man’s eyes went vacant. He keeled over and hit the deck with a lifeless
    The last thing Zax saw before passing out was Kalare
standing over the burly corpse with blood dripping off the knife in her hand.

agree with Aleron.
    For the second time that morning, Zax was brought back to consciousness by a slap
to his face. He opened his eyes and basked in Kalare’s warm smile for a moment
before he was overwhelmed with the urge to cough. The uncontrollable spasms
triggered by having

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