Over Her Dead Body

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Authors: Bradley Bigato
you think that I’m thinking?” he turned around and slid his hands around her waist.
    “Just a hunch.” She said while she looked deep into his brown eyes. She always felt herself getting lost in those eyes. Sometimes she would look into them and they seemed bottomless, like she could fall in and continue falling forever. Sometimes the feeling would overcome her and her knees would get weak until she felt like she would topple over. As she looked now, she had the same feeling and she tightened her grip a little more and found herself determined to hang on. How could he be so calm? She could sense that he was concerned because of the pacing and the staring out of the back door. It’s what he always does when he’s worried or in deep thought over something. But, he always seemed so calm. Inside her was a tsunami of waves being thrown about. Her emotions and thoughts went sliding all over the place from one wave of emotion to another. She felt like she was on a boat in a massive storm and the waves would come in pounding against the ship, tossing it in different directions. Then, just when she thought her ship was about to sink, she would look into Michael’s eyes and find calm water; an undisturbed lake. In her mind she could see herself sitting on a dock in her orange sundress and dipping her feet in the calm water. And her ship would begin to settle. The waves would get smaller and smaller until her boat was anchored next to the dock on the still water while she lost herself in his eyes. She looked away now for fear she wouldn’t return and just put her head against his chest and cried.
    The day winded down without anything exciting. Michael and April went for a walk down the road. Michael pointed to about where he had come out of the woods. They spent more time researching sleepwalking and decided that if it happened again that he would see a doctor and maybe have a sleep study done where they watch you while you sleep. They sat on the couch for most of the evening just sitting quietly and holding one another. They weren’t sad or depressed, it was just that they didn’t get many opportunities to just sit during the week and be with one another. It always seemed like during the weekends they were so busy running errands and managing the honey do list that they hadn’t had an actual break to rest in ages. It was nice. It felt nice. They shared a sizzling hot steak, broccoli, and a potato for dinner. Then they settled in to watch their evening show. Monday night. “Lie to me” was on. It was a show about a deception expert. Dr. Cal Lightman was the lead character who would help solve crimes for the FBI or the private sector. They enjoyed a glass of red wine and began their nightly routine of preparing for bed. They were all settled in and April was about to turn off the light when she turned back and looked at Michael. Michael smiled because he knew what she was worried about and what the look was for.
    “I’m not going to have to chain you to the bed am I?” She said.
    “I’ll be good,” he said. “Scout’s honor.” He held up two fingers which was the symbol for a good scout.
    She smiled and said “you better mister…or you will be court marshaled!” She kissed him and turned out the light. They both la y there in deep thought looking up into the darkness until finally succumbing to sleep.

Chapter 6
    Sheriff Watley was back on duty again. It was a fairly slow night. There was a domestic disturbance at the Reighly house…that was nothing new. At least once a week he would have to report to the house and help settle the argument. He had gotten accustomed to the flying dishes and the yelling. Now he would just walk straight in and start ducking right away. Eventually he would get the two of them sitting down at the table and talking. It usually took about an hour but they would wear down and the voices would go from yelling to a soft retort until finally they couldn’t remember what they were

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