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Authors: Lynn Lamb
another room and call me. We will find a private channel and we can talk it out. The point I am making is that it’s just as important to stay in front of the depression as it is to stay in front of physical pain. When we get out of here, we need to be ready to rebuild our lives.”
    I like Katie!
    They are saying their good-byes, setting up next meetings and working out walkie talkie channels and how they should be used.

July 20, I don’t know what time it is
    I just realized that I haven’t taken a real breath since I heard the first news story about the East Coast. Well, until just now. The news about the continuation of our incarceration is not great, of course. However, the fact that there are eight more households’ worth of people we are going to have contact with is incredible! I love my family, but I think we are getting rather tired of sitting around staring at each other.
    I have been thinking about everything we talked about and there was a lot. There is n’t that much that can be done right now about the possible biochemicals, but what about our psychological well being?
    I know that Katie recommend s that we stop thinking about our predicament but thinking about how we can fix things makes me feel better. Plus, I have the outlet of writing my thoughts here. Mom and Mark are engaged in a game of cards and that really is great, considering that they weren’t even talking not too long ago, but I don’t think that will help me too much.
    I have been considering our present assets and right now none look better (besides our food, water and toilet buckets) to me than our walkie talkies and our ability to communicate. Katie is right about our need to feel better about our circumstances and I think that one way to do that is to be able to socialize outside of our homes, even though we are stuck in them for now. First, I need to know if everyone has enough juice for their walkies and then perhaps we might be able to establish some ways to keep ourselves occupied and to become acquainted with each other better.
    I can’t pretend that I haven’t been thinking about what Malcom said. The pneumonic plague has me completely freaked out. Obviously whoever did this is completely evil, but this ? Maybe demonic is a better label for them.
    We have tons of farms in Salinas which is only seventeen miles from here. I was thinking that we could find some livestock when we can go out again. In fact, it was part of a plan that I have been developing in my head. But they could be dead or have infected each other until they are gone. What are we going to do without meat and dairy?
    And what about all of the people who are left? We are alive, so maybe a lot more people are alive too. At least the people around here might be okay, right?
    I guess this is why Katie told us to not to think too much about it. I am going to get the Monopoly box. I don’t really like cards.

July 20, About two hours later
    So I won in Monopoly, sort of. We all just gave up. At least some things never change.              
    But it’s almost time to have our group meeting. It’s weird but I am nervous. I have always been shy in group situations but I would really like to put out my ideas. I’ll see how I feel and if there is an opening.
    I will take the minutes of the meeting again. The short hand my grandmother taught me has been coming in handy. I have been taking notes in another notebook and translating it here in my diary.
    July 20                                                                                                                              
    Malcom: “I hope everyone is here. Let’s go through the role call that we practiced this morning. Number One: “The Grahams.”
    Number Two: “Sheraton”
    Number Three: “Burgess”
    Number Four: “Estrada”
    Number Five: “Santos”

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