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Authors: AnDerecco
in the bathroom to brush his teeth. The water turns off in the shower. Jeremy yells out.
    Monique are you still in here.
    Boy come on out. I have seen one of those before.
    She felt one last night.
    Monique punched Teddy in the chest.
    Damn I thought the bathroom was a personal place.
    Well if that is the case then why are you and Ian in the shower together?
    Cleaning up.
    I bet.
    Jeremy opened the door and grab the towels to wrap around him and Ian. They stepped out of the shower. Ian went to grab his toothbrush and Jeremy’s travel bag.
    Are you going to shower with me?
    I can. Everyone else is making it a team event.
    Monique will you walk, better yet skip to hell.
    Monique laughed.

                  Dennis and I boarded the plane back home. From New York to Meridian, MS - time to rest from a weekend of business and a little pleasure. The conference went well. I watched Dennis speak with such elegance and confidence. He captivated and involved his audience.
                  Dennis took the bags and placed them in the overhead compartment. I told him that I wanted to sleep the whole flight back. Dennis wanted to know about my disappearance at Playground Saturday night.
                  Richard came by the hotel to pick us up. He told us that we would be catching a taxi to Playground. In the taxi Richard told me that he would introduce me to Kywong . I was excited that I was finally going to meet him face to face.
                  Once we got to the club, Dennis was going to pay the admission for everyone but the guy at the counter told us to walk on in after he gave us a bracelet. As we walked in guys started to stare. Anthony Antoine’s song, “ Hennessey and Curiosity ” was playing. There were guys on the dance floor all on each other. Dennis came from the bar with three Cognacs. I asked Richard if he saw Kywong yet. He said no.
                  Moments later Richard went to the dance floor. I told Dennis that I was going to walk around. He decided that he would stay back.
                  As I was walking I caught the attention of several attractive men. I received a few winks and some grabbing of my ass. I was glad that I wore my black slack that really hugged my ass.
                  There was a door that had two muscular men on both sides. The suspense was killing me. I went straight to the door and one of the Hercules stepped in front of the door. He asked me for ID and $30. I was not about to pay $30 to see what was on the other side of that door. But my interest got the best of me. I showed my ID and gave him the money.
                  The doorkeeper joked to the other guy that they had a country boy getting ready for the time of his life. When looking at my ID he saw that I was from Mississippi.
                  I made it known that nothing surprised me. I was totally wrong. There were room-closets on both sides of the hall. The sound was of men having sex. The temperature felt a moderate seventy degrees or below. There were windows on some of the rooms where you could see men interacting with each other. In all of my years on Earth I had never seen anything like it.
                  There were a few men standing in doors inviting you to their rooms. I had to decline. Around the corner of what felt like the longest hallway that I had ever been down was a man standing with his dick in his hand. He was stroking himself and moaning. He looked familiar to me. As I walked closer to him, I noticed a tattoo of a skull with some Chinese writing under it. I had seen that same tattoo before in a picture but could not place it. As I got closer I heard, “Jacob, I was wondering when you would get here.”
                  I was shocked and scared at the same time. How did this guy

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