Letting Go of You (Anchored Hearts #2)

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Book: Letting Go of You (Anchored Hearts #2) by J.M. Witt Read Free Book Online
Authors: J.M. Witt
touched my body I was a goner.  I’d do anything, say anything, and be anything he wanted me to be.  As long as his lips were on me, I would do his bidding.  Soon my leggings and panties were around my knees as he turned me away from him.  I heard his pants hit the floor as he pushed into me from behind, while yanking on my hair at the scalp.  Pushing my cowl neck sweater to the side, he began biting my neck and shoulder, which made goose bumps pop up all over my body.  I watched him in the mirror as his mouth traveled my neck and his hips pushed in and out.
    “I love you, James.”  His eyes met mine in the mirror.
    “Come for me, I’m close.”
    “I’m not ready.”  He groaned before he left my body and turned me around.  Lifting me up on the counter he rubbed his dick all over my slit.  “Oh, God.”
    “Remember, it’s James.”  I let out a small laugh before moaning again.  He was bringing me to the brink and knew it.  My body was stiffening as he continued rubbing himself on me.  “Cassidy…”
    “I’m close James.  Oh, right there, don’t stop.” 
    His warmth burst on me as my orgasm claimed me.  His lips devoured my cries as he slipped into me , not stopping until we were both shaking.  If anything was right and honest between us, it was this. 
    Could I live with him being emotionally shut off from me if the sex was that amazing?  I wanted to believe that I could.  If things were the reverse, wouldn’t that be worse?  Bad sex and open communication.  I just didn’t know anymore. He didn’t want to look to the future.  What was I supposed to do with that?
    We returned to the dining room and Mrs. Whitford apologized to us.  We finished our meal with a few laughs and everything seemed right, if even for just a few hours.  After lunch we made our way to the family room to begin opening presents after James, Jane, Cal and I helped clear the table. 
    ~ JAMES ~
    Jane was checking her phone and seemed perplexed.  I noticed that she left it on the kitchen counter before we headed to the living room for gifts.  I really need ed to sit her down and figure out what was really going on.
    Everyone seemed pleased with their gifts.  I gave Cassidy a blue cashmere sweater which matched her eyes, and a couple of gift certificates.  I was planning to give her my real gift on Christmas morning.  I’d had a necklace designed for her.  I had yet to see the finished product, but would when I picked it up on Monday.  Mom had given me a photo album that was full of pictures from me growing up.  I managed to not cry, but it meant the world to me.  I didn’t realize she had so many pictures of me growing up. 
    “Alright, I think that’s everything.”  Dad was bagging up some of the stray wrapping paper as everyone was looking over their gifts and chatting.
    Cal stood up then and asked for everyone’s attention.   “I wanted to wait until Christmas, but with everyone we love here, together, I couldn’t wait.”  What was he doing?
    I looked to Cassidy and she seemed to be in shock.  Aunt Bev was beside herself and Mom and Dad seemed surprised as well.
    “Jane, I know it’s only been a short time, but when you know you know.”  Cal offered his hand to Jane and she reluctantly took it as he pulled her to her feet, in front of everyone.  “I love you.  No regrets.”  He pulled a box out of his pocket and opened it up before taking her left hand in his right.  “Jane Evalynn Whitford, will you make me the happiest man and marry me?” 
    Calvin just put me in the doghouse without even knowing it.  These Charles’ sure liked to move fast, with the exception of their Dad.  I saw the fear and trepidation written all over Jane’s face.  It wasn’t going to go well.
    “Calvin, what are you doing?”  Jane tried to be discreet, but we were all so close together that it was inevitable to not hear her words.  “Cal, please, not here.  We have to

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