Letting Go of You (Anchored Hearts #2)

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Book: Letting Go of You (Anchored Hearts #2) by J.M. Witt Read Free Book Online
Authors: J.M. Witt
    I knew immediately, one hundred percent that something else was going on or had happened with Derek.  Jane was hiding something important from Calvin, and from all of us.  I momentarily thought about what it could be, but found myself being pulled out of the room by Cassidy.
    Nobody spoke once we left the room.  I’m sure everyone, like me, was speechless and unsure of what to say.  A few mom ents later I heard a door close and I peered into the room to see Jane alone as she dropped down to sit on the couch.
    “Are you okay?”  I sat down next to her unsure of where things stood with her and Calvin.
    “I just tore out his heart.  He doesn’t understand.  There are things I haven’t told anyone, not even him, which he needs to know.”
    “What things?”  And why the fuck hadn’t she told me?
    “Things that happened with Derek and the real reasons I came home.  Stop looking at me like that.  I can’t believe he proposed.”
    “You didn’t have any idea?”   I knew something was up with Derek.  Was she considering going back to him?  She shook her head in response to my question. 
    “I have to get out of here.”
    “Jane?”  She was in no condition to leave.
    “Please, James.  Please make sure he’s ok.  I just need to be alone.  I need to figure out some things.  Please.”
    “Ok.  I’ll go talk to him.  Please drive safe.”
    “I will.”
    We all sat or stood around in an uncomfortable silence for far too long.  Calvin was distraught as everyone tried to assure him everything would be alright.  With every minute that passed I grew more nervous and I could tell Cal was getting edgy too.  He jumped off the couch and I made my way over to him.
    “Just save it.  I screwed up, I know.  It was too much, too fast.”
    I put my hands up in defeat, “Chill out.  Jane just doesn’t like being the focus of everyone’s attention.  She also told me there are things that happened with Derek that she wants to discuss with you.  She loves you.  She said she’d be back.  Have you tried calling her?”
    “Yeah.  She’s not answering.” 
    I watched as he seemed to be processing some things before he decided to go after her.  I was becoming worried myself that no one had heard from her.  Cassidy tried to talk to him before he left, but it was futile.  A while later, after Aunt Bev and Uncle John said their goodbyes, I wandered to the kitchen in search of something when I spotted Jane’s cell on the kitchen counter.  No wonder she wasn’t answering her phone.  She didn’t have it with her.
    No longer worried for her privacy, I checked her phone and found several missed calls and voicemails waiting for Jane.  She also had several text messages.  Pulling up her call log, I became infuriated when I saw over a dozen calls from a number I didn’t recognize.  The area code wasn’t a local one. 
    “What are you doing?”  Cassidy came over and tried taking Jane’s phone from me.  “Stop going through her phone.”
    “Something’s wrong.  Give me a minute.”
    Cassidy just stood and watched as I scrolled through text after text from Derek.  He was hounding her and I didn’t need to listen to her voicemails to guess who they were all from.  It was then that my father walked into the room.  Cassidy told him what I was up to and he didn’t seem impressed.  I scrolled through her text messages again as Dad and Cassidy looked at me like I was a complete jerk. 
    “Son, Jane will have your head if she finds out you’re invading her privacy.”
    As I read the words over and over again I had a pretty damn good idea what was going on.  I put Jane’s phone in my pocket and rushed out of the kitchen and toward the front door. 
    “James, where are you going?”
    As I made my way outside and to my truck, Cassidy was yelling at me to tell her what was going on.  She stood in front of my door, preventing me from closing it, as I started the truck and buckled

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