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Authors: Gerri Hill
Tags: Fiction, Lesbian
things going with Kennedy?”
    “Think it might work out?”
    She nodded, then grinned. “I think it might work out. She was a real trouper out there yesterday. Only threatened to shoot me a couple of times.”
    “Go easy on this one, Hunter. She could be good for you.”
    “I think you may be right.”
    “How do you feel about letting me work out with you?” Samantha asked later as they drove toward Central.
    “In the gym?”
    “I realized yesterday that my upper body strength is a little lacking,” she admitted.
    “Maybe. But it’ll cut into your time. I usually work out later in the evening, but we can arrange to go right after work a few days a week.” Tori glanced at her quickly. “Don’t you want to check with your boyfriend first?”
    “Why would I need to do that?”
    “Like I said, it’ll cut into your time.”
    “Yes, but it’s my time. Not his.”
    As soon as the words left her mouth, Samantha heard them echoing in her brain. Robert would be upset. Not mad. He didn’t get mad. But it would take away from their time together and lately, that time had been stretched thin. Well, he would understand. Her job was important to her, just as his was to him. He had late nights, too. She always understood when he had a meeting after hours or had a case to prepare. She didn’t complain. He would be just as understanding.
    “Three nights a week? But Samantha, we hardly see each other as it is. And look at you. I hardly think you need to go to the gym,” he said.
    “I could barely climb that fence, Robert. Yes, I need to go to the gym. I’m not in great shape.”
    “I beg to differ. I think you have a great shape.”
    She smiled at him and handed him his plate.
    “Thank you. But you know what I mean.”
    “Well, hopefully, you won’t be climbing fences too often. Don’t you think you’re overreacting?”
    They sat across from each other at her small table and she watched silently as he poured wine. Was she overreacting? It was just that Tori was in such good shape. Samantha didn’t want to hold her back, didn’t want Tori to feel like she had to help her over and through obstacles if they arose. Samantha should be able to keep up. And besides, if they worked out together, it would give her more time with her partner. More time to get to know her. Samantha suspected the Tori Hunter everyone knew was nothing like the Tori Hunter she had glimpsed that day in the tunnel. Tori had never lost her cool, had never gotten impatient with Samantha. In fact, she had been teasing, had acted like it was all a game. Maybe that’s why Samantha had not really felt like they were in danger. Tori had simply taken charge and gotten them out of there. And it had been fun.
    And Samantha wanted more of it.

Chapter Eleven
    “You’re killing me,” Samantha complained as she attempted to lift the weights one more time.
    “Two more.”
    “Two? You said one.”
    “I lied.”
    Samantha pushed up, straining. Was this really her idea? What had she been thinking? She took a deep breath, finally pushing the weights over her head.
    “Great,” Tori said, taking the bar from Sam. “Now, leg press.”
    Sam stood up, shaking her arms at her sides.
    “You better hope I don’t have to draw my weapon tomorrow,” she said.
    “Why’s that?”
    “Because I doubt I’ll be able to lift my arms.”
    “Tomorrow will be fine. It’ll be the next day,” Tori said. She walked over to the leg press and pointed. “Sit.”
    Samantha did as she was told, lying back and bending her knees, resting her feet against the plate. She watched as Tori adjusted the weight.
    “Try that.”
    She did. It moved only a few inches. Tori lightened it and Sam tried again. This time, she was able to extend her legs. With effort.
    “Great. Ten.”
    “Why don’t I believe you?” Sam murmured as she pushed down on the plate.
    Tori watched, surprised at the thigh muscles that were well defined. She reached out a hand and touched

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