For The Night (Luna, #1)

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Book: For The Night (Luna, #1) by Violet Haze Read Free Book Online
Authors: Violet Haze
Tags: Erotic Romance novelette

    “See something you like?”
    The man stares at me like I’m something sweet; a piece of candy he’s been denying himself for so long that he plans to take a big bite of as soon as he can. And I’ll let him. He’ll get to fuck me four ways to Sunday when we get back to his place.
    Fitting since it is Saturday night.
    “You bet.”
    I grin, delight and excitement coursing through me at the devilish gleam in his gaze.
    His gorgeous blue-green eyes drop from their initial connection with mine to my barely covered cleavage.
    A strategic move on my part as no man seems able to keep their focus off them for long.
    He lifts a hand and rests it on my bare shoulder. The warm contact of his palm against my skin sets it to sizzling. It’s been a few days since someone has touched me and I am on edge. I crave touch often; I need it.
    He leans in, seeking access to my neck, and I oblige by tilting my head.
    We’re in public, in a booth in the middle of a restaurant, but I don’t care.
    All I want is his touch on me, fulfilling my desires.
    I yearn for his lips to take mine, forcing my mouth open and plundering it with so much force that when he drags his mouth away, I’m left gasping for breath. One hand on my breast, another sliding down until it slips into my panties, seeking my pussy. And as I move my hips, trying to coax the hand to go further, he’ll laugh and pull away enough to elicit a curse from me.
    Instead, he places a few tame kisses on my neck before pulling back, giving me a lopsided smirk.
    “What’s your name, pretty girl?”
    I barely restrain an eye-roll at his calling me ‘girl’.
    At twenty-three, with measurements of 36-32-38 on a toned five-foot-seven frame, I’m definitely all woman.
    “Call me Luna,” I say, sliding a hand under the table to rest it on his leg. “What’s yours?”
    He winks and lifts his beer to tip it at me. “Rick.”
    I nod as he takes a swig. When he places the bottle back on the table, I glide my hand upward.
    “Well, Rick,” I drawl, chuckling a bit at hearing him let out a hiss between his teeth as my hand nears closer to his trouser-covered cock, “How ‘bout we take this party back to your place?”
    His hand shoots under the table, grasping mine a second before it makes contact. I pout in protest. He lifts my hand and brings it to his lips, kissing my knuckles.
    “We’ve just met.” He releases me and takes another drink. “Are you sure you want to go already?”
    I don’t say anything else. I don’t need to.
    After all, why do I need to?
    He is a stranger. We’d met only thirty minutes before, when he’d found me dining alone and invited me to come over. It hadn’t taken long for me to flirt and take things to the next level.
    That is the whole reason I sit alone in restaurants. It’s why I dress in a provocative manner, sure to prompt offers to join single men at their tables.
    And it works every single time.
    So yeah, no explanation needed for them.
    I get what I want, which is all I care about.
    Rick takes care of the bill and stands, holding out a hand, which I accept.
    “I’m staying here,” he whispers as we walk toward the lobby. “I’m visiting from out of town.”
    Damn, this just keeps getting better and better.
    “When do you leave?” I try to keep the joy out of my voice at this revelation.
    “Tomorrow.” He frowns at me. “You?”
    Realizing he thinks I’m also a guest here, I use it to my advantage.
    “Same,” I reply as the elevator doors open. “I'm just here for the night.”
    We step inside, the doors closing, punctuating our unspoken agreement to spend the evening in each others arms.
    Then we’ll part in the morning, never to see each other again.
    Exactly the way I like it.
    It’s seven a.m. when I leave the hotel.
    Rick must’ve had an early flight because when I awoke, he was gone.
    When dressing to leave, I noticed something on the nightstand, only to discover he’d left behind a

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