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Authors: Cat Johnson
Tags: Romance, Contemporary, Western
wishes of her family, just like Romeo and Juliet. She shook her head at her own thoughts. Constant horniness must make a person wax poetic.
    They arrived at the hotel and took a silent elevator ride up to their floor, during which Garret spent the time staring at the digital readout of the numbers changing. Good. Aaron would never suspect their impending meet-up. The doors finally swooshed open and they exited and turned toward their connecting rooms.
    As Aaron unlocked and opened the door, Skeeter glanced at her. “So, we all gonna meet for breakfast downstairs in the morning?”
    “Sure. Sounds like a plan. Good night.” Silver shot Garret a look that she hoped was a subtle reminder of their plan and walked into the room ahead of Aaron. Inside, she glanced at the connecting door. Knowing relief and satisfaction were just next door in the form of Garret, Silver nearly vibrated with anticipation.
    Aaron seemed to take forever as he moved at a sloth’s pace around the room. Brushing his teeth. Changing into shorts and a T-shirt. Turning on the television. Getting a glass of water. All the delays nearly killed her.
    To waste time, Silver dug through her bag looking for something to change into. Something she could sneak out of the room in, but at the same time would also look to Aaron like she was ready for bed. She finally settled on a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt. She’d packed the cotton pants because she thought she might need something loose to wear if the new tattoo started to give her trouble. Shorts were out. She didn’t particularly want Aaron seeing the bandage and questioning her about it. Her tatts, her piercings too, were definitely not for him to see. Besides the intimate placement of some of them, he’d probably freak the hell out over her having any at all.
    Silver had to go so far as to crawl into bed, say goodnight and roll on her side for Aaron to take the hint.
    “Oh, good night.” Catching on that she was ready for him to go to sleep, he finally switched off the light between their beds and clicked off the television. Within minutes, he was snoring.
    Good old predictable Aaron. Pulse pounding in her ears, she waited as long as she could stand it and then eased back the covers. His breathing remained deep and steady, so she swung her feet to the ground, stood and froze there. When he didn’t wake, she tiptoed through the darkness to where she’d left her sneakers. She bent, grabbed them in one hand and scooped up the keycard she’d left on the edge of the dresser with the other. Holding her breath, she unlocked the door and opened it just wide enough to slip through sideways. The light in the hallway seemed blinding after the darkness of her room, but it didn’t take long for her eyes to adjust. That’s when she noticed Garret leaning against the wall watching her.
    His gaze dropped to the sneakers clutched in one hand. He grinned and shook his head. “You look like a bad teenager sneaking out of her parents’ house after curfew.”
    Garret had kept his voice low but she still was afraid they’d awaken Aaron or Skeeter. She pressed one finger to her lips and mouthed, “Let’s go.”
    Turning, she tiptoed down the hall, Garret behind her.
    “Where are we going?” He said it in an exaggerated whisper.
    Without looking, she could hear the smile in his voice. He was enjoying the intrigue. She kind of was too, but she’d enjoy the eventual sex far more. She shot him a look over her shoulder. “Anywhere away from here.”
    Silver didn’t stop until she’d reached the stairwell. There she slipped through the door and Garret followed. Plopping down onto one of the steps, she started to put her sneakers on.
    “And when we get to anywhere away from here, what exactly are we going to do?” Garret raised a brow.
    She met his gaze head on. “We’re going to fuck, I hope.”
    God, she loved making men speechless. He opened his mouth but no sound came out for a good ten seconds. Finally, he

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