Claiming the Moon

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Book: Claiming the Moon by Loribelle Hunt Read Free Book Online
Authors: Loribelle Hunt
holding her gaze.
    He let her see everything. His determination to keep her safe, and his fear she’d leave him if—when—he killed this man. He didn’t understand it wasn’t his killing a threat that worried her. It was the guilt he imposed on himself for doing it.
    She’d lived with his kind her whole life. Understood that they weren’t part human or part wolf. They were all werewolf. Something else. Something other. Protecting their own was something so ingrained, so deeply intuitive, they could rarely be swayed from a course of action they thought best. Still, she had to try. She refused to be the cause of his belief he’d fallen somehow. Become one of the ones who he hunted. Even though he believed it necessary, he would view it as a mark against him.
    “Let Anthony do it,” she whispered, her hands cupping his face as she leaned over to kiss him lightly. “Don’t take this death on yourself.”
    His hands tightened on her hips, and he began to move with deep, leisurely strokes that seemed to pierce her soul. “It has to be me, baby.”
    She bit back a sob, knowing what he was taking on, knowing she couldn’t persuade him differently. She nodded her head and saw relief in his eyes. “Okay. It has to be you.”
    She almost laughed. He was still afraid she’d deny him? Them? She couldn’t breathe without him, and no matter how bad he thought he was, she knew better. Knew he wasn’t like the evil ones who’d gone after and killed her mother, who continued to hunt down innocent humans.
    She tilted her pelvis forward, taking him deeper, changing his angle so he hit her G-spot with each plunge in. After all the years of waiting for him to claim her, she wasn’t about to back out now. But she felt him withdrawing, shielding himself from something he thought was inevitable. Pleasure would put an end to that. Would shatter any walls he tried to erect and show him what they were supposed to be. What they would be.
    The trembling started when his thumb brushed over her clit. She wanted to come so bad it was like a fire raging in her body. In her mind.
    “Harder,” she whispered. Ordered.
    He complied, rolling the hard nub between his thumb and forefinger. She didn’t last long, and her hair brushed his skin as she braced herself on his shoulders and rode out the tremors. She felt free, high above the world as if she were flying. When she came down, he was still hard inside her.
    “How do you feel? Do you need another pain pill yet?”
    She felt good actually, but she arched an eyebrow. “What did you have in mind?”
    His voice deepened, grew rough, and she knew she was hearing the wolf. The wolf’s desires. The wolf’s demands.
    “You. On your knees.”
    The next orgasm would be unbearably sweet. She rolled off of him and got on her hands and knees, smiling at him over her shoulder. “Like this?”
    His answer was a growl, and he moved lightening fast, behind her before she could think. Inside her before her eyes even registered the move. He rammed in and out of her, faster and harder, and her pussy wept in welcome. Holding her hips in a grip firm enough she knew she would have bruises, he took her, no control left. It was animalistic. Wild and wanton. She loved every minute of it, and they collapsed, coming together, to the bed. He rolled off of her and pulled her back to his chest.
    “You okay?”
    She smiled, but couldn’t force herself to move. “Perfect,” she whispered. She was way past perfect, and she fell asleep listening to the sound of his chuckles.

    Chapter Seven
    Clint got up and answered the soft knock on the door without disturbing Ellen. He scowled at Anthony. “What?”
    He jerked his head in a motion meant to convey, follow me. Clint stepped out into the hall and pulled the door quietly shut behind him.
    “Got something you’ll want to see.”
    Clint followed him downstairs, noting the quietness. “Where is everyone?”
    “Guarding our

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