Banished Worlds

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Book: Banished Worlds by Grant Workman, Mary Workman Read Free Book Online
Authors: Grant Workman, Mary Workman
Tags: Fiction, Science-Fiction, Space Opera
I’ll also table that issue, for now. Run day-to-day operations as normal until I say differently. Bender, Jenkins is going to need three new people for his team. I want Bikes pulled from the team. He now works for me up here. Also, I want a tour of the entire compound. I want to see the operation I just took over.” I turned my attention back to my plate and finished my dinner or breakfast, depending on who you asked. The others finished up and waited for me.
    Bender pushed his plate away. “Unless you have something else, Boss, I need to go oversee the power systems, make sure we’re good for another day.”
    I nodded. “Come back here when you have time,” I instructed Bender, and he left the area.
    Jenkins filled his plate for a second time and began to eat.
    “Jenkins, when you’re done I want to rotate the guards through here. Let them eat, then back on duty. You are in charge of that, okay?”
    “Yes, sir. They’ll like that,” Jenkins said and filled a second glass of water. He liked that all of the demo teams got the better end of the food in the compound, but this was real food and clean water which made it even more of a tool for me to use.
    “During your exploring, did you find the bathroom?” I asked Roberts.
    “Come on, I’ll show you.” Roberts led me to a door beyond the bed area. “Inside is the bathroom, a full bathroom. Separate shower and tub, sink, and toilet.” She opened the door, but we did not enter. “I’ll leave you to your business.”
    “Our roll in your new hay?” I said and stopped her walking away.
    Roberts looked over her shoulder at me and grinned slightly. “I thought you’d like that.” She turned to face me. “After all, you made me your girlfriend to these people, all I have to do is sell it once in a while.”
    “Nelson said you were a bright young lady.”
    “Speaking of Nelson and the others, how do we get them back with us now that you are the boss? Just ordering a handful of people to get reassigned here, will raise someone’s attention. Kind of “why him and not me” question out on that crowded floor.”
    “I don’t know yet. One of us will think of something. We also have to think of a great reason to go after that missing supply drop.”
    “You think that is Jane Garrett’s ship?”
    “I do. We need a good reason to go looking.”
    “I can’t see an easy explanation for invading another compound boss’ area when you just took control of one.”
    “Just for today, that’s right.” I pushed past Roberts and returned to the living quarter’s area.
    Jenkins was just bringing in two guards. “Have one plate, eat fast, and switch up with your partner at the door.” He looked to me. “I’ll get them in and out fast, Boss Danbeu.”
    I waved Jenkins to join us, away from the guards. “I have a question. Why do we fight with the different compounds in the dead city when we all work for The Highman Alquin? All of the managers and bosses work for The Highman, right?”
    Jenkins responds, “The Highman rules the entire planet, everyone works for him. As far as the compounds fighting, there isn’t a lot of it, but it happens because there are still only so many resources around. It always costs both sides and there are the scavs too. The scavs just roam through the areas, and some even say they work for The Highman.”
    “As Highman, I could dispense more to a loyal few, and limit supplies to the masses. It’s a matter of control,” Roberts said matter-of-factly.
    “Only the few knowing what is available and what isn’t,” Jenkins adds.
    “And you let the compounds fight to control numbers as well as supplies,” I added, agreeing with the conclusions we had reached. “You just limit who knows what.”
    “Bender had to know at least some of it. He was up here many times,” Jenkins added. He looked around the room. “I haven’t been up here until you brought me in.”
    “I’m not too worried about Bender. If he had wanted this job,

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