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workings, Mr. Zacharias," Seigner Skinsh said, being aware that Daniel might not know what to do with it. "If you care to examine the package, Varning will be able to elaborate on any issues you may encounter."
    Varning had been waiting by the door. He looked at Daniel as he opened the door. "Sir?"
    Daniel thanked his hosts and left the large office. Varning came right behind him and took him to a small meeting room.
    "The hydger," he started as Daniel unpacked the box, "is the communication device we use on the planet. It can hold addresses of the people you contact frequently and it can also hold coordinates for their houses if they allow you to store them."
    Basically it was like a telephone and a navigational system in one, Daniel discovered. It could also be used to send house coordinates to a carriage, which saved the trouble of papers and reading out the numbers. "Does everyone have a hydger?" he asked.
    "The people that matter do, sir," Varning said with a smile. He then showed Daniel how to enter the coordinates to the place where he would be living, and how to summon a carriage, using the hydger.
    Daniel thanked him and then was cordially escorted out of the building. Once in the street he took the strange book-shaped contraption, pressed the on-button and waited for the glossy display to light up. He chuckled at the weird technological thing he held in his hand and called for a carriage.
    The carriage pulled up at the foot of a tremendously high building. It looked completely wrong here, as all the buildings he had seen so far had not gone higher than three or four floors. This thing was gigantic, he could not see where it ended. It had to be at least thirty storeys high. Still, this was the address, according to the coordinates.
    Inside he found elevators, much to what he had expected on this planet. A box with a fence, being hoisted up on what probably were chains of some sort. His hydger did not make the thing move. His ring did.
    The ride upwards was not as long as he had expected. The elevator let him out on a floor with a long unadorned corridor. The floor was made of a kind of stone, as were the walls, and the doors left and right were made of sturdy steel for a change. He found his room and to his relief also his gear. The boy at the Embarcado Circle had done well.
    The apartment was simple but clean. Just the way Daniel liked it. He took off some of the more unpleasant clothes and then stood in front of the window, taking in the view. He was seriously high up for measures on this planet. Then he started unpacking, wondering if it would be terribly impolite to change into normal clothes.

9. The Pricosine
    The next morning Daniel heard a bell ring. He wondered what was going on as it rang again, accompanied by a modest knock on the door. That clarified things.
    Outside his apartment stood a man, small even to NGC6637-VIII standards. "Mr. Daniel Zacharias?" he asked, lifting his hat. The man was dressed in a brown suit, a blue tie covering part of his white shirt.
    "Indeed. That's me," Daniel nodded.
    "Good. My name is Gaguran Slindris. Seigner Clelem Dandra ko Galem's serving man."
    "Oh, right, I've been expecting you. Won't you come in?" Daniel stepped to the side.
    "I would prefer it if you could step out, sir. I am here to take you to the harbour and introduce you to the captain of the Pricosine, Mr. Xhylor."
    "Oh. Certainly." Daniel fetched his coat, made sure his ring and hydger were where he wanted them to be and followed Gaguran Slindris down the hall after locking the door. In relative silence the elevator brought them to the ground floor, where a carriage was waiting for them. Gaguran asked Daniel to take his hydger and then read out the coordinate address for the harbour. "You will be going there rather frequently, so it would serve you to store these numbers," he said. Daniel then operated the hydger

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