Apocalypse Weird: Reversal (Polar Wyrd Book 1)

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Book: Apocalypse Weird: Reversal (Polar Wyrd Book 1) by Jennifer Ellis Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jennifer Ellis
opening, she nearly wept with relief. They detached themselves from all of the ropes and found their way inside. The smell in the bay had lessened. Whatever was dead there had frozen while they were out. There seemed to be no question that Tundra would come inside with them now. Timber greeted them with relieved howls, and Cedar bounced all around them nipping at knees.
    They shed their outer clothes, made ham and cheese sandwiches, and received a “go away” from Amber in response to their queries. She had eaten her breakfast though, and they replaced the empty plate of toast with a sandwich. Something smelled very bad in the sleeping wing, but neither Sasha nor Soren had the energy to deal with it, or even think about it.
    They made their way back to the common room, and as if by tacit agreement, they both collapsed onto a couch and promptly fell asleep, a dog at each of their sides.
    She awoke to hear Soren at the radio again, talking to the crazy lady, trying to get a distress signal out.
    “The dragon is coming. We can all feel him,” the woman said in her heavily accented voice. “The time is very near.”
    “We’re in a bit of trouble up here. If there’s anyone else with you, I would really like to talk to them. Anyone in your house, or out on the street. Please help us,” Soren said.
    The storm had picked up again and ice pellets and snow slashed against the station windows.
    “I am the only one left. I will broadcast until the end. Me and Dr. Midnite. We are spreading the true gospel.”
    “Please, what is your name? Mrs.?”
    “That is not important, Soren Christopher Anderson. What is important is that the polar champion shows up at the appointed time.” Sasha flinched. Christopher? Was that Soren’s middle name? How had the woman known it? Had Soren given it to her?
    “I would really appreciate it if we could talk to someone else, Maybe Dr. Midnite,” Soren said.
    “Dr. Midnite is not here,” the woman replied.
    “Then go find someone else and radio me back. Please.”
    Sasha shifted on the couch, and she heard the sound of Soren flicking the radio off.
    “She’s the only one I can reach who speaks English,” Soren said by way of explaining why he was spending time on the radio with a crazy lady.
    “Soren, what is going on? Why are we all blind? Who is Vincent Robinson? Why didn’t you answer my calls when you were in the crater? Who was in those planes?” The questions that they had only briefly discussed on the way back had wound relentlessly through her fitful dreams.
    After his sharpness by the crater, she was relieved to hear Soren’s customary calm and patient tone. “I have no idea. Like I said before, I didn’t even hear the planes. For a part of the time I was climbing out of that hole, it seemed like I couldn’t hear or see. Or at least I couldn’t hear what you heard, and I couldn’t hear you calling me. And then when I got out of the crater, I stood there and called for you, and you didn’t answer me. And then I heard your voice, ever so faint, and I called Tundra, and he came, and then I found you. Tundra must have dragged you a long way away when the plane exploded.”
    Sasha shook her head. “No. I don’t think he pulled me that far at all. Maybe ten to twenty feet at most. We should still have been able to hear each other. Who is Vincent Robinson?”
    “Vincent Robinson…” Soren paused and his deep voice was oddly crackly. “Vincent Robinson is the caretaker—has been the caretaker forever—of the International Polar Science Station in Antarctica. I did research down there once for a couple of years.”
    Sasha tried to process Soren’s words. “How? Why? How could he be here?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “You don’t think I hallucinated him or something?”
    “I don’t know. No, I don’t think that.” Something about Soren’s voice made her think that he wasn’t telling her everything. Did he think she hallucinated Vincent?
    “He smelled of

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