All Hope Lost

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Authors: Samantha Dorrell
closed with a bang. She ran into the room and wide-eyed
realised these windows had now closed too. She headed into the kitchen to see
that window still open. I went over to it and pulled it shut with a thud. She
squealed, and grabbing the child, she ran back into the living room. She shut
the door and put the child on the floor, and opened the windows again.
    I had followed her into the
room and was watching her. I knew she was getting spooked so I pulled the
windows closed again, her eyes widened, scared. Surprising me she once again
opened one of the windows, and stood before it, watching it, her brows creased.
“Come on then,” she spoke to the window, “close now, I dare ya.” I smiled and
left it alone until she stepped back and I took the moment to pull it shut,
fast and hard. She jumped backwards from shock, but now, determined to have a
window open; she pushed it open slowly and held it there, her arm out of the
window. Interesting, my mind was laughing maniacally. Reaching over, I
grabbed the handle and pulled into her opposing force. She was pushing back,
but I had much more strength than any human would ever have. The window slammed
shut, and bringing her arm to her quickly she brushed against me. I was
fascinated how my form made people so cold. I didn’t feel it myself, but it was
funny to watch these bullies, these inconsiderate assholes be affected by me,
by my justice. My lip curled upwards in one corner. This woman is frightened
now. I could see it in her larger than life eyes. She ran into the bedrooms
and grabbing a suitcase packed some clothes and belongings, grabbed the kid and
legged it out of the door. She didn’t even bother locking it, the front door
slamming shut behind her as she left the building. I laughed.
                    One noisy neighbour down, one to go. Ah yes, Panda has two noisy
neighbours. One that slams doors all the time, and the other that has door
banging sessions and noisy evenings of screaming, arguing and loud music. I
headed downstairs to the first floor; the other noisy neighbour as far as I was
aware lived below her. Finding the flat in question I walked in. It was empty. Everyone’s
out, maybe I should wait. I had a quick scout about the flat, finding it
identical in layout to Panda’s upstairs, although the person who lived here,
wasn’t living out of boxes or suitcases, and had a large surround sound system
installed.  I decided to wait upstairs so I floated upwards through the
ceiling and back into Panda’s home. Walking over to the balcony, I peered out,
and was shocked to find a pair of eyes staring at me. It was a black and white
cat, fluffy tail, long hair, and a dainty pink collar. Cute. I pulled
the door to one side, and the cat came in. I remember Panda mentioning she had
a cat. I hoped this was her one!
Sitting down on the sofa, the cat jumped up beside me, curled up and
meowed.  I casually stroked it behind its ear, and it purred happily. I’m
not sure how long the cat and I were bonding for, but it was growing dark by
the time I heard the rattle of keys at the front door. The cat jumped off the
sofa and padded over to the kitchen, tail swishing side to side. It knows
when its dinner time is I mused lightly. A lady I presumed was Panda
entered the flat, making kissy noises to the cat.
    “Hello Merlin, how did you get indoors?” she said,
dropping her things off on the table top.
    Shit, I forgot about that. I gave myself a mental
head slap.
    The lady stopped for a moment,
and I recognised the nervous habit of listening for the nuisance neighbours. It
was currently quiet. I left her to get herself sorted out and descended back
downstairs. Nobody was home still, so I did some more snooping. In the kitchen
I found a cork board with vouchers, tokens and letters pinned up. One was
typed, and I recognised it to be the letter that ‘Panda’ had written regarding
them banging their doors.
    “My Dear

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