A Family Forever

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Authors: Helen Scott Taylor
Tags: Romance, Contemporary
they might even make it a special dinner for two.
    Adam sighed and stroked her hair. "I have to go to Spain for a few days."
    Disappointment doused Victoria's amorous feelings like a bucket of cold water. Adam started describing the potential project he wanted to check out in Marbella, but she didn't take it in. Of course he would be off travelling again. That's what he did. He was hardly likely to hang around in Great Monkton to supervise the work at Larchfield.
    She stepped back, reining in her feelings, trying to ignore the tight knot of hurt in her chest.
    "I am coming back." Adam's fingers grazed across her cheek. "You know I won't disappear without making sure everything here is all right."
    "Thank you." He was sweet. His intentions were good. He didn't know he'd hurt her feelings. "Have a successful trip."
    Adam backed up a step and frowned. "I will. Are you okay?"
    "Of course. Why wouldn't I be?" Just because she got carried away for a few minutes and thought there might be something special between them.
    "Right. See you on Sunday evening." Adam went to the door, turned and smiled, then strode away.
    A long, painful sigh hissed out between Victoria's lips. Why hadn't she fallen for a man from the village or someone she worked with? Why did she have to fall for a man who was just passing through?
    Adam woke at the sound of his alarm and rested an arm across his tired eyes. A restless night full of vivid dreams had disturbed him, dreams of Victoria in Spain with him. Much as he'd love to ask her to join him, he knew it was a waste of time. She had commitments here and wouldn't be able to get away at such short notice, if at all.
    Early morning light trickled between the curtains as he sat up. An early start was essential if they were to stop in London to pack fresh clothes before they drove to the airport. He glanced at the heaped bedcovers on Harry's bed and decided to leave him to sleep a little longer.
    He headed for the bathroom, shaved, showered, and brushed his teeth, then packed most of the toiletries, leaving out Harry's toothbrush.
    With a towel around his waist, he went back to the bedroom and dumped his bag on the end of his bed before sorting through the clothes and refolding them neatly. He pulled on some trousers, and glanced at the clock. Where had the time gone?
    "Hey, sleepyhead." He moved around the beds and opened the curtains. "Time to rise and shine." He patted the bump in Harry's bed and his hand sank in the soft fabric. What the heck? He pulled back the covers to find the bed empty. Where was his son?
    Had Harry got up and gone downstairs while he was in the shower? Frowning, he glanced around the room. The clothes his son had worn yesterday weren't there, and his camera was missing. But his bag still rested on the stand.
    Normally Harry would come into the bathroom when he woke. He definitely hadn't done so while Adam showered. He'd have heard him.
    A shiver of foreboding ran down Adam's spine. He buttoned his shirt, pocketed his phone and key, and ran down the stairs.
    Tim was already in the cozy, beamed dining room with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. He glanced up with a smile. "Morning."
    "Is Harry down here?" Adam said, in answer to Tim's greeting.
    "No. Isn't he with you?"
    Adam shook his head. "I'm not sure if he was in the room when I woke up. I didn't turn on the lights before I got in the shower. I thought I was leaving Harry to sleep." He ran a hand back through his hair and glanced around the empty pub, hoping his son would appear.
    "Do you think he's likely to be out taking photos?"
    "Lord, I don't know. It's possible. Let's go and check."
    The two men headed out of the building. "You go that way." Adam pointed along the riverbank where Harry had taken photos when they arrived. "I'll check up the main street. Listen for your phone. I'll call if I find him and you do the same."
    He paced along the edge of the road, glancing down alleyways between the stores and over fences into

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