Zombies Unleashed (The Vampire from Hell Part 6)

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Book: Zombies Unleashed (The Vampire from Hell Part 6) by Ally Thomas Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ally Thomas
gazing at his dad.
    More screams and this time moans surfaced from the main room.
    “Okay, we need a plan.”  Glancing around Max’s storage room, I looked for anything that could be used as a weapon.
    “What about these?” Grace asked, picking up some shotguns propped up against the wall.
    “I have some shells,” Max began.  “But it may not be enough.  I’ve got some swords underneath some boxes in the closet there.  Use those.”
    “Gunshots will draw attention to us,” I stated.  “Let’s find the swords.”
    Grace and Lynn searched for the weapons.
    I handed my phone to Max.  “Call G or anybody else you think can help us, okay?”
    He nodded.  “Please be careful out there.”
    Glancing down at Jeremy, I wanted to ask him if he could fight.  It wasn’t an option.  The kid was too freaked out to be of use to anyone.  Lynn nudged me.  I grumbled under my breath.
    “Don’t be like that,” she scolded.  “I’ve been practicing.”
    Grace grunted.  “We need to go now.”  She shoved me and Lynn towards the end of the hall, facing the main door to the back entrance of the bar.  I surmised what Lynn’s comment meant.
    “Grace, have you been teaching Lynn to fight like one of those people in The Walking Dead?”
    Grace grabbed her sword, swiveled her hips out, sword raised and ready to slice and dice.  “Yes, I have.  Deal with is, Boss lady!”
    We all erupted in laughter for a second until the moans and now pounding on the main door stopped us.
    I raised my sword too.  “I love you guys,” I blurted out.  “Just don’t die on me tonight or any night.”  I rushed forward and waited at the main door as Grace locked Jeremy and Max in the storage room.
    Nothing could have prepared us for the scene we witnessed as we shoved our way through the main door and bolted it behind us.  Mentally I thanked Max for using heavy locks on all his doors as well as reinforced hinges.  No one would be able to get out and we wouldn’t be able to leave.
    “Stick together,” I whispered.  “Maybe we can make it to the front there and fight on the bar.”
    “Good idea,” Grace muttered.
    Lynn also stuck to her word and shadowed me.  I wasn’t sure if it was out of fear or loyalty.  Probably the former and not the latter, I thought to myself.
    Too many zombie movies had filtered into my head, so I decided moving at a snail’s pace through the crowd would work.  I thought of one movie in particular, Shaun of the Dead, where the friends pretend to be zombies as they wandered through the undead confusion.
    To my relief, as we crept through the people, I realized that many people had not fully transformed yet.  They stood motionless with blood pooling in their savage vacant red eyes.  Unseeing and blind.
    Once we climbed up on the bar with our swords out ready, only a few rushed at us.  Their transformation had been faster and while they struggled to see, bumping into chairs and tables, they finally found us.
    “What’s wrong with them?” Lynn asked, holding her sword tightly.
    Her knuckles were white.
    “The dosage they got.  A drop or two of demon blood didn’t fully change them.”
    Michael materialized in between Grace and me.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  He crouched next to us like a golden ninja.  Clothed all in black, tightly fitting long sleeve shirt and pants, heavy black boots with an array of knives and small guns attached to his outfit.  Michael’s face was bronzed by the sun.  He had a stubble beard, a generous mouth, straight nose, and an adorable cleft chin.  His bright, clear blue eyes were as blue as the ocean outside Blick’s home.  I growled at my remembering Blick again.
    Pulling my tall, handsome archangel friend into my arms, I hugged him.
    He laughed.  “Easy now.  You are engaged.”
    I flashed my teeth at him.  “Apparently not.”
    Seeing Michael’s frown, I raised my hand.  “Later.”
    He nodded.  He was armed to the

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