Womanizer (Spoilt)

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Book: Womanizer (Spoilt) by Joanne Ellis Read Free Book Online
Authors: Joanne Ellis
fun.”  Carol winked which caused her daughter to blush.
    The colo r in Isabelle’s cheeks was almost Mitch’s undoing and the urge to touch her, to love her overwhelmed him. He grabbed her hand and with a swift goodbye to Carol pulled Isabelle towards the door. Her soft chuckle could be heard as he closed the door behind them.
    When they entered Mitch’s apartment he took her bag and offered her a drink as he walked towards the kitchen.
    “No, thanks,” she whispered in his ear.
    His response was to drop her bag and turn to face her. Neither of them moved, nor spoke, for endless moments, both taking in every feature of each other’s faces. Mitch noticed her eyes had become a deep green color and there was no mistaking the look within them, as it mirrored his.
    Staring into his incredible blue eyes, Isabelle became overcome with desire but found herself unable to move. It had been a while since she had ventured here, and him, well she knew he’d had plenty of practice and this struck her with nerves. Would she be enough in comparison to all those other beautiful women? Before she could allow her nervousness to take over, she let her desire win. She threw her arms around his neck and sought his lips with passionate abandonment.
    When she kissed him , his desire threatened to consume him and it took all of his control not to take her then and there on the kitchen floor. Pulling her hair free, he buried his hands in the thick silkiness. Her hands were at his back tugging at his t-shirt.
    “I have to touch you,” she said between kisses.
    Tugging his shirt off for her, he proceeded to kiss her neck while she ran her hands over his chest and shoulders, heating his skin.
    “Let’s go upstairs,” he said in a deep hungry tone.
    He took her hand and guided her to his bedroom. She remembered he hadn’t shown her this part of the house the previous evening but was too dazed to pay attention to her surroundings. Nerves almost threatened to overcome her as he eased her backwards towards his bed, hot kisses tracing the line of her neck and shoulder. After unzipping her dress and removing the straps from her shoulders, he followed the path with his eyes as it fell to the floor.
    Her bronze skin looked smoother than he imagined and he took all of her in before returning to ravish her soft supple lips. He brought his lips to her neck so he could inhale her scent and taste the silky skin again, intoxicating him. With slow movements he worked his way down her neck, stealing a glance at her perfect bronze breasts and nipples before taking each one in turn into his mouth. Her hands gripped his shoulders and he thought she would surely leave marks which only enticed him further.
    She arched up to meet his mouth as he tasted her nipples and moaned her acquiescence. He pressed light kisses along her stomach before tracing the same kisses up her inner thigh, starting at her feet.
    Her breathing came in short bursts and caused her head to feel dizzy and light. His kisses creeping up her leg were unbearably wonderful and came a second to the feel of his mouth on her n ipples. Seconds after she realized he’d removed her g-string, Isabelle felt his tongue tease between her legs and she thought she would explode with pleasure. He sweetly tormented her with his mouth until she thought she would have to beg for release. When he finally gave her what she craved, she cried out in pure pleasure. When he eased himself inside her he brought his lips back to hers and she could taste herself on his lips, and this intensified the excitement building inside her once more.
    His desire and passion had never been this urgent and intense , and he thought he would never be able to get enough of her. He wanted more and more. As they rode together towards their simultaneous release, she cried out his name.
    Mitch lost all control of his limbs so he lay staring at her for a few moments to give his body a chance to recover.
    “You’re so beautiful,”

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