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Authors: Marteeka Karland
Tags: Fiction, Erótica, Las Vegas, bw/am
    What Happens in Vegas…

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    Beautiful Trouble Publishing, LLC
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    Cover Art: Les Byerle y http://www.les3photo8.com/
    Editor: Novellette Whyte
    Proofreader: Stephanie Parent
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    E-book Conversion: Jim & Zetta,
    ISBN: (e-book) 978-1-61788-121-3; (print) 978-1-61788-122-

    To Shara. You're a turd, but I love you.
    Thanks for pushing me through when I
    got stuck. Thanks for sitting with me
    while i finished this and never
    complaining. Much. Thanks for taking
    me to new heights and dropping me on
    my head. Thanks to you, I'm normal


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    This work of erotica contains adult
    language and sexually explicit scenes,
    which are smoking hot. This book is
    intended only for adults, as it is defined
    by the laws of the country in which the
    purchase is made. Keep this book out of
    the hands of under-aged readers.

    Chapter One

    “I don’t know how you do it, Lilly,” Dr.
    Nikki Taylor mused to her best friend. Only a
    few months before, Lilly had married Dr.
    Connor Jackson, though it was no secret she
    lived with both him and his brother, Caleb, also
    a physician. “I’m not certain I want even one
    man cluttering up my space, let alone two.”
    Lilly, her elbow resting on the nurses’
    station desk and her chin resting in her hand,
    only smiled. “Some things are worth it, my
    dear. The sex is fantastic .”
    Nikki sighed and assumed the same
    position Lilly did. “I bet—two lovers to satisfy
    your every whim.”
    “I know. It’s very handy when a woman’s
    in need, so to speak.” Lilly and Nikki both
    watched the subjects of their conversation
    across the room. Connor was speaking with the
    family member of one of his patients while
    Caleb kicked at the snack machine, trying to
    dislodge a loose candy bar.
    Lilly sighed, dramatically. “It’s a dirty job,
    but somebody has to do it.” She shook her head
    and took on this long-suffering look only a
    woman with her unique problem could pull
    off with a straight face.
    Both women giggled quietly.
    “Well, since I don’t have my own,” Nikki
    continued, “I’ll just borrow yours. That way,
    when they annoy me, I can send them home.”
    Lilly smiled. “You’re always flirting with
    my men. You really need to get laid. Not that I
    mind,” she added with a sigh, still looking
    speculatively at Connor and Caleb. “Stay away
    from my men, hussy. You can look all you want,
    but that sweetness is all mine.”
    “That’s just wrong. So unfair.” Nikki
    smiled at Lilly. “You have way more than most
    of us mere

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