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Book: Viola Grace - - Return of the Nine 03 - Hiding by Viola Grace Read Free Book Online
Authors: Viola Grace
Tags: Erótica, Science-Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Viola Grace
Chapter One
    The first time she heard of a Gaian marrying one of the Nine, she didn’t believe it. Daphne Hallow still didn’t believe it when it was announced that the reception for Tiera McKenzie and a huge pixie named Tonos was going to take place at the hall where Daphne worked.
    Now, surrounded by alien warriors from the ship above them, Daphne was finally cluing in that it might be true.
    She and the rest of the serving staff were on alert, waiting for the introduction of the couple. Her heart pounded as the gathering filled with beings that were similar to those of Gaia but different in a variety of ways.
    They were predominantly male and seated separately from the Gaians. The Nine were in the shape of creatures of myth and legend, from fairies like the groom, to shadows that clung to living flesh.
    Daphne and the other servers had been selected after a rigorous security scan to make sure that the incoming Nine would be safe with them. She had never been a high-security waitress before, but she supposed that there was a first time for everything.
    They had been through days of etiquette training, practice runs and disaster drills. It was the most intense thing that Daphne had been through since her parents were taken in the first of the Tokkel raids and never seen again.
    The facility manager and the etiquette advisor of the Nine passed their ranks with careful attention. All the hair on the females had to be braided and fastened at the back of the skull. Sleeves needed to be long to prevent accidental contact. Trousers were to be loose and a wide sash on the long shirt fastened and flattened everything into a column. The men were dressed the same. They were all completely sexless and lacking any individuality. Perfect.
    Daphne had to admit that she was happy to be lost in a crowd. Normally, she needed to exert herself into being ignored, but in this group, she blended into nothing.
    The uniforms that they wore were unrelieved black. Normally, the colour would not be considered for a wedding banquet, but this was a special occasion. It was the first celebration between a Gaian and a member of the Nine.
    The member of the Nine sent to prepare them was a woman of the Wilding clan. She sniffed the air carefully as she passed, shaking her head at a few of the women, sending them back for another shower to remove all traces of scent from their skin.
    That the Nine were scent sensitive was an oddity that made a certain sense to the Gaians. They were picking up their own peculiarities as time went on and enhanced senses were only the tip of the iceberg.
    When Daphne was authorized, she relaxed slightly. Her station in life had taken a turn when her family had died, and she had turned from a student of Gaian and Terran histories to a general labourer.
    Most around the colony had something that needed doing, and she was excellent at being unobtrusive in her work, no matter what the task was.
    She perked up as one of the McKenzie family stood to speak. “Ladies and gentlemen from Gaia and the Nine, welcome one and all to this celebration of the union of our two races in the embrace of this couple. Tiera and Tonos.”
    The crowd turned and applause rang out as Tiera McKenzie and her husband, Tonos, made their way to the head table and sat down.
    With the signal given, Daphne and the others moved into action. It was time to serve.
    The first hour was peaceful. A lazy dance of filling and setting of plates, but as the heat in the room increased and they began to sweat, the heads of the men of the Nine began to turn as they passed.
    As she slipped between two of the seated men to refill a cup with water and another with wine, she could feel gazes on her. With a shaking breath, she pulled herself inward and disappeared to their senses.
    Hours passed and several of the women were removed from service as the men of the Nine became too attentive.
    Daphne’s service went from three tables to ten. She forced herself to move

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