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Authors: Cristiane Serruya
Tags: General Fiction
    “I don’t need shoes. In fact, there is no need for clothes. I can return home in mine.”
    He frowned at her. “You’re not going home wearing this dress and high heels. What size?”
    “Er… Really, Ethan.”
    “Aren’t you aggravating?” He grumbled and his demeanor suddenly darkened. “Do you want to arrive at home looking like a whore?”
    Sophia flinched and paled. Gabriela! What will Gabriela think? “I think I should I go home now, Ethan,” she said in a small voice.
    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend.” He hastily apologized. “Please… Stay. I’ve never asked a woman to stay with me, Sophia,” he repeated. “It’s always the other way round.”
    Almost two years since I have slept with a man. Should I indulge? Could I? “All right. I will stay.”
    “Shoe size?”
    Oh, damn . My shoe size . “Er… seven and a half for sandals, eight for shoes, and eight and a half for boots… UK size.” Sophia eyed him closely waiting for a smirk that didn’t come. Good, Mr. Ashford . “But sneakers would do.”
    “Sneakers?” He made a face at her. “Do you want a shirt, baby?”
    “I just want a toothbrush.” She smiled mischievously at him. “If you don’t mind, I sleep in the nude.”
    He laughed, “I don’t mind at all.” He pulled her into his arms, kissing her tenderly. “Oh, Sophia.” He sighed. “There is something special about you…”
    She ran her fingers through his hair and smiled at him.
    “Tomorrow, I’ll drive you home.” He kissed her lips and grabbing her hand, towed her into the bathroom. He gave her a toothbrush and paste he had retrieved from a drawer. “Make yourself at home.”
    God! She shook her head, smiling when she entered the bathroom. The man has art even in here .
    When Sophia reentered the bedroom, he was sitting on the bed waiting for her holding two flutes of champagne. No sign of the condom he had flung on the floor.
    He stretched his hand, pulling her into the circle of his arms as they toasted and drank.
    An emotion Ethan didn’t recognize unfurled in his chest. And then, he knew it would be her for him, forever.
    After thirty-five years of waiting I’ve found my other half. She will be mine. My Sophia. Forever .
    Come hell or high water .
    Mine .
    He shook his head, scared to hell. “You don’t know what you have done to me, Sophia.”
    A frightening scream shattered the air, waking Ethan.
    He switched on the lamp on the bedside table. Sophia, on the other side of the bed, clutched her scarred arm and moaned, as if in pain. Her head thrashed on the pillow and she spoke incoherently.
    “Nooooo!” she cried hoarsely, chilling Ethan as her pained voice laced the room.
    Jesus! He shook her by the shoulders. “Sophia! Sophia, wake up! You’re having a nightmare.”
    She opened troubled eyes and looked around, confused. Her gaze fixed on his face and her breath whooshed from her. She put her hands on her face, heaving.
    After a minute, she let her hands fall. “I’m sorry.” She pushed up on the bed and rested on the headboard, eyes closed. “That is the reason I don’t do sleepovers, Ethan.” Her voice shaky. “I have nightmares,” she sighed. “Terrible nightmares.” She left the bed. “I’ll be right back.” She crossed the room and entered the bathroom. She twisted her hair and made a loose bun. She waved her hand under the faucet, cupped the water. She wet her wrists, face, and nape.
    Don’t look in the mirror, don’t look in the mirror . She knew what she would see. Big, spooky, dark-brown eyes and white lips on an ashen face. They were neither her eyes, nor her features. They belonged to a ghost, not to her.
    Sophia heard a knock and she turned. Ethan leaned on the doorframe, arms crossed over his broad chest, watching her with worried eyes. “Everything okay?”
    “No,” she grimaced, “but it will be.”
    “Want some port? Or a whisky?” He stepped into the bathroom, thoughtfully. “Here.” He put a white

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