Trust: Betrayed

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Book: Trust: Betrayed by Cristiane Serruya Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cristiane Serruya
Tags: love_contemporary, love_erotica
    “I don’t think-” As soon as she put her mouth around him, he changed his mind, groaning, “Aye, it will. It will.”
    The corners of Sophia’s mouth curled up around his girth and she raised her hands to open his soft flannel shirt, as she slowly explored his length with her tongue and lips. Her nails grazed his waist.
    “That’s so good,” he breathed. “Do it again.”
    But she didn’t obey his request and raised her hands until she found his nipples and pinched them lightly.
    Alistair grunted loudly and bit his lip to control the pleasure that was building up too quickly inside him, as she sucked him deeper.
    When Sophia’s nails rounded to his back and unexpectedly clawed down his back all the way to his buttocks, he almost spilled in her mouth. He gasped loudly and withdrew from her lips, removing his jeans and briefs in a swift movement, dropping to his knees and shrugging off his shirt.
    “Now, you are going to pay for what you did,” he murmured against her mouth before taking it in a fierce kiss, while his hands freed her from her bra and opened her jeans. He laid her down on the floor and pulled off her jeans and panties.
    He wanted her as he’d never wanted another woman. He nestled himself between her thighs and raised himself on his elbows, nudging her with his length, “So ready, Sophia.”
    “Come on. I’m wet and horny,” she moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.
    “Talking dirty,” he tsked and smiled against her lips. “I think I’m going to punish you for that.”
    “Do it and I’ll punish you back.” Undulating her body under his, she ordered, “Now. Stop talking and fuck me.”
    He groaned and shoved into her in a hard thrust.
    “Ah,” Sophia moaned in pleasure. “More!”
    He closed his eyes, wrestling with his desire to do it again, but she was too tight and he wanted the night to last. He moved again, in swallower plunges until he was buried to the hilt.
    “Now, move.”
    “No more orders from you...” He moved his hips in a semi-circle, teasing her as he dipped his head to take her breast in his mouth, sucking it hard and then lapping it with his tongue.
    “Oh, please. Please.” Sophia gasped as a hot spear of desire shot through her spine. She felt his smile on her other breast.
    Alistair raised his head, “That’s better. Now, don’t make a sound. It won’t be funny if Zareb or Devon come running in to save you from my cock.” He thrust in her, slowly, enjoying the way her body gripped him like a fist.
    “I don’t care... Move,” she rolled her lower body in a blatant sexual move. “Make me come screaming. Loud. Let the whole world hear me screaming your name.”
    “Later. In your bedroom. Now, I’ll have you quietly,” he plunged again and stilled, staring down at her with those beautiful green eyes. “Unless, of course, you don’t want to come.”
    She gripped his hair and tugged, “You wouldn’t dare.”
    “Your call. Three, two-”
    “No, no. I’ll obey.” She wanted him to ravage her, to take her hard until she screamed in release over and over. But she would take it anyway he chose.
    He laughed low in her ear, “Good. Now, relax and enjoy.”
    “You are bad,” she said as she bit his shoulder, “I’ll get you for this.”
    He gritted his teeth as her soft bite sent a surge of lust straight to his arousal. “Slow or fast?”
    “Fast and rough. I’m almost there,” she panted and sunk her nails in his buttocks.
    “So eager, Sophia.” His soft laughter filled the room and his head swooped down, his tongue invading her mouth as he pumped into her, taking her to heaven until Sophia shuddered, gasped and bit his shoulder to avoid crying out as she came.
    But he wasn’t done. As Sophia’s body still trembled, he ground into her, again and again, chasing his own climax, “I’m-” He clenched his jaw to stop his shout.
    Sophia’s eyes flew open as he shoved harder inside her, astonished

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