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Authors: Sydney Katt
king bed. Which would you prefer?"
    Allison licked her lips and willed her heart to beat slower. "We only need the one bed."

    * * *
    Brad's body was leaden as he followed Allison into their room. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been so exhausted – and that included the time he'd been up for a week straight during a mission. It was just a good thing this would all be over soon. Once they crossed into Mexico, it would be a relatively quick trip to the rendezvous point. He would deliver his cargo, get paid, get out of there, and then get on with his new life's mission of destroying Stafford.
    If only it were that simple.
    He dropped his bag into a chair and quickly ensured the room was secure. It was a nicer room than what they'd had over the past three weeks so it took him next to no time. Allison's eyes were on him from where she sat at the foot of the only bed when he turned around.
    "Thank you."
    "Don't do that. I'm just doing my job. Don't make it personal."
    Allison rose to her feet and moved across the room to him. "We both know it is, regardless of what we say." She snuggled against his chest and his arms moved to hold her of their own volition. "It's always been personal with us."
    What the hell was she doing? For the first time since this had started, she seemed completely in control of her actions. Her arms circled his neck slowly, drawing their lips together. Though he knew this was all wrong, he was too tired to care. This wasn't how it worked. She wasn't supposed to come to him until the lights were out so that she could pretend he was Barrows, if that's what she'd been doing. For all he knew, she was imagining some buff celebrity with airbrushed abs.
    "Come to bed with me, Brad."
    That was also all wrong. She never called him by name when they were together. They were clearly on the proverbial slippery slope and he couldn't be bothered to stop them this time. "I'm exhausted, Allison. I..."
    She cut him off with another brush of her lips and then pulled his shirt over his head. "I know you." Deft fingers moved to dispense with his jeans while he kicked off his shoes. "I want you to come to bed with me to sleep. Just sleep."
    "Then why are you undressing me?"
    "Because you can't sleep in your clothes." She made a face. "They smell of smoke from the explosion."
    "So do yours."
    She was already removing her own clothes. "I know." She took his hand and tugged lightly. "Come to bed with me."
    He didn't have a clue why it was suddenly so fucking important to her where he slept, but he let her lead him to the bed and slid between the soft sheets while she shut off the lights. She joined him a moment later and curled against him, resting her head against his chest after giving him one last kiss. He wrapped both his arms around her and waited for the moment when she'd remember herself and pull away.  
    When that moment didn't come, Brad let out a sigh of contentment before letting himself slip into the first decent night's rest he'd had in weeks.


    HE GOT THE sense he'd slept far longer than he meant before he opened his eyes. Beside him, Allison's breathing had already grown shallow, indicating that she'd soon be awake – if she weren't already. Brad mentally berated himself for not being up sooner. Not once had he still been in bed when Allison first opened her eyes and that had been working well for them.
    Of course, so much was different now that this was but the cherry on the sundae.
    As stealthily as possible, Brad started to slide away from Allison to the edge of the bed. Before he could push back the sheet, a hand closed over his wrist. "Where do you think you're going?"
    Brad turned his head and was met by drowsy hazel eyes. "I'm getting out of bed. We have a lot to accomplish today."
    Her answer was simple. "No."
    "No." She smiled at him as though they'd been waking up next to each other for years. "Can't we stay here for another night and skip crossing the border for one day? We've

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