Three Ways to Wicked

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Book: Three Ways to Wicked by Jodi Redford Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jodi Redford
“Bailey is going to fucking kill you.”
    “So worth it,” Ty murmured before intoxicating Kayla with another round of drugging kisses. He sucked her bottom lip between his teeth, and a responding beat pulsed in her clit, spurring a whimper from her. Ty pulled back slightly, his hand still massaging her ass through the thin twill of her shorts. His pupils were dilated and loaded with one hundred degrees of pure sin. “Now what were you saying about being a third wheel?”
    “I…” she swallowed, her focus glued to those sexy, masculine lips that were way too ridiculously skilled at short-circuiting her brain, “…have no idea.”
    Ty chuckled, but a hasty glance in Gibb’s direction revealed his mouth was set in a grim line. Despite that, his gaze held a fierce conflagration of heat, as if watching her and Ty kissing had massively turned him on. A quick scan of the impressive bulge denting his fly confirmed the possibility. He clenched his jaw and glared at Ty. “If you have one iota of sense, you’ll promise me you’ve gotten that out of your system now and won’t repeat it.”
    “You tell me. Did kissing Kay one lousy time satisfy you? Or do you want a helluva lot more?”
    Gibb’s intense stare swept her, spiking her heart rate by several chaotic beats.
    Another smoky chuckle fell from Ty. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. So the way I see it, we’ve got ourselves a dilemma here. Either the three of us keep dancing around the issue, pretending we don’t want each other and suffering for it.” Ty’s fingertips skated enticing figure eights along her spine, increasing the heavy ache between her legs. “Or we say fuck what everyone else thinks, and see where this takes us.”
    Gibb’s expression remained stony. “There’s no way in hell you’re suggesting what I think you are.”
    “Mama always said the polite thing to do is share.” The wicked sparkle in Ty’s eyes thoroughly contradicted his innocent smile.
    A grunt snuck from Gibb. “Somehow I doubt your mom was referring to a threesome.” He shifted his focus to Kayla. “One of us needs to be the voice of reason. Tell him this is a moronic idea. That you have no damn interest in pursuing this disaster in the making.” Although he’d made it sound like Ty was the one who required convincing, the dark desperation in Gibb’s pleading stare hinted he needed it just as much. Maybe more.
    Every ounce of logic she possessed acknowledged the truth in Gibb’s assertion. If she gave in to her desire to be with him and Ty—a fantasy she’d barely given herself permission to weave during a solo session with her vibrator, for God’s sake—she’d potentially be driving a huge wedge between her and Bailey. That prospect made her chest feel like it was pinned under a ton of bricks. Plus, knowing Bailey, there was the very real possibility that she would kill Ty. “I’d feel terrible if I created a problem between you and Bail.”
    Ty offered Kayla a reassuring squeeze on her hip. “Remember what I said about tuning out what everyone else has to say on the matter? That goes double for my sister.”
    Kayla chewed her lip, her thoughts veering to Bailey’s words from earlier. Remembering her best friend’s adamancy about not giving in to Ty, Kayla winced. “She won’t be happy about me getting involved with you guys.”
    Ty stroked her arm gently. “Kay, what we do is none of my sister’s business. I’d be more than happy to remind her of that, but if it makes you feel better keeping this strictly between you, me and Gibb, we can do that too.”
    Guilt percolated inside her, adding to her uncertainty. There’d never been any lies or secrets between her and Bailey. “I…I need some time to process this.”
    Rough exhalations broke from Ty and Gibb. Their expressions gave nothing away, making it impossible to tell if their reactions were prompted by disappointment or relief that she hadn’t immediately shot down Ty’s insane proposal.

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