The Warrior and the Petulant Princess

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Book: The Warrior and the Petulant Princess by Maggie Carpenter Read Free Book Online
Authors: Maggie Carpenter
Tags: Romance, Historical, Fantasy, BDSM, Erotic Fiction
    He could see Lizbett was still fighting her rage and moved quickly to her side.
    “Lizbett, would you please return to the banquet,” he whispered urgently in her ear. “Be sure to be all smiles. Tell your father what has transpired, and make sure knows that I’ll be back to join him very soon.”
    Her need to remain and interrogate the culprit surged through her, and she stared at him intently, silently pleading with him to let her stay, but his resolve was unyielding.
    “Go,” he said firmly. “I will deal with this.”
    Realizing any argument was futile she frowned angrily, and was about to march away when Larian smiled down at her.
    “Lizbett, you saved the day,” he breathed. “Now keep your head, smile, act happy, don’t alert anyone. There is evil afoot and it will be watching.”
    She took a deep breath, and sighing heavily she nodded her understanding.
    “I know what to do,” she replied, and hurried from the room, closing the door behind her.
    “Sir, what is all this? Is there something wrong?” Starling asked completely bewildered.
    “I just need a private word with Falayla,” he replied calmly, “but you may continue your meal. Falayla, if you would please step on the other side of the curtain with me?”
    He could see her dread, and as she attempted to rise from the table she was unsteady on her feet.
    “It’s all right, I’m sure you have been badly used,” he said softly as he reached out to help her, and wrapping his muscled arm around her shoulder he allowed her to fall against him. “Starling, do not leave this room. If anyone asks where Falayla has gone, no matter who it is, you tell them she had to leave for a moment but you don’t know where. This is extremely important, do you understand?”
    Starling gazed at the handsome warrior. Whatever was going on she didn’t care; she’d do whatever he said.
    “Yes, Sir, I understand. You can count on me.”
    “Thank you,” he smiled warmly, and supporting Falayla he led her through the curtain and across to a grouping of chairs on the other side of the chamber, far enough away so Starling would not be able to hear their private murmurings.
    “First, you have my word I will protect you,” he assured the frightened girl as he sat next to her on a settee. “I am sure you have been scared for days. Am I right?”
    “So scared, Sir, so, so scared,” she whimpered, the tears beginning to cascade down her face.
    “Please, be strong now. You’re safe, you must tell me everything.”
    “It was Farris,” she blubbered trying to compose herself. “When he picked me out of the girls for serving today, I was so surprised because I’m not like the other maidens. I’m shy, I didn’t really want to-”
    “What did he say, what did he do?” Larian said urgently.
    “It wasn’t just him. There were three other men with him, and they stood around me. They…they…oh, the shame of it,” she sobbed.
    “Tell me, quickly,” he pressed. “We have so little time before he comes to find you. He will have you try again.”
    “I’m sorry…they told me if I didn’t do what they said they would each have me, both back and front,” she whispered, “but even then I refused. I would never hurt the King, never. You must believe me.”
    “I do,” Larian assured her. “Keep going.”
    “So then they said if I didn’t do their bidding they would do the same to my mother, and my little sister, and they would kill my father and burn my family’s home. It was so terrible,” she sobbed, and overcome she dropped her head in her hands.
    “He is a fiend,” Larian hissed. “Please, Falayla, take hold, I will protect you and your family.”
    “But he has soldiers at my home,” she quivered. “If I do not carry out his orders…”
    “Who were the other three men? Do you know?”
    “I don’t know their names, but they’re here. They are all sitting together with their wives. They’re at the end of the table with Farris. The wives,

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