The Purrfect Plan

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Book: The Purrfect Plan by Angela Castle Read Free Book Online
Authors: Angela Castle
Tags: Erotic Romance
giggled. "Oh, I don't care about money; Mike had money, but he never..." Damn it, Storm bit down on her lower lip, realizing he'd somehow managed to make her relax and drop her guard. She frowned, turning her head to stare out of the window.
    "This Mike is the one who hurt you?" His tone was a low dangerous growl. "Tell me, Storm."
    She shook her head, refusing to look at him. "I don't want to talk about it, not now, not ever."
    She heard his slow intake and exhale of breath, as if fighting for control of his emotions, as much as she struggled with her own.
    Heat enveloped her hand. Storm's head whipped around to see he'd reached across the seat to grip her hand. There was nothing sexual in his touch, just one of simple comfort.
    "When you're ready, cookie."
    The calm reassurance in his voice only heightened the fear he would crumble every defense she had. It also speared doubt into her mind as to why she was fighting him. Could he really be telling her the truth about shifter mates being unable to cheat? About loving relationships lasting hundreds of years? It was too fantastic to fathom. Too much for her brain to comprehend.
    She swallowed and allowed the small comfort and warmth of his touch to seep through her body. Storm recognized the road leading into Black Town.
    He slowed to the lower speed limit and cruised through the main part of town passing the motel and bar. There was a post office, grocery store, hardware shop and a few other things including a pizza and ice cream parlor. He turned off the main street and passed a few lovely homes until he came to a large double story Spanish style home with a central cylindrical tower entrance. On either side were two balconies and large French style windows along the top and bottom. Wisteria, ivy and other plants creeping up the side of the building added to its regal beauty.
    The front garden looked sadly neglected. Strangely, she envisioned herself toiling in the garden and restoring it to its former glory.
    "Your home?" She turned her head to look at River.
    He pulled the SUV to a stop, yanking on the handbrake, giving her a half smile. "Our home now. C'mon; my mother will be waiting to meet you."
    "Oh God." She couldn't do this, couldn't act out happy families, and couldn't meet River's mother and family. River was already out of the car. Storm sat in her seat, her knuckles white on the seat belt. She jumped when he opened her door, looking at her in concern.
    "Take me back! I want to go home. I...I can't do this."
    "Shhh, Storm, it's going to be alright." Gently, he took her face between his large palms, turning her head. He leaned in and kissed her, slowly, languidly, his tongue running along her lips requesting entrance, which she willingly and hungrily gave. He plundered her mouth with drugging skill.
    Her mind blanked, her head spun dizzily. She hadn't even noticed him unbuckling her seat belt or lifting her out of the car until the door slammed shut behind them.
    Her arms were wrapped around his shoulders, clinging like a horny koala. He set her on her feet, keeping his arm around her waist, giving her much needed strength. She lifted her head, gazing up into his adoring green depths.
    "Better?" He tenderly stroked the side of her face with his thumb.
    Storm melted into a puddle, along with her frozen heart. She nodded. With a firm grip on her hand, he pulled her along after him, through an overgrown garden path and into the house.

Chapter Eight
    River worried over Storm's panic attack. What the hell had she gone through to cause such anxiety? He caught glimpses into her past, but as a whole she remained tight lipped. He boiled with barely contained anger wanting to tear apart those who had hurt his woman in such a way. Her mistrusting attitude towards men ran deep. Not that it mattered; the only man he wanted her to trust was him.
    Determination to prove his trustworthiness grew with each breath he took. More importantly, he wanted to heal her obviously wounded

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