The Pulse Series (Book 1): Pulse

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Book: The Pulse Series (Book 1): Pulse by Steven Laidlaw Read Free Book Online
Authors: Steven Laidlaw
Tags: Science Fiction | Superheroes
let them know they had given me an advantage.
    We made our way through the police station, and I was surprised to see Trey sitting on a wooden bench filling out some paperwork. Fresh rage flashed through me and I began to take a step toward him, but the large man pulled me back onto course with a flick of his wrist. My ribs bumped up against the man and I grunted in pain. Trey's eyes flicked up to me, and within a second he was on his feet and walking across the room toward me.
    "Alex, I'm so sorr—"
    I spat in his face.
    Trey stopped dead in his tracks, and a few people around us were looking our way. Even the man holding my arm had turned and raised an eyebrow at the situation.
    I leaned forward into Trey's face as the spit dripped onto the floor. "I hate you."
    I turned away from Trey and began walking with the man again, but I had seen from the corner of my eye the way Trey's face had fallen. I felt a pang of guilt, but that was soon washed away as I remembered the situation he had put me in. I had to concentrate on sorting my way out of this mess. No time for any thoughts about him.
    I blinked at the brightness of the sunlight as we stepped out of the precinct. The man behind me jogged ahead of us toward the car park and pressed the button on a key in his hand. A large black sedan beeped as the doors unlocked, and I knew that once I was in that car it would be the end of my freedom. I looked down at the curb as we approached it and I saw that the man holding me would have to step down onto the road to open the door, or else bend awkwardly. I decided to take my shot then.
    As he stepped down, in the second before his foot had touched the ground, I twisted myself around and slammed my free fist as hard as I could into his ribs. The mans grip was tight, and his hands huge, but all the strength in the world didn't mean a thing against leverage and surprise. His grip loosened and in that moment I was free from his grasp.
    I spun on my heel, but before starting to run I lifted a leg and kicked him hard in the back. The man was a lot stronger than me, but with him already being off balance and taken by surprised I managed to send him stumbling into the car.
    I took off at a run and as I did was painfully reminded of my injured leg. I grimaced as it tried to fall out from under me, but I caught myself in time and adjusted my gait to compensate for it. I knew I wouldn't be able to outrun them, but if there was one thing that I could do better than anyone it was climb. I threw myself into the nearest alleyway and jumped up onto a large trash bin, vaulted up, and caught onto a window sill. Within seconds I was climbing my way up the building.
    The men on the ground, both of who were right below me, cursed. The smaller one started up after me while the larger man ran around to the front of the building. I looked up and saw that the building was only three stories tall, which wouldn't give me much time. I kept climbing and pulled myself onto the roof, hoping that the building's security would delay the large man in getting up to me. I peered back down at the man who was climbing up after me and laughed. He wasn't even halfway.
    I turned and ran to a fire escape that was up against an adjacent building and started up the stairs. I was only halfway up the first flight when the door to the rooftop slammed open and the large man came stumbling out. The door crashed to the ground, and I realized that it had been locked. The man had slammed the thing so hard it had been smashed off its hinges.
    I grimaced and turned back to my stairs and pulled myself up faster. My leg was throbbing even more now, and I knew that I was running out of options. When I reached the rooftop I looked around for an exit, and what I saw sent a chill through my body. There was nowhere left to go. How did I keep getting myself into these situations?
    The only other building that was even remotely the same height as the one I was standing on was across the street. I

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